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Paramount Pictures Logo (2003) By LucasH99 Watch. 4 Favourites 0 Comments 152 Views. My drawing of the 2003 version of the 2002-2013 Paramount Pictures logo. Image details. Image size. 4032x3024px 2.34 MB. Make. Apple. Model. iPhone 11. Shutter Speed. 1/60 second. Aperture. F/1.8. Focal Length. 4 mm. ISO Speed. 400. Date Taken. Mar 24, 2021. Upload your creations for people to see, favourite and share. Company Logo for Paramount - A Viacom Company (2003) captured from the The Wild Thornberrys Movie (2002) VHS tape. This tape is labeled 339763 and released i.. --PLEASE READ DESC VERY CAREFULLY BEFORE COMMENTING--Here's another Paramount logo with the ViacomCBS byline, this time, with the 2003-2010 logo.First, i use..

Template:Studio Paramount Pictures was founded on May 8, 1912 as Famous Players Film Company. The name Paramount Pictures was adopted in 1916. Today, Paramount is the last of the Big Five major film studios still headquartered Los Angeles, California, in the Hollywood district. 1 1914-1953 2 1953-1968; 2005-2008 3 1968-1975 4 1975-1986, 1989 5 1986-2002 5.1 1986-1987 5.2 1989-1995 5.3 1995. This was later used as the logo of Paramount Home Entertainment from 2003-2010. In May 2019, Viacom renamed Paramount Home Media Distribution back to Paramount Home Entertainment.1 The division doesn't end up using an original logo. Instead, uses the ordinary Paramount Pictures logo as it did.. Despite Paramount Pictures as a film studio being established on May 8, 1912, the actual Paramount Pictures name first materialized in 1914, during the company's early years as a distribution company. Paramount would become a wholly owned division of Famous Players Film Company at around 1916. During this period in 1914, Paramount's logo consisted of a drawing of a mountain peak placed inside. Download Link (only zip folder.): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1iBPVLTUyhsU_o2ao7XGPAzytbOC8HxI9Requested by: NightmareSonic 01, Cristian Mendoza Suarez a.. For variations of these logos see Paramount Pictures/On-Screen Variations. In 1953, Jan Domela painted the mountain and added the trees around the mountain, which debuted on-film in 1953. In 1968, a byline was added and it was A Gulf + Western Company. Also the words A and Picture were removed. In 1975, the stars and the Paramount text were redesigned to match it's current print logo.

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How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days (2003)Copyright (C) 2003 By Paramount Pictures Corporation. All Rights Reserved.Notice: I Remember This Movie When I Was Younger.. 1 The Nashville Network 1.1 1983-1988 1.2 1988-1997 2 TNN 2.1 1997-1999 3 The National Network 3.1 2000-2003 4 Spike TV 4.1 2003 (pre-launch) 4.2 2003-2005 4.3 2005-2006 5 Spike 5.1 2006-2015 5.2 2015-2018 6 Paramount Network 6.1 2018-present This logo was used for Spike TV's original launch on June 16. This went on unused due to a lawsuit with Spike Lee. This logo would be used. NOTE: This gallery is reserved for opening logos. Trailer variants and closing variants have respectively moved here and here. Please do not put them on the main page; put them on those respective pages instead. 1 1914-1917 2 1917-1922 3 1922-1927 4 1927-1968 5 1927-1932 5.1 1927-1930 5.2 1929-1932 6 1931-1953 6.1 1931-1938 6.2 1935-1942 6.3 1942-1953 7 1934-1939 8 1941. 1 1914-1917 2 1917-1922 3 1922-1927 4 1927-1968 5 1927-1931 5.1 1927-1930 5.2 1929-1931, 1932 6 1931-1953 6.1 1931-1938 6.2 1935-1942 6.3 1942-1953 7 1934-1939 8 1941-1945 9 1944-1952 10 1950-1954 11 1953-1986 11.1 1975-1986, 2006, 2010, 2016, 2018 12 1986-2003 13 2002-2012 14 2011-present 15 Opening credit gallery 16 Videos Add a photo to this gallery Add a.

