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  3. So, don't feel like you need reach for the top shelf; entry-level APS-C cameras are a great choice for a construction time lapse camera. Good construction time lapse equipment, like our photoSentinel Tempo will be compatible with a range of cameras, so you can choose your own camera and lens
  4. Bcc100-the brinno construction camera is the effortless way to record any construction project. Smartec bag camera-designed to hold brinno time lapse cameras and accessories, durable exterior, zipper closure. Ath110-ipx4 weather resistant housing, let you records any project, indoors or outdoors.

Built-in infrared (IR) technology is available on select Fixed, PTZ and Indoor TrueLook cameras to allow for continuous, 24 hour time lapse photography. Built-in IR technology allows for clear image capture in low light or even in total darkness, up to 250+ meters away. Time-Lapse Recording in HD 1080p Resolutio Two much more affordable time-lapse devices are action cameras and trail cameras. There are also dedicated time-lapse security cameras, which are often used to monitor construction projects. These are just your basic choices, without even starting on the variety of different models and wide-ranging features on offer

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  1. Right now, the Sony A7R IV is one of the best cameras for any type of photography. Housing a 61MP and more than enough speed to keep up with the resolution it is the best professional time lapse camera currently available
  2. utes with the Brinno Construction Time Lapse Camera! This bundle includes a model TLC200 f1.2 time lapse video camera, a model ATH110 dustproof weather resistant housing, a model AWM100 wall mount bracket and a bungee cord to secure the camera to a vertical surface
  3. The Brinno Construction Camera is the effortless way to record any construction project. Set it and forget it. Create a time lapse video recorded at the rate you choose and played back at the speed you select when the project is complete. Long Term Project Recording

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  1. The Best DSLRs for Time-Lapse Photography The Nikon D850 or the Canon EOS 90D are excellent choices for professionals and amateurs alike. As the Nikon is a 46MP full-frame camera, it is one of the DSLRs with the best image quality on the market. Although the Canon has a 33MP crop sensor, it can still compete with full-frame cameras
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  3. CamDo equipment has been used to capture cost effective and professional looking construction time lapse footage using GoPro cameras over periods of weeks, months and years. Some of the benefits of our system are: Capture high quality images using the GoPro camera. Capture ultra wide angle image
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2. Use a Secure Mounting Surface. Once you have determined the location for your construction camera, the next step is to find (or build) a secure surface on which to install it. For the best photos and time-lapse movies your construction camera should be mounted to a rigid item such as a sturdy pole or a wall The ultimate action camera, the GoPro Hero9 Black can shoot about 70 minutes of 5K video at a luxurious 100Mbp. Time-lapse is just an extra feature, but still offers the choice of 0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10, 30 and 60-second intervals between frames (though, oddly, JPEG only for 0.5, 1 and 2-second intervals) The award-winning long-term time lapse camera solution everyone has been waiting for. 1080, Wi-Fi app control, 16-35mm optical zoom, over a month a battery life, macro capabilities and more. Perfect for everything from construction to research, art to 3D printing, the applications are endless

For our GoPro based construction cameras, our core time lapse controllers (Blink and BlinkX) are the brains, connecting to the GoPro and allowing you to set the time lapse schedule you need. The graphic below outlines the components in the CamDo construction camera time lapse system. We have a couple of simple options for the solar setup and. Best Aperture for Long-Term Timelapse. Commonly in construction time-lapse, the camera is mounted close to the worksite, and the area of activity is relatively deep. So, a narrower aperture for a longer depth of field is usually most suitable. As a guiding principle, standard landscape photography advice is solid: Choose an aperture between f/8. EarthCam's time-lapse services capture and present the most dynamic views of your project in motion. You are able to customize your construction time-lapse video with image selection, music choice, publishing formats and promotion platforms. EarthCam has the highest quality time-lapse movies in the industry It's 2019 and we have an exciting new time lapse camera which would be perfect for higher quality construction videos, visit https://www.AfidusCam.com for d..

