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Microsoft is preparing a major OS update for Windows 10 in 2021 that sources say will bring with it a significant design refresh to the Windows UI

Microsoft is preparing to overhaul the Windows 10 UI later this year. New system icons have started appearing, and an improved Start menu, File Explorer, and more are expected The UI and animation are fine. Windows 8 is fine. While I don't agree, I understand their decision to distance Windows 10 from Windows 8. I know the visuals will be polished as we proceed toward the OS completion. Yeah I just hope that the polished version will be futuristic in my opinion : Debuted horizontally UI by Microsoft for volume controller in windows 10 which is in taskbar notification area,but just incase if we don't want that new UI and want back the old UI then we can do by following changes 1.press window button+r and type regedit and in registry editor then goto following pat If you don't like the Windows 10 start menu, it's really easy to get the Windows 8 start screen back! Here's how you do it.Thanks for watching this video!. Next on our list of best Windows 10, UI customization tools is Ultimate Windows Tweaker. Just as its name it is an ultimate tool that users can use to make changes in their Windows device. Its clean and convenient UI helps you effortlessly tweak Windows 10 settings and comes with around 200 tweaks which you can try

Since my biggest gripe with Windows 10 is the start menu, I'd like to make it look like Windows 7 again. To do this, I'll select Classic Start Menu Settings. Once you're in the Start Menu settings. Pick a folder full of images on your computer, and Windows will change them at an interval you set. At the bottom, you can choose how your images fit onto the screen if they're not the right size. If you're not sure, Fill usually provides the best results. Read more: Helpful Tips to Beautify Your Desktop Wallpape 5 Amazing Windows UI Tweaks. By Sarah Jacobsson Purewal. PCWorld | Aug 10, 2010 5:00 pm PST. Chances are, your PC is pretty tame--you have a beach-scene wallpaper, the default Windows 7 Aero theme. Microsoft teases UI changes coming to Windows 10. Microsoft's Brandon LeBlanc recently showed off a concept for what the Windows 10 Start Menu could look like in the future. Now Microsoft Chief. Open the Start menu, search for Settings, then click the first result. You can also press Windows+i to quickly open the Settings window

Microsoft teases a new and modern UI for Windows 10 Windows 10 was released five years ago and operating system has largely remained unchanged because Microsoft doesn't do monolithic version.. Windows 10 2021 Cobalt release will bring UI changes Microsoft left the multiple Windows versions strategy and determined that Windows 10 will be the final update to the operating system. Since..

Microsoft plans big Windows 10 UI refresh in 2021

The Themes settings on Windows 10 can be accessed using the Personalization option using the right-click context menu. Here when you click on Themes, you will just see a link that says, Theme.. Today, October 28, Windows Central reported that the 21H2 Cobalt Windows 10 feature update isn't going to be minor. It's going to be much bigger than the usual feature update and will include a UI. In celebration of Windows 10 hitting 1 billion users, Microsoft's chief product officer Panos Panay teased Windows 10's next UI refresh.Gizmodo reports: In the video posted to Instagram, Microsoft starts by showing the evolution of its OS throughout the years going as far back as Windows 1.01 all the way to Windows 10.However, where things start to get interesting is around 12 seconds in when. Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system passed a billion active users earlier this week, and the company is now marking the occasion with a video that teases new features and UI changes.In an.

Microsoft's Windows 10 UI overhaul continues with new

10/21/2015; 16 minutes to read; In this article. Special Windows 10 issue 2015. Volume 30 Number 11. UI Design - Adaptive Apps for Windows 10. By Clint Rutkas | Windows 2015. With the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) in Windows 10, apps can now run on a variety of device families and automatically scale across the different screen and window sizes, supported by the platform controls In Windows 10, you can change the display language. For example, if you have a PC with an English version of Windows 10, but your native language is not English, you can convert the operating system into your native language without reinstalling. Today, we will see how to force System UI language as a display language for all users in Windows 10 ️ ️ How to customize desktop in Windows 10? Don't worry Customize windows desktop as you wish. Download files and follow instructions:-#customize_desktop.. Download the Windows 10 UI kit from our UI kits page. Unzip the version (light or dark) you wish to use to a folder on your computer. Open Justinmind on your desktop. Navigate to widgets on the menu bar. Select Add/remove libraries. Under Default libraries, scroll down till you see the Windows 10 Light/Dark Theme One of the more subtle changes in Windows 10 was that of a new volume control UI. Seemingly minor, the change rubbed a lot of people the wrong way, and now they're clamoring to get back the.