1 1927-1930 2 1929-1932 3 1931-1947, 2008, 2010, 2020 4 1935-1942 5 1942-1999 6 1999-2010 7 2010-2018 8 2016-2023 9 Videos This modified version of the previous logo replaced the Paramount Mountain's striped-star ring with a more simplistic one. This was in response to a law passed in the U.S. making using the flag on the mountain illegal according toViacomCBS. Add a photo to this. 1 1912-1917 2 1912-1927 3 1926-1955 4 1934-1949 5 1950-1953 6 1953-1975 7 1975-1987 8 1986-2003 9 2002-2011 10 2011-present Nickname: The Original Logo: Against a black background, we see a mountain above a few clouds where the mountain is surrounded by stars. There is text over the mountain reading Paramount Pictures. Variant: Depending on the film, the colours used are different. FX/SFX. A ring of 19 or 24 stars, similar to the one seen on the Paramount blue mountain logo are seen. In an unusual font, we see the words A Paramount Picture. 1936-1949 Variant: We see a brown mountain with a brownish sky. This logo is similar to the Paramount movie logo, except the word Paramount is slightly below the top of the mountain. This. Here it is! The 1st remake of the Paramount Pictures, Home Video and Television (1986-2003) logo! (2lazy2adddesc) DO NOT EVER THINK ABOUT --- Yeah, you know. NOTE: No nasty-ass comments. Credit to ViacomCBS and Paramount. All done in Blender. (ver. 2.79)

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  1. Credit To Jamie-Horn-1978 For Model Download Link www.mediafire.com/file/nkcdkuh NOTE Paramount Pictures Is Owned By Viaco
  2. The Paramount Pictures logo used from 2003 to 2011, as attached to Rugrats Go Wild (2003). The logo used from 2010 to early 2012. This logo was a modification of the 2002 logo with a new byline. This was seen in the movies The Last Airbender (2010), Rango (2011) and The Adventures of Tintin (2011)
  3. Scroll Down to View Story. As the longest operating and only remaining major studio in Hollywood, Paramount Pictures has been. on the ground floor of every major development in film - from the advent of motion pictures, to the emergence of television, through the digital revolution. During our 100-year history, we have served as
  4. Paramount Pictures logo (1914) with National Board of Censors stamp; A Paramount Picture (1921) Paramount (1922) Paramount; Paramount technicolor logo 1928; (2001-2003) A Time Warner Company Byline Variant (2003 Prototype) A TimeWarner Company Byline Variant (2003-2011
  5. The Paramount Communications variant of this logo plasters the 1982 Orion Pictures logo on Spike TV airings of First Blood. The Paramount Communications variant was found on 1989-1995 video releases, and also makes a surprise appearance at the end of Sleepy Hollow (U.S. release only), with the standard 1999 logo at the beginning of the film

Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art 1 Paramount Domestic Television and Video Programming 1.1 1985-1987 2 Paramount Domestic Television 2.1 1987-2002 2.1.1 1987 (75th anniversary) 2.1.2 1988-October1989 2.1.3 October1989-May1995 2.1.4 February1995-February2002 2.2 January 2003-May 28, 2006 3 Videos Add a photo to this gallery.. Paramount Pictures Logo 2003 with Sky Jan Mensen and Clouds Jan Mensen. Edit. Edit source History Talk (0) Share. Download Link: http. Opening logo:Paramount 1975 Use Remake in 2003 The A Viacom Company Replaced by A Gulf+Western Company Closing Logo:There is The Ladd Company,Paramount Pictures Still In 1975 Sadly,That Why Be Came From Late Paramount+ (2021-present) Wordmark with a bigger P. Logo used on the company's website. Logo with the Pictures in a Copperplate font. 2017-2019 (print) Mountain symbol, without the Paramount script. Paramount Studios logo (note that the mountain symbol is shown without the script) Paramount Studios logo, without the mountain symbol