The EM1 is the best camera for time lapse with the built-in 5-axis tilting touch screen, amazing VF, EP5 focus peaking, VF4 and the ability to take 10 frames per second. This camera is good for time lapse thanks to diverse settings and simple operation. Moreover, this time lapse video camera allows for taking great pictures even at night Unique in the industry, the Harbortronics Cyclapse housing is able to use the typical APS-SLR cameras, Full-Frame SLR cameras, and even the Pentax 645Z medium format camera. These cameras have sensors that have 30x and 50x the area of a Tiny sensor! OK, I get it, there are different sensor sizes Brinno TLC130 Best Time Lapse Cameras This is an exciting offering that comes in a small package. The TLC130 is rated to be a time-lapse + step video camera which means you can shoot a variety of. However, long term time lapse can be elusive. Many cameras and smartphones have time lapse camera capabilities; however, recording beyond a few hours can be a challenge. From new construction to remodeling, contractor to sub-contractor, time lapse shows your entire story. People watch time lapse videos just to see the action unfold

Brinno BCC100: Best Time Lapse Camera for Construction Photography. The Brinno BCC100 is ideal for construction work and other long-term projects. The battery lasts around two months, and the simple controls will help you capture stunning time lapse videos even if you're new to photography. The camera takes one to four shots per second Brinno BCC100 Time Lapse Camera, Perfect for Construction and Outdoor Security - Includes Wall Mount and Weather Resistant Outdoor Housing 4.1 out of 5 stars465 $189.00$189.00 Get it as soon as Tue, Jun 2 A timelapse camera for construction with professional features. Create a portfolio that allows you to navigate between the different points of view of your Tikee construction cameras. You can also browse through your available data, which is continuously updated thanks to an automated view feed. Merge your 4K / 6K images for unparalleled video. I obviously have a favorite in mind, but I will do my best to cover all the aspects without bias. Feel free to call me out if I miss anything! There are three main ways to time-lapse a construction build. You can do it yourself with your own camera, enclosure, and video editing. You can hire a professional photographer

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Time lapse camera, weather resistant housing and bracket bundle. Brinno's bestselling construction camera kit. Battery life is what sets this camera apart from any other on the market. Four AA batteries will last up to six months with a typical construction interval. For long term, unattended recording this is the camera to choose Like other cameras on our best cameras for time-lapse list, you can choose to render a time-lapse video from your images in-camera, or you can download them and apply your own post-production. With its full-frame sensor and excellent low-light performance, the Canon EOS R6 is one of the best time-lapse cameras you can buy today It will save time, save money, and ensure that you get the best outcome. CamDo's Construction Time Lapse Camera Packs provide the features and flexibility you need. Quality Images. You may not need 4K image quality for every application, but cost-effective 4K-quality lets you use CamDo construction time lapse packs for all your photography needs The cameras also have night vision capabilities for added peace of mind. Vandalism: The presence of security cameras can be a powerful deterrent to anyone wanting to cause mayhem on a construction site. Video evidence from a job site time-lapse camera can help law enforcement catch and prosecute anyone who commits vandalism on a construction site

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  1. utes, hours, or even days, you're going to want to get one of the time-lapse cameras on our list
  2. g Action Camera - Black. Model: CHDHX-901. SKU: 6427120. User rating, 4.6 out of 5 stars with 939 reviews. (939) Price Match Guarantee. $399.99. Your price for this item is $ 399.99. Save $50
  3. Construction site webcam for rent Camera for monitoring construction sites, Construction site and time-lapse camera Construction Site Cameras for Construction monitoring and Time-lapse Follow the current pictures of your construction site from your computer, smartphone or tablet. The images are transferred to our cloud via mobile transmission and stored regularly. There the images are.
  4. ute video of the step-by-step process, literally from the ground up
  5. The Go Pro Hero Action Cameras is one of the best to choose from with the Stunning Video Quality this camera provides. Introduced on March 29, 2018, it enables recoding audio with the Built-in microphone, touchscreen editing, and wireless file transfer. More so, supporting Time-Lapse Photography, Waterproof to 131-Feet (40m) GoPro Mounts

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  1. Time Lapse. Long term construction projects are fun subjects to use a time lapse camera. I documented how-to use a Zavio IP camera for time lapse video here. There are outdoor Zavio cameras available that have this snapshot functionality needed setup time lapse. Many of them are weatherproof and rugged, making them good choices for a.
  2. Highest ResolutionTime-lapse Camera. Hosting services include web application with archived photos and unlimited on-demand 4K time-lapse movies, edited 4K time-lapse at completion of project, and 4G LTE cellular data service. Download our detailed camera comparison chart to review all the camera features, or give us a call at 800.403.0688
  3. Construction Industry Experts. Create high-quality PR and site-monitoring footage for your clients, investors and stakeholders with our cost-effective, high-impact, time lapse photography. Our solar powered cameras are ideal for construction and demolition projects, find out about the clients we have worked with, in our case studies
  4. Time-lapse Editing: Use of LR Time-lapse. The camera does a 70% job for you by capturing the images at predefined settings. But mesmerizing effects can be introduced while post-processing that's where a flickered & uneven slide show becomes a Time-Lapse Vide