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  1. The Windows UI Library provides official native Windows UI controls and other user interface elements for for UWP applications (and desktop applications using XAML Islands). It maintains down-level compatibility with earlier versions of Windows 10, so your app works even if users don't have the latest OS
  2. The following is a very popular method among Windows 10 aficionados to install third-party themes onto their Windows 10 computers. This method will allow you to control the look of your File Explorer, a major component of the Windows 10 UI, and other applicable programs like the Task Manager. 2.4.1 DevianArt Theme
  3. Microsoft Planning Windows 10 UI Overhaul in 2021: Report. Microsoft is reportedly planning to give Windows 10 a UI facelift late next year. According to a new report on Windows Central, the project is codenamed 'Sun Valley' and it i nvolves modernizing several Windows 10 UI elements such as the Start Menu, Action Center, and File Explorer

Best 11 Windows 10 registry Tricks to Change UI Bingou

  1. WinUI offers a state-of-the-art UI framework for all Windows apps across both Win32 and UWP. It provides a way to gradually migrate existing apps written in familiar technologies like MFC, WinForms, and WPF, allowing you to move these applications forward at your own pace. It also supports familiar languages spanning C++, C#, Visual Basic, and.
  2. If you are using Microsoft's new OS Windows 10, you might have noticed that Microsoft has replaced many good ol' classic programs and user interface (UI) elements in Windows 10 with new modern (metro) apps and UI.Following are some examples: Microsoft has replaced Windows Photo Viewer with new Photos app; Classic Calculator replaced with modern Calculator ap
  3. Fix UI Scaling issue on windows 10. On windows 10 you may have to check 2 settings to fix scaling issue in SSIS PowerPack. See below steps. Check #1. Click on Start Menu > Settings > Display. On Display screen scroll all the way bottom and find Advanced Display Settings click on that. On Advanced display settings screen scroll all the.
  4. A month ago we learned about MSs new rounded corners push for their UI (see this thread) and now a member of the Windows Fluent Design team has created an official proposal and also included a first look at how the native Windows 10 UI elements could look like with rounded corners: Proposal and Images.. The team currently doesn't plan on giving us users a system-wide choice between rounded.

How to Switch to the Start Screen (Metro UI) In Windows 10

16 Best Windows 10 Customization Software In 202

Windows 10 is often criticized for UI inconsistency and the outdated UI of volume control, of which the outdated volume control UI is perhaps a lot easier to address. Unfortunately, Microsoft never put that in their To-Do List. While there is no information as to when Microsoft is going to start work on it and [ Microsoft is allegedly planning a major visual overhaul for Windows 10 next year. The UI refresh project, known internally as 'Sun Valley', has been rumored for the last couple of years First, sign in to Windows 10 using an administrative account. Press Windows+I to open the Settings window and then click Time & Language. Select Region & language on the left, and then click Add a language on the right. The Add a Language window shows languages that are available to be installed on your PC 3 To Change Display Language. A) Open PowerShell. B) Type the command below into PowerShell, and press Enter. (see screenshot below) Set-WinSystemLocale <language tag>. Substitute <language tag> in the command above with the actual language tag (ex: en-GB) from step 2 for the language (ex: English (United Kingdom)) you want to set as your.