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1 1927-1930 2 1942-1953 3 1944-1951 4 1951-1954 5 1953-1975, 2013, 2016 5.1 1953-1968, 2013 5.2 1968-1975 (Gulf + Western) 5.3 1974-1975 6 1975-1987, 2016 7 1986-2003 7.1 2000-2003 8 2002-2013 9 2011-present 10 Print logo variations 10.1 1962 10.2 1975-1989 10.3 1989-1995 10.4 1995-2010 10.5.. Paramount Pictures/Logo Variations/Summary. Psycho (1960): The background is still and segmented, like in the following opening credits, and the text is outlined in black. Popeye (1980): In the grayscaled, cold opening sequence, the retro logo is shown with a 35mm filter. Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981): The retro logo is used, with the byline. 1 1914-1927 2 1927-1968 3 1927-1931 4 1929-1931 5 1931-1938 6 1934-1939 7 1935-1953 8 1941-1945 9 1942-1953 10 1944-1951 11 1950-1954 12 1953-1975 12.1 1953-1968 12.2 1968-1975 12.3 1974-1975 13 1975-1986 14 1986-2002, 2011 15 2002-2012 16 2011-present 17 In-credit logos Add a photo to this gallery Add a photo to this gallery Add a photo to this gallery. Paramount Pictures (2003) (Ultra Rare Variant) Taken from a special DVD copy of Grease (1978). This video doesn't have any video responses! No, no, no. Sony did not own Paramount Pictures nor did Paramount sign the contract with Sony, Columbia, Screen Gems nor Tristar! Try it again, whoever is in charge of the logo animation

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Paramount is the fifth oldest surviving film studio in the world after the French studios Gaumont Film Company (1895) and Pathé (1896), followed by the Nordisk Film company (1906), and Universal Studios (1912). It is the last major film studio still headquartered in the Hollywood district of Los Angeles.. Paramount Pictures dates its existence from the 1912 founding date of the Famous Players. 1 1912-1916 2 1914-1917 3 1914-1927 4 1917-1921 5 1921-1923 6 1925-1926 7 1931-1943 8 1943-1950 9 1950-1955 10 1934-1949 11 1952-1954 12 1953-1986 13 1954-present 13.1 1968-1975 13.2 1975-1982 13.3 1982-1989 13.4 1986-1987 (75th anniversary logo) 13.5 1989-1995 13.6 1995-2011 13.7 2002 (90th anniversary logo) 13.8 2010-2019 13.9 2020-present 13.10 2011-2013. 1 United States 1.1 May 17, 1989-April 24, 2007 1.2 May 21-December 10, 2002 2 United Kingdom 2.1 1999-2004 2.2 2003-October 2006 Nickname: Feature Presentation, Abstract Mountain ID: Same as the COMING ATTRACTIONS ID, but the gold text on the heliotrope gradient background instead reads FEATURE PRESENTATION, and after the text zooms, it cuts to the warning screen. Bylines: This used. Paramount 75th Anniversary Remake by danharrison. Paramount Logo intro Remake remix by Paradex. Patrick Pictures logo by SpongebobFan1995. Paramount Pictures 1987 My Version by sonicandbobby. Andrew Team Logo intro Remake by andrewmac111. Elizabeth Team Logo intro by Pingufan2004. Kyo-ya Pictures by kyo-ya Trivia: This logo was produced by The Chandler Group and Studio Productions (now known as Flip Your Lid Animation), who also created the 1994-2010 20th Century Fox logo and the 1986-2003 Paramount Pictures logo. The animation of the globe and the letters were shot with motion control at The Chandler Group