If you have been thinking about using cameras on your construction project, be it for monitoring progress, or for time-lapse recording, or even for security, here are 16 factors to consider. These are pulled from Remontech's 12 years of experience installing and maintaining construction cameras. If you have any questions, feel free to contact. The camera we have at hand is one of such products and the best camera for the time lapse. Nikon D850 FX is essentially a camera body that can be fitted with a wide range of lenses. The choice of lens depends on the area and the type of shots you are going to shoot And there are higher chances of failure with a cheap time-lapse camera. So, we recommend using an overall system or a camera with continuous power, and massive storage. if you want to know about the examples of these kinds of time lapses, construction time-lapse shots are the best example that I can provide you with

Top 7 Best Cameras for Time Lapse Video & Photography. 1. Sony Alpha a6000 Mirrorless Digital Camera 24.3MP Review. A top choice for any type of photography, the Sony a6000 mirrorless is a full featured and extremely high quality APS-C sensor digital camera So there you have it: how to set up a reasonably good quality, highly entertaining time-lapse of your construction project. If anyone has any more tips, please post them in the comments! Costs accrued during this stage: Network camera and PoE injector. $522.00 Older cameras can still shoot time-lapse, but they often need an additional intervalometer unit or a third-party software update to do so. Let's assume that your camera is relatively new. Most digital DSLR and mirrorless cameras feature a built-in intervalometer 1-16 of 153 results for time lapse camera for construction Brinno BCC200 Time Lapse Camera w/Mount & Accessories Best For Construction & Outdoor Security 80 Days Battery Life, 720p HD, Weather Resistant Case Batteries Included,Black. 4.2 out of 5 stars 186 Construction time-lapse cameras work in much the same way as many other time-lapse applications. A stationary camera takes images at a lower framerate than a standard video camera, over a much longer period of time, resulting in the video showing a sort of fast-forward view of the long period of construction

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How much does a time lapse camera cost? Hardware solutions - the construction camera and necessary equipment - can come with price tags ranging from $2,000 to as high as $20,000. Much - but not all - of this range reflects differences in equipment Being the best time-lapse camera for construction, this model stands out to us for several different reasons. Firstly, it can capture and convert thousands of images into a short video instantly. Secondly, it can capture 270,000 frames with a single set of batteries. Lastly, its IPX4 weather-resistant housing allows users to record both. Time Lapse Cameras Capture incredible long-term photographic scenes, document your construction projects, or analyse environmental changes with a durable and reliable time lapse camera. A great way to track your progress on outdoor projects, a time lapse camera can be recorded at the rate you want and played back as soon as you're done

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Stunning time-lapse photography solutions for construction, engineering & events sectors. Up to 8K resolution. Serving clients worldwide since 2010 For long term time lapse projects, make sure you have covered all the bases. You might need extra memory cards, extra power, weather protection equipment and so on. Let us look into the list of some of the best time lapse camera choices. Top Choice DSLR Cameras Canon EOS 7D Mark I Now we head over to the Brinno Time Lapse Calculator, which looks like this.Enter 2,080 into the hours box under Recording Time.Enter 10 minutes (our educated guess) into the Time Interval.FPS remains unchanged.Select Best for the Quality and click Calculate.The result is a 416 second (7 minute) video which uses only 4.3 GB of card space.Having. The thermal camera can measure temperatures between -14 and 752 degrees Fahrenheit, and it has a 180-degree tilt, 3X zoom, and three batteries to keep the drone in the air for up to 26 minutes of. The time-lapse camera is used for capturing the time changes from day to night which will get finished within a day then it is known as short term time-lapse capturing and if you're using the time-lapse camera for capturing the sailing of a ship for a week or even month is known as the long term time-lapse capturing