The process - Customize your windows 10 taskbar. I will be dividing this process into two parts. First, we will look into the taskbar UI customization options inside windows taskbar settings, and after that, we will go through some 3rd party taskbar customization tools Since its original debut with the Windows 10 November 2015 update, Windows.UI.Composition has been empowering developers to build fast, beautiful, sweet user interfaces in UWP and has been providing enhancements with every subsequent Windows release. At Build 2017, we revealed what all of this continuous work has been leading up to: The Fluent Design Syste Adjust display settings Windows 10. Select Display > Change the size of text, apps, and other items, and then adjust the slider for each monitor. Earlier Windows systems. Right-click the application, select Properties, select the Compatibility tab, and then select the Disable display scaling on high DPI settings check box How to Change the Size of UI Elements on Windows 11. If you want to make everything bigger like icons, text, and everything else, it better to make systewide change that reflects across the Windows OS UI. To do that, open Windows Settings (Windows key+I). Got to open System > Display and select a value for the scale from the drop-down next to.

Windows Central reported at the time that the 21H2 Windows 10 feature update will be more dramatic than the usual feature update and will include a UI refresh across a number of Windows components. Comment and share: Windows 10 users: Here are all the ways the UI will change in the latest update By Alison DeNisco Rayome Alison DeNisco Rayome is a senior editor at CNET, leading a team. WinAero Tweaker. WinAero Tweaker is probably one of the best free tweaking tools out there for Windows 10. With this free tool, you can change various default settings and also personalize Windows 10 to your liking. The Tweaker is updated regularly to include new tweaks and customizations. Download WinAero Tweaker Windows 10 . My Question or Issue. After I changed my password, I signed out of all accounts and came back to my desktop app looking like the Web Player Version, when right before it was the old interface. I can't stand this new interface and have already tried to change it in the prefs file, but I may not have entered it right After the launch of Windows 8, people were annoyed about the removed start menu and addition of charms bar and modern UI.There were intense discussions on forums and blogs, where advance and beginner users were messing up with each others, beginners were demanding the removal of modern UI(Previously known as Metro UI) while experts were happy with this change

Change Windows 10 Interface To Look Like Windows 7

  1. January 4, 2021. 04:28 PM. 13. A new Microsoft job listing states that the OS developer wants to show customers that Windows is BACK with a user interface refresh for Windows 10. According to.
  2. Change Windows 10 UI Display Language with #PowerShell Posted on 22 Mar 2018 22 Mar 2018 by ferozekhan267oa This is a Quick Post if you are looking for a very simple Windows 10 UI Display Language Changer #PowerShell Script. Handy for people supporting Windows 10 environment remotely with customers across countries with varying Regional and.
  3. Microsoft's Windows 10 'Sun Valley' UI overhaul is reported to bring fresh design elements for the File Explorer, Start Menu, and even Action Center. These elements will be transformed to.
  4. 5.Double click on DWORD vlaue name IsConvergedUpdateStackEnabled present in the right pane to change the value data from 1 (default) to 0. 6.Click OK and close the registry editor. 7.You will notice the Windows Update interface is changed. [This is the default UI of Windows Update in Windows 10 CTP Build 10041
  5. The Windows 10 OS comes with a default font of Segoe UI as it sadly does way with the possibility of changing the font through Control Panel or Personalization settings like in the previous versions
  6. UI culture, a.k.a Windows display language: On Windows 10, open the Settings application (e.g., via Start Menu), go to category Time & Language, then click on Language in the sidebar on the left. Shortcuts: Open the Settings app quickly: Use keyboard shortcut WinKey-i. Run start ms-settings: (works from cmd too)
  7. In windows on the task bar, right click on the app and go to properties, then go to the compatibility tab and click change high dpi settings. Then check high dpi scaling override, okay it, and restart the app. It should look right after that. Likes