Warning: The 1995 version of the 1986-2003 Paramount Pictures logo animates, then it backs away revealing itself on the inside of a film operating projector. Some filmstrip appears with WARNING scrolling on it and it moves very much similar to a videotape in a VCR. We cut to several shots, in sync with the music Paramount Pictures logo, 2002. Paramount Pictures Corp. was established in 1914 by W.W. Hodkinson as a film distributor, offering Adolph Zukor 's Famous Players Film Company, the Jesse L. Lasky Feature Play Company, and other producers an outlet for their movies. In 1916 Zukor and Lasky merged their companies to form the Famous Players. Directed by Jon Amiel. With Aaron Eckhart, Hilary Swank, Delroy Lindo, Bruce Greenwood. The only way to save Earth from catastrophe is to drill down to the core and set it spinning again Paramount Home Entertainment The Paramount Home Video logo used from 1994-2002 and 2003-2007. This was shown on all Nickelodeon VHS tapes released from 1995-2007, except for some released in 2002, which used the 90th anniversary logo Made for Love is a darkly absurd and cynically poignant story of love and divorce. It follows Hazel Green (Cristin Milioti), a thirty-something woman on the run after 10 years in a suffocating marriage to Byron Gogol (Billy Magnussen), a controlling tech billionaire

TUTORIAL: Make your own Paramount 100th Anniversary Intro. Be patient when downloading. It takes a moment to initialize! Needed software: Adobe After Effects CS5.5 or newer Blender 2.79b from blender.org; 1.) Unzip the Downloaded ZIP Folder. 2.) Open Paramount100 Blender File in Blender. 2.1) Right click the title and press TAB to enter edit. 1 The Rugrats Meet The Wild Thornberrys 1.1 2002 (original) 2 Rugrats Go Wild 2.1 2003 Nickelodeon Movies Rugrats Movies The Wild Thornberrys Movie The Addams Family trailer 3. Previously Viewed cassettes promo 4. Paramount Pictures logo 5. Body Parts trailer 6. Dead Again trailer 7. Stepping Out trailer 8. Frankie and Johnny trailer 9. The Butcher's Wife trailer 10. Paramount Pictures logo 11. Paramount Feature Presentation bumper 12. FBI Warning screen 13. Paramount Pictures logo Source:.. 1 Cohn-Brandt-Cohn (CBC) Film Sales 1.1 (191?-1924) 2 Columbia Pictures 2.1 1st Logo (March 15, 1924-December 29, 1927) 2.2 2nd Logo (January 1928-May 25, 1936) 2.3 3rd Logo (May 28, 1936-December 21, 1976) 2.4 4th Logo (June 23, 1976-1982) 2.5 5th Logo (June 5, 1981-May 14, 1993) 2.6 6th Logo (June 18, 1993- ) TBA Nicknames: The Female Roman Soldier, '20s Female Roman Soldier. 20th Century Pictures Inc. (1933) logo remake (2020 Updated) by liljesse; THX Tex (1996) Logo Remake (LaserDisc Variant, Final) by liljesse; Paramount DVD (2003) Logo Remake (Final) by liljesse; Paramount Pictures (2010-2012) Logo Remake (Final) by liljesse; Paramount Pictures (2013) Logo Remake (Final) by liljess

Before 2002, no opening logos were used whatsoever on DVDs from Paramount Home Entertainment. When the studio turned 90 years old, this logo began in use on any new DVD releases. In fact, it is still in use today, even though the current Paramount Pictures logo is from December 2011. Logo Paramount Pictures logo. Paramount Pictures is an American movie and television company. It distributed all four Indiana Jones films.. Its contract with Lucasfilm Ltd. (LFL) had meant that the company would distribute a fifth film should one be made. However, LFL's acquisition by The Walt Disney Company in October 2012 led to Disney negotiating a new deal with Paramount A young man in a small Midwestern town struggles to care for his mentally-disabled younger brother and morbidly obese mother while attempting to pursue his own happiness. Director: Lasse Hallström | Stars: Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio, Juliette Lewis, Mary Steenburgen. Votes: 220,216 | Gross: $9.17M. 12 Paramount Home Entertainment (previously named Paramount Home Video (1978-2002), Paramount Home Entertainment (2003-2011) and Paramount Home Media Distribution (2011-2019) is the home video division of Paramount Pictures that is responsible for the distribution of Paramount's film and television catalog, including films and shows from Nickelodeon and other ViacomCBS brands and divisions. They. Paramount Pictures logo transition (2002). Touchstone Pictures logo transition (2002). United Eurcasic Pictures logo transition (2003). StudioCanal logo transition (2003). C2 Pictures logo transition (2003). GRT Films logo transition (2003). Davis Motion Pictures logo transition (2003)