The OpticVyu camera is the best camera for Time-lapse videos. It is applicable in various sectors like agriculture, manufacturing, construction, railways, etc. Time-lapse Camera in Construction. OpticVyu camera system helps in tracking project progress for numerous remote sites from a single platform. The project planning feature makes it easy. Generally, long term time-lapse is used to capture construction projects, but the method has also been used to capture: Changing seasons in Forrest Pound's award-winning Watershed and Samuel Orr's A Forest Year;; Changes in river topography in Platte Basin Timelapse; and; Arctic ice movement as captured by James Balog in a project made famous by the documentary Chasing Ice Top 9 Best Digital Voice Recorders. Neewer 31.5 inches Camera Track Slider - Our choice. Zecti Portable Slider - Best budget camera slider. Konova Slider K5 47.2 inch Track - Super smooth camera slider. GVM Camera Slider Track Dolly - Motorized dolly. Manfrotto Slider MVS100A - Durable camera slider Long-Term Time Lapse Camera: High-Quality Features. In choosing a long-term time lapse camera, you generally need to ensure that it has powerful features to produce the best outcomes, particularly for a construction project. A time lapse shoot in a construction project can document the progress from day one and so on View live-streaming video of jobsite activity & capture the highest quality images for documentation and marketing. Time-Lapse Cameras. GigapixelCam X10. MegapixelCam 8K. Live Streaming Cameras. GigapixelCam X2. Mobile Trailer Cams. Camera Options. 360° 23MP Camera Kit

If you're shooting a cityscape time-lapse at night or are in need of a powerful resolution machine for a gorgeous nature time-lapse, this is an excellent camera to try. The Nikon D850 performs under low-light conditions with an ISO range of 65-26,500, which is further expandable to ISO 102,400 Cyclapse is our current best recommendation for long-term time-lapse applications. The Time-Lapse Camera Package is a complete system for documenting construction projects, animal behavior monitoring, analyzing environmental changes, and an amazing variety of other long-term outdoor photographic tasks A powerful, reliable jobsite documentation camera designed for extended outdoor use and provides the perfect Do-it-Yourself solution to create amazing time-lapse movies with professional results

Construction Time Lapse Camera. Live Stream Lines is a leading time-lapse production company providing fully managed time-lapse filming in any location, for any duration from a few hours to several years. Our clients enjoy access to a full archive of pictures, a time-stamped thumbnail refreshed every few minutes, multiple off-site backups, and. The Brinno BCC200 Construction Bundle Pro HD is a 720p HD time-lapse camera kit for long-term project recording. It allows owners to keep an eye on construction projects for months at a time and gives them the ability to quickly review the footage in the end New Work Zone Cam Pro Delivers 33% More Detail for Time-Lapse. Cost-effective jobsite camera now with best-in-class 24 megapixel resolution. Upper Saddle River, NJ, May 27, 2021 - Work Zone Cam.

Construction time-lapse specialists for over 10 years. Providing quality solutions at the lowest prices. Using our own DSLR-based camera systems, linked to our own online viewing platform. No third-party equipment or services. End-to-end we capture, feed to a live online viewing platform and create a time-lapse. All guaranteed The Brinno Time Lapse Video Construction Camera is the effortless way to record any construction projects. Set it and forget it. Get a time lapse video recorded at the rate you want, and played back at the rate you want when the project is done. No Professional photographer is needed to setup and operate or relocate the construction camera Construction Camera lenses: Standard: 18 - 55 mm 76 degrees. Optionally: 10 - 18 mm 106 degrees or any ther Canon lens (28-400 mm) Construction Camera: 8GB Free storage / Cloud per month. Image data: every 10 minutes one picture (5 - 8 MB) Construction Camera: archive, website, fast motion (time lapse) and copy of all images directly from site CamDo makes a solar powered time-lapse package that includes a hard enclosure, solar panels, battery, and the cables. It's really designed to be used with their new Blink time-lapse controller. And with that combination—and sunshine, of course—you can run time-lapse shoots that last weeks or months without ever having to touch the camera

Using a Trail Camera with a Time Lapse Mode. Timelapse might be one of the most underrated trail camera features available on most game cameras. Just think about it; having the ability to keep an all seeing eye over a field or heavily used trail 24/7, with little human impact. Sensor Settings. All time lapse features weren't created equal Hours divided by minutes times 2 equals the interval. For instance I want a time lapse taken over 3 hours that will last 1.5 minutes when I watch it. 3 hours/1.5 minutes = 2, 2*2 = 4. The interval is 4. Yes,that works, as long as the units you use are hours for the elapsed time, minutes for the end video length, and seconds for the interval Rank No. #1. Brinno BCC200 Construction & Outdoor Security Time Lapse Camera Trio Bundle Pack Includes: TLC200 Pro Camera, Clamp, & Water-Resistant Case, 42-Day Battery Life, 720P. CONSTRUCTION & OUTDOOR TIME-LAPSE CAMERA: 42-day battery life! Great for short-term outdoor construction projects and security surveillance where Wi-Fi is not needed