Starting with Windows 10 Creators Update, Microsoft has removed the ability to change advanced text sizing options. Various options to configure the text size for user interface items like menus, title bars, icons and other elements have been removed along with the classic Display settings Unfortunately, Windows 10 doesn't allow users to change default font from system settings. So don't worry if you're stuck with the default Segoe UI font in Windows 10 because you can change it through Registry by following steps: How to Change Default Font on Windows 10 Microsoft is trying to modernize each and everything present in the Windows 10 OS and in that attempt, Microsoft has made many changes and improvements to the recently released Windows 10 feature update to transform many UI elements into modern (aka metro) UI.. You might have noticed that in Windows 10 Anniversary Update and later builds, the UAC (User Account Control) prompt dialog box as. Microsoft teases the upcoming Windows 10 UI changes. Microsoft is expected to host an online event revealing its consumer-oriented, subscription-based Microsoft 365 service and perhaps, there will.

While the changes seem superficially small, they help pull together the various changes Microsoft has been implementing since announcing Windows 10, and especially since revealing the Fluent UI. Windows 10 was released in 2015 and represented a big change of direction for Microsoft's operating system. For years, Microsoft's approach to Windows has been to relegate major feature. Best 10 Beautiful Windows 10 Icon Packs. Now that you know how to change icons for each category, shall we check out the best icon packs for Windows 10? #1 Simplus. Simplus is a popular icon pack that adds minimalism to your Windows 10 interface. Noted for the minimalist set of looks and shades, Simplus icons give pleasure to the eyes

How about effecting change — and stylish change at that — yourself today? With some difficulty, in windows 10 you can: How to Change the Windows 10 Interface Font. Most of the Windows 10 user interface uses the font Segoe UI. Using the registry, you can substitute another installed font for it to effectively change the Windows 10 font Windows has had the same File Explorer interface for ages with little to no change in terms of appearance and file handling. However, a Redditor has discovered a hidden File Explorer on Windows 10 which is based on the newer UWP (Universal Windows Platform) standards. The new interface looks quite modern and consistently fluent in design language So that was the process to change the default font in windows 10. If you want to revert back to the default font simply open the .reg file again in notepad and replace your favorite font name with Segoe UI=-and again run the .reg file. So you can try different fonts to customize your windows 10 machine and make it look cool Microsoft is looking to bring a complete UI overhaul with a Windows 10 update in 2021. This significant design upgrade will see changes in surface-level elements like Start Menu, Action Center. Windows 10 's Start menu could be refreshed with rounded corners being used in the interface design, if a screen grab spotted online is anything to go by. As flagged up by Windows Latest, the.

How to Change the Look and Feel of Your Windows 10 Deskto

NTLite is one of the best and interesting Windows tools that you can use to customize and tweak the Windows 10 installation. It's worth noting that the app doesn't help you customize Windows 10 directly, but it helps users tweak the installation file of Windows 20. With NTLite, you can create unattended Windows 10 ISO and integrate drivers. 19 [Win10] Customize your Windows 10 UI the Linux way If you ever try out Linux, you might notice the extremely flexible and customizable Desktop Environment of it. Simply put, Desktop Environment is the UI of your system 03:46 PM. 1. Windows 10 'Sun Valley' UI refresh, otherwise known as 'version 21H2', is reportedly arriving in the second half of this year and it will also include several new features. Windows 10.

Microsoft Confirms Next Windows Update is Significant, Teases UI. Earlier this month, Microsoft confirmed that Windows 10X was not coming to market but that the technologies built for that. This works on Windows 10 1803. The app used to make Windows 10 look like Windows XP is a fork of the ClassicStart app which has been discontinued and is no longer compatible with 1803. NeoClassix UI is in active development and it should work flawlessly on the next Windows 10 build i.e., Redstone 5. There are some limitations to this new UI