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Download now in HD & Watch anytime on Amazon Video Paramount Pictures (2003-2010) logo remake. Rate: 1 rating. Views: 11 Share: Favorite: Playlists: Flag: Reddit. Facebook. Twitter. Bwitter. Thank you for sharing this video! Add to Favorites . Please to add to favorites. To add a new video to your playlist, go to the My Playlists page Paramount Pictures (2002-2003) logo remake (90th Anniversary Variant) Rate: 2 ratings. Views: 11 Share: Favorite: Playlists: Flag: Reddit. Facebook. Twitter. Bwitter. Thank you for sharing this video! Add to Favorites . Please to add to favorites

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  1. The standard version plasters the 90th Anniversary variant of the 2002 Paramount Pictures logo on the 2003 VHS releases of Extreme Ops, The Wild Thornberrys Movie, Star Trek: Nemesis, Charlotte's Web 2: Wilbur's Great Adventure, and The Hours. The still version is seen at the end of all Paramount VHS releases from 2002-2006
  2. 1 1968 2 1968-1969 3 1969-1975, 1988-1990, 2012-2013 4 1969-1976 5 1975-1988 5.1 1975-1988 5.2 1982-1988 6 1987-2006 6.1 1987 (75th anniversary logo) 6.2 1988-1989 6.3 1989-1992, 1994-1995 6.4 1990-1995 6.5 1995-2006 7 2002-2006 7.1 2002 (90th anniversary logo) 7.2 2003-2006 8 2012 9..
  3. g in and circling around the mountain. When we are at a comfortable distance, a DVD disc flies in.

Logo descriptions by Supermarty-o Logo captures by Logoboy95, Eric S., Sagan Blob, and EnormousRat Video captures courtesy of Eric S. and DJ_Arkangel Background: United International Pictures (UIP) is a joint company of Paramount Pictures and Universal Studios to distribute some of the two studio's films theatrically outside United States (including territories), Canada and the Caribbean Basin Paramount logo vectors. We have 39 free Paramount vector logos, logo templates and icons. You can download in .AI, .EPS, .CDR, .SVG, .PNG formats Paramount Pictures was founded on May 8, 1912 as Famous Players Film Company. The name Paramount Pictures was adopted in 1916. Today, Paramount is the last of the Big Six major film studios still headquartered Los Angeles, California, in the Hollywood district. 1 1926-1953 2 1953-1968 3 1968-1975 4 1975-1986 5 1987-2002 5.1 1987-1989 5.2 1989-1995 5.3 1995-2002 6 2002-2011 6.1 2002-2010 6. Paramount Logo. Admin December 28, 2011. Continuing with the major Hollywood studios, we arrive on Paramount Pictures. Founded in 1912, the mountain logo has been around since the beginning. Nicknamed the Majestic Mountain, the 24 stars circling it originally represented the 24 contract players. Musically, they aren't known for their fanfares. Paramount Pictures Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. View Mobile Site.

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Background: Warner Bros. Pictures was founded in 1918 by the Warner brothers Harry, Albert, Sam, and Jack - Polish-Jewish brothers who emigrated from Krasnosielc, Poland to Ontario, Canada.It is the third-oldest American movie studio in continuous operation, after Paramount Pictures was founded on May 8, 1912 as Famous Players Film Corporation, and Universal Studios founded on June 8, 1912 Taken from the 2003 DVD release of Rugrats Go Wild (2003). Paramount Pictures/Nickelodeon Movies/Klasky-Csupo (2003) on Vimeo Produc By 1982, Paramount Pictures unveiled their famous logo on the film Star Trek: The Wrath Of Khan. This logo became a staple for Paramount for years until 70mm presentation was virtually abandoned. But it is perhaps the most famous logo indicating large format presentation