Which camera is best for time lapse? The 10 Best Time Lapse Cameras Sony a7S III. REVIEW. Panasonic Lumix S1R. REVIEW. Canon EOS R5. REVIEW. Nikon D850. REVIEW. Fujifilm X-T4. REVIEW. Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark III. REVIEW. Canon EOS 90D. REVIEW. Brinno Empower TLC2000. REVIEW. How do I set my camera for time lapse photography For more information on our wide range of time lapse construction camera packages, contact CEECAM today. 24mp Time Lapse Camera PTZ [tls-24hptz] For time lapse imagery with the highest levels of clarity and definition, CEECAM offers our flagship DSLR High Megapixel Camera's, available in in 16, 24, and 36 megapixel options Capture the big picture and the little details with a high-definition, professionally edited time-lapse and stay informed about the work being accomplished on your job site. OxBlue's construction cameras and technology bring together all aspects of your project to ensure success through constant image monitoring, time-lapse video, and an. The time-lapse camera tracks the progress of your construction site. It captures every change, every additional floor and every architectural masterpiece. It takes photos of the construction site at regular intervals. An impressive video is produced daily from these pictures, showing how your building is developing Professional heavy-duty fixed position DSLR time-lapse camera with live video preview is ideal for long-term projects in demanding environments. Set a new standard for fixed camera image quality and detail for time-lapse movies. Professional full-frame camera with live streaming, using field-proven Sony 61 megapixel image sensor

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Buy Construction Cameras from top brands like EarthCam, Brinno and Work Zone Cam. Visit us for outstanding prices, selection, and fast shipping. Brinno EMPOWER TLC2000 Time Lapse Camera (4th Generation) B&H # BRTLC2000 MFR # TLC2000. 5 Reviews. Key Features. America's Best Customer Service List-Newsweek. Great Experience. America's Best. Best Use Case. Great camera for shooting travel vlogs. You can use this camera for interesting wide-angle perspectives. Specs. Up to UHD/4K video recording resolution. Comes with TimeWarp 2.0 stabilized time-lapse video feature. Great for time-lapse footages. Waterproof up to a depth of 33-feet. Works without the need for any special housing On Time Lapse helps you create stunning time lapse video of your project, event, service or just about anything. Using the latest state of the art equipment allows On Time Lapse to install our camera systems just about anywhere in the world and remotely control most features. Our time-lapse camera systems use the latest 3G/4G/5G data networks.

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LRTimelapse 5 - the best solution for time lapse editing, keyframing, grading and rendering. Supports Windows, Mac, JPG and RAW from any Camera. Hi, I'm working on putting together a long term construction time lapse and I have a few questions: Details of the shoot: Photos taken every 15mins for approx 12 hours of the day Sensera Systems' MC26 time-lapse camera is designed for short-cycle and smaller footprint projects. The MC26 is perfect for monitoring progress, safety and security while producing professional grade time-lapse video, allowing you to showcase your skill and craftsmanship

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I took a look at this camera: Zavio B5210 2 Megapixel Outdoor Bullet Camera. I will have several construction projects in the next few years that will require time lapse video footage. I am more interested in setting up the camera for a month or two while the actual structure is going up Pitch your next construction proposal with a powerful 4K time lapse video presentation. Use our cameras to show the world that YOU build the best buildings in the industry. Showcasing your product is important for potential clients Time-Lapse Video Usage Cases. Construction project time-lapse, e.g. construction of a building, bridge, dam, ship, etc. A construction project may take 3 months to several years. Growing plants. It may take a few weeks to a few years. The time-lapse video can quickly tell how plants grow from a seed to big plants

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Optimized for high-definition surveillance and time-lapse video production, the Mega series utilizes 12MP resolution to bring you crystal-clear images of your site. Predator The ultimate in self-maintained security camera systems, the 5MP Predator series captures both video and still images and gives you access to your site via cellular connection Among the best camera for time lapse is Canon's EIS 4000D. For less than 300 euros you can take the body with a basic goal of 18-55. The EOS 4000D has an 18-megapixel sensor and an APS-C sensor. In addition, it includes an Automatic Intelligent Scene mode and an optical viewfinder with 9-point autofocus Nikon. The COOLPIX AW130 Waterproof Digital Camera is Nikon's current flagship entrant into the tough-camera realm and it holds its own against the best, including built-in Wi-Fi connectivity with NFC, onboard GPS, an electronic compass, and mapping. Available in yellow, black, and blue, it houses a 16MP 1/2.3 CMOS sensor and ISO sensitivity up to 6400 360 Cameras are a relatively new entry into the construction camera world, which allow full, 360 degree views all around the camera, even on saved footage. Their forte on a jobsite is the ability to give the viewer of the footage an on-the-ground tour of the jobsite, as it is at the moment of filming, and the footage allowing the viewer to see.