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  1. Add a MUI Language Pack in Windows 10 (Image Credit: Russell Smith) Open the Start menu and click Settings.; In the Settings app, click the Time & language icon.; In the list of options on the.
  2. Windows 10 has a default font named Segoe UI, which is not an ugly font for most users, but some users want to change it. You can change Windows 10 default font; to do this, you have to make changes to the Windows registry
  3. imalistic Windows 10 themes will change the entire interface of your PC. However, unlike all, Simplify 10 is not free. You need to pay $5.99 to grab all 20 themes. Features: It's a theme pack consisting of 20 different themes. The theme pack is compatible with Windows 10 v.2004 (May 2020 update
  4. istrative tab. Under Language for non-Unicode programs section, click Change System Locale button. Select the locale. Click OK. Workaround. Notes
  5. How to Customize Windows 10 Audio Settings . There are two main ways you can change your Windows 10 system sounds once you've accessed the sound settings: You can either totally turn off the system sounds, or you can adjust and change the sound effects assigned to each program event
  6. The lack of constrast makes dificult to read and work with it. I revert to the previous version until this is fixed. Its like the ugly Windows 8.x and 10 UI design that is flat and ugly with lack of contrast. Same in Office 2013, Visual Studio, etc. This flat and modern UI wich is fashionable lately, its not usefull
  7. or just like 19H2. The next major update 21H1 or Version 2104 can be a real major update with lots of UI changes and new features co

The other name being touted for the Windows 10 21H2 project is 'Cobalt,' encapsulating everything in the release including the UI improvements and the under-the-hood enhancements. (Image. How to Try Out the New Settings UI in Windows 10 19H1. the Settings app in Windows 10 has evolved substantially in the last couple of years, and it's all because it has become the main place. Hi, we're currently trying to find a way to change the display UI of a Windows 10 installation. We use an english media and inject another language pack offline with an SCCM task sequence. Then we set the machine to to the injected language while still giving the possibility for the user to use the Default english language Change Windows font. Make a registry backup, then Right-click the .reg file on your desktop and choose Merge. Accept the Windows font change. When the UAC Account Control prompt surfaces.

If a user is switching to Windows 10 from a mouse-and-keyboard centric UI, like Windows 7, chances are they'll find Windows 10 to be more familiar and welcoming than Windows 8 or 8.1 Apps bought through the Windows Store for Windows 8.1 will now show up as purchased apps in the Windows Store beta version on Windows 10. An app playing audio now will continue to play when minimized

In Windows 10, Microsoft has slimmed down the Control Panel and relocated many of the system settings to the new Settings menu. For example, if you would like to configure Windows Update settings, the only solution is to go to Start > Settings > Update & security > Windows Update.The new Windows Update UI is lacking a lot of features when compared to its predecessor, but fortunately there is a. You can change the default Windows font from Segoe UI to anything you want. Here're the steps to change the default system font in Windows 10. Ever since Windows 7, the default system font in Windows is Segoe UI. In general, the default system font is pretty good looking and is very readable no matter the screen and resolution The Windows 10 SDK (10.0.19041.0) for Windows 10, version 2004 provides the latest headers, libraries, metadata, and tools for building Windows 10 apps. Use this SDK to build Universal Windows Platform (UWP) and Win32 applications for Windows 10, version 21H1 and previous Windows releases. Windows 10, version 21H1 is a scoped set of features. The Problem: Windows 10 (at least with Build 1511) has a nice feature: If you setup a Windows 10 that has a MUI integrated (with DISM) and you set the UILanguage in the Unattend.xml, the Language of the OS will be converted to the Languag

Windows 10 Start menu, taskbar could be getting another UIOfficial Windows 10 Twitter PWA App Receives UI Update

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The user interface built into the OS is called the Metro UI and this UI was first introduced in the Windows 8 OS which is the predecessor of the WIndows 10. Metro user interface in the Windows 8 was highly welcomed by the users and that led to the inclusion of the UI in the Windows 10 OS Microsoft product chief teases new Windows 10 UI in celebration of one billion users Get a glimpse of the revamped Start Menu, File Explorer, Photos app and mor Both Windows 7 and Windows 8.x let you set which font to use throughout the operating system. Windows 10 however, restricts users to Segoe UI. This is a nice typeface, and it gives the operating.