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  1. Background: TriStar Television (formerly Tri-Star Television) is the television division of TriStar Pictures. 1 1st Logo (September 27, 1986-March 1988?) 2 2nd Logo (November 9, 1991-March 2, 1993) 3 3rd Logo (September 19, 1992-June 23, 1999) 4 4th Logo (November 5, 2015- ) Nicknames: The Pegasus, '80s Pegasus Logo: It's the final product of the 1984 movie logo, except.
  2. These are the logo variations seen throughout the years by DreamWorks Pictures. The Road to El Dorado (2000): The logo pans up into the clouds. Gladiator (2000): The logo is sepia-toned. Shrek (2001): The two S's in the logo turn green and grow ogre ears
  3. Walt Disney Pictures (1990-2006) Logo (Piglet's Big Movie Variant) Closing. Ending Of The Movie. This was taken from The VHS Closing Previews from Piglet's Big Movie. (The 2003 VHS.) (Paramount & Disney Joint Venture Version.) (Featuring The 1953 Paramount Pictures Logo With A Viacom Company Byline.) (Closing Included.) Ending Credit

Background: TriStar Pictures was founded in 1982 as Nova Pictures. In 1983, they decided to rename it Tri-Star Pictures. In 1991, they renamed it to TriStar Pictures. Nicknames: The Pegasus, '80s Pegasus Logo: On a dark blue/purple sky background with pink skies, we see a white splashed horse that's known as a stallion, gallops into view coming from the left. It spreads its. Big Ticket Television, Inc. (also known as Big Ticket Entertainment and Big Ticket Pictures) is an Emmy Award-winning American production company.Big Ticket is a unit of CBS Studios (formerly CBS Paramount Television and CBS Television Studios), a division of ViacomCBS.It is best known for producing the syndicated mainstay Judge Judy since its launch in 1996

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1949-1955, 1968, 1975-1987. Oh noes! This article or section lacks a former logo at the moment. You can help Logo Timeline Wiki by uploading it here Logo: On a black background, we see the word Treehouse in a green decorative font with a yellow trim. A byline appears below, depending on the animation on which byline is used. Byline: 1997-2005: A SHAW) Company (with SHAW) in its 1997-2012 logo font and in color, while the rest of the text is in Garamond font). This byline either cuts or fades in. 1999-2006: The Corus. Last few seconds of Dig Those Diglett. Season 1 End Credits. 4Kids Productions logo (1998-1999) Summit Productions logo (1998-2000) Pokemon 1998 series logo. Nickelodeon Balloon logo (animated version) Paramount Pictures logo (still version) Spongebob Squarepants Nautical Nonsense & Sponge Buddies DVD & VHS Preview

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Paramount Pictures Top 100 Movie. Menu. Movies. Release Calendar DVD & Blu-ray Releases Top Rated Movies Most Popular Movies Browse Movies by Genre Top Box Office Showtimes & Tickets Showtimes & Tickets In Theaters Coming Soon Coming Soon Movie News India Movie Spotlight. TV Shows 1 Background 2 Logos 2.1 1st logo (2002-) 2.1.1 Variants 2.2 2nd logo (2019-) 2.3 3rd logo (2020-) 3 Music/Sounds 3.1 1st logo 3.1.1 Music/Sounds Variants 3.2 2nd logo 3.3 3rd logo 3.3.1 Music/Sounds Variant 4 Scare Factor 4.1 1st logo 4.2 2nd logo 4.3 3rd logo 5 Videos On September 16, 2002, Sony Pictures Entertainment decided to retire the Columbia TriStar Television name and logo from its. Warner Bros. Pictures, Inc. [edit | edit source] 1925-1929 [edit | edit source] 1925-1926? [edit | edit source]This article or section lacks a former logo at the moment. You can help Blender Logo Remakes Wiki by uploading it here.. 1926?-1929 [edit | edit source]. This article or section lacks a former logo at the moment Paramount Pictures Mission: Impossible 1-3 (1996, 2000, 2006) Tom Cruise's pet property grew into a spy franchise worthy of the Ringling Bros.—the first three of which are available on Paramount+