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7. CANON POWERSHOT SX740 HS - BEST DIGITAL CAMERA FOR TIME LAPSE. The Canon PowerShot SX740 HS is a best camera for time lapse and it is one of the best cameras for vloggers out there. It is extremely easy to use a camera that offers really good quality pictures and videos, all at a fairly affordable price Construction Time-lapses GoPro Labs View on GitHub Construction Time-lapses. An extension of Extra Long Time-lapses feature, just performed during construction hours alone, to extend your battery life and reduce the number of images you will assemble into a time-lapse. Remember to set your camera's clock before using this QR Code.. Daytime Time-lapse Calculato The Brinno Time Lapse Camera line. These are dedicated time lapse cameras, typically used for documenting construction activities, dramatic weather changes, travel and more. Brinno camera battery life is unprecedented, lasting up to six months without battery changes. This Instructable will show how to use the Brinno cameras to make great 3D. On your journey to time-lapse video stardom, you will inevitably come across the need for a time-lapse intervalometer unit, otherwise known as a time-lapse controller. This small but essential piece of kit acts as the brain for your time-lapse platform as a whole, telling your camera how frequently it should fire the shutter, amongst a host of. Looking for Time Lapse house construction, HD time, recording, Photography, editing, videos production or cameras movement in Dubai? Visit us at TimeLapsePeople.co

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We are an experienced time-lapse company - with a portfolio of work ranging from construction, building, renovation into warehouses and other independent scientific projects. We are dedicated to delivering you the best service possible, and providing you with a professional-looking, clean-cut time-lapse film Your best bet for filming a time-lapse of the harbour will be to use the night-lapse photo setting, taking an image roughly every 10 seconds for 10 hours (7pm until 5am for the complete nighttime range) which gives you around 3600 images that will fit on a 64Gb card ATLI EON Time-Lapse Camera. ATLI. £186.00. With so much choice out there, it's difficult to make that important decision on which timelapse camera is the best for your project. Don't worry, if this is your first project, or you have already done hundreds of them, we can help you choose the right camera every time If you've made any time lapses before with any camera that's at your disposal then you already have a good starting point for making one with your drone. In this article, we will go from pre-flight all the way to post-production using Final Cut Pro to give you the tips that you need to nail your drone time lapse every time

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A Selection of the 20 Best Time-lapse and Hyperlapse Videos. There are a lot of good time-lapse videos out there, but here is a personal selection of the finest ones that racked up millions of. The video shown here was taken from an IPOD-EL1MPIR50 camera set to take snapshots at 5 second intervals. It was not the best position but it makes a good example of what can be achieved with the software. Once you have set the software to upload the images and take the snapshots to whatever you want, in my case I chose 5 seconds and the video above was encoded to 30FPS [Frames per second] The Time-lapse Company worked well with CMR, understanding the restraints of a construction site in a live rail corridor environment and worked closely with our team to install and remove the cameras with minimal disturbance to site Site Eye Time-Lapse Cameras & Films OVER 20 YEARS SPECIALISING IN TIME-LAPSE FOR THE CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY. Site-Eye is the UK's leading time-lapse camera and filming company for the construction industry. Providing fully managed time-lapse camera systems in any location for any duration from a few hours to several years

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Brinno TLC200 Green Time Lapse and Stop Motion HD Video Camera. $115.00. Free shipping. Make Offer. - Brinno TLC200 Green Time Lapse and Stop Motion HD Video Camera. Brinno ATH2000 Outdoor Camera Housing Unit, Jobsite Camera Protector, 4X Battery. $199.00. Free shipping. Make Offer 2. Brinno Time-lapse Camera. Projects such as construction and industrial processes where it is not advisable to station a crew for a prolonged period of time, we utilize Brinno Time Lapse Cameras which are purpose-built for time-lapse in a rugged and outdoor setting

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