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Directed by Mario Piluso. With Julia Duffy, David Berón, Charlie Adler, Amanda Bynes. Wilbur the pig knows how important friendship is - he learned that from a spider named Charlotte. So when Wilbur meets Cardigan, a lonely lamb, Wilbur immediately makes him his friend. Wilbur shows Cardigan the joys of farm life, and introduces him to three very special spiders - Nellie, Aranea and Joy. The Paramount Television Network, normally known as Paramount Network, or simply Paramount, is an American major commercial broadcasting television network.Created in 1981 as part of Paramount Pictures.Paramount Television Network is owned by ViacomCBS and is part of ViacomCBS Domestic Media Networks.. Corporate headquarters are in 5555 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles and the company's news. Logo Paramount Pictures berupa gunung dengan lingkaran dari puluhan bintang. Gunung yang dipakai dalam logo tersebut berasal dari Ben Lomond dan Artesonrajudi Peru.. Logo pertama bermula dari pegunungan tinggi pada bagian puncak, dan dilingkari dua puluh empat bintang

A series based on Michael Caine's 1969 Italian Job is in the works for Paramount Plus.. The original film was remade in 2003 and starred Mark Wahlberg, Charlize Theron, Ed Norton, and Jason Statham Variety - Paramount Pictures' Mark Wahlberg-fronted sci-fi thriller Infinite will land on streaming service Paramount Plus in key international markets. The 1 Warner Bros. Pictures, Inc. 1.1 1948-1967 1.1.1 1948-1956 1.1.2 1953-1956 1.1.3 1956-1967 2 Warner Bros.-Seven Arts, Inc. 2.1 1968-1970 3 Warner Bros. Inc. 3.1 1970-1972 3.1.1 1970-1971 (Kinney National byline) 3.1.2 1971 (Kinney Services byline) 3.1.3 1971 (Kinney Leisure byline) 3.1.4 1971-1972 (Kinney byline) 3.2 1971 3.3 1972-1973 3.4 1973-1984, 1984-1989 3.5 1984. Logo: Again, just text reading WALT DISNEY PICTURES, but applied differently depending on the movie. Variants:. Typically, the text (inblue,orange,or white)is against a black background.; Return to Oz features the WALT DiSNEY script logo in green, on a space-like background (and is the first to do so).; Never Cry Wolf has the text in a blue rectangular box with a white outline around it

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The Core. (1,819) 2 h 14 min 2003 X-Ray PG-13. The Earth has stopped rotating because of a change in the planet's core temperature. To restore the normal temperature, astronauts must travel to the center and detonate a nuclear bomb before the core superheats and destroys all life on the surface In 1991, Evans signed another exclusive contract with Paramount and produced such films as Sliver (1993), Jade (1995), The Saint (1995), The Phantom (1996) and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (2003) A Paramount Pictures a világ egyik legnagyobb filmvállalata. A magyar születésű Adolf Zukor alapította a Famous Players Film Company átszervezésével. 1927-ben a vállalatot Paramount Famous Lasky Corporation-nek, majd pár évvel később Paramount Publix-nak hívták. 1933-ban bekövetkezett csődöt követően a vállalkozás Paramount Pictures elnevezést kapta

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Marvel Studios, LLC (originally known as Marvel Films from 1993 to 1996) is an American film and television studio that is a subsidiary of Walt Disney Studios, a division of The Walt Disney Company.Marvel Studios is known for the production of the Marvel Cinematic Universe films, based on characters that appear in Marvel Comics publications.. Since 2008, Marvel Studios has released 24 films.

Opening to Harriet the Spy 1996 VHS - YouTubeParamount 90th Anniversary / Showtime (2002) - YouTubeCBS Paramount - YouTube