Windows 10 interface has completely change - Please help

Did you change the system font inadvertently on your Windows computer, and now the user interface looks ugly? This article has a registry fix to reset the default system font settings for computers running Windows 7, 8, or Windows 10. How to Restore the Default System Font Settings The followin All of the usual File Explorer settings are still here in Windows 10: Options to show or conceal hidden files, keep new folders in the same window, set the default look for opened folders, and so on With the recent Windows 10 announcement, we have seen two troubling UI changes: no more pivot control options, no more panorama control, and eliminating (or a mixture of) the round app. In this article we dive into a way to completely switch the language of Windows 10 in a scripted way with the help of Intune and without the need for explicit language cab files. The new language setting will include the Welcome screen and New user defaults as well. This approach is beneficial for further maintenance as we do not need to update. They said, many still look to change the Windows 10 Start menu to their liking. Change Windows 10 Start menu. There are lots of different ways you can change the Windows 10 Start Menu; Switch to Start Screen. Remove the Apps list and keep the tiles. Remove all tiles, and keep the app's list. Change the color and layout of the Start menu

Microsoft releases Windows 10 Build 21376 with updated Segoe UI font and more. Microsoft today announced the release of Windows 10 Build 21376 to Windows Insiders in the Dev Channel. This build comes with updated Segoe UI, small updates to improve the drag-and-drop default cursor design and more. Find the full change log below Microsoft Windows operating system comes with more than one display language in PC, in latest Windows 10, the system set with default language which languages are been used to display text in wizards, dialog boxes, menus, Help and Support topics, and other objects in the user interface (UI)

How to Change the Default System Font on Windows 1

The Windows 10 May 2020 Update has started to become available to customers around the world as a free update. Since the beginning of this year, we have seen the world significantly change all around us. People, families and businesses are adjusting to new ways of working, learning and connecting. For many, our dining room ConceptDraw PRO extended with Windows 8 User Interface solution from the Software Development area is the best gui software. Using the drawing tools, libraries of vector objects, graphical user interface examples that offers Windows 8 User Interface solution, you will easily design the Windows 8 user interfaces and Windows 8 UI design patterns of any complexity The Windows 10 and application user interfaces on such a display are simply too small to use. Why? Because the screen has a high pixel count and the program's user interface wasn't designed to.

Microsoft teases a new and modern UI for Windows 1

But in Windows 10 users are not allowed to choose their own custom user interface font for their language, and so we are stuck with Khmer UI. In addition, the size of the default Khmer font, DaunPenh is about 50% smaller than it should be, and so when you start writing Khmer in Microsoft Word the text is so small you cannot read it unless. How to change the default Windows UI font. Follow these steps to change your default Windows UI font. Choose a font. Open the Control Panel. (In Windows 10, open your Start menu, and choose Windows System > Control Panel.); If your Control Panel uses the Category view mode, click the Appearance and Personalization option, then click Fonts. If your Control Panel uses the Small icons or Large. Windows 10 throws a fit at some .otf files. Step 2: Convert your Fonts to Installable Formats The easy mode is to use an online converter, but I find that online tools like that don't make it easy to convert multiple files at a time 9. On Windows 10, the dark theme is now available. In Tk, GetSysColor () is used to get the windows system colors, and WM_SYSCOLORCHANGE is used to track color changes. When a high contrast theme is selected, Tk picks up the color changes. When the dark-ui is selected, Tk does not see the color changes, and restarting the program does not. If the default Windows text size is too small or too big, follow these steps to change the system font size in Windows. As part of the ease of access, Windows 10 lets you decrease or increase the system font size with just a few clicks. When you change the font size, it will be applied system-wide

Windows 10 2021 Cobalt release will bring UI changes

In my opinion, Windows 10 went too far with its minimalism and the new focus on animations, depth and consistency is a welcome return to a more intuitive interface. Windows 10 'Acrylic' design. Microsoft's next Windows 10 update promises to change everything this will be the biggest Windows 10 UI refresh we've seen so far, coming after three long years of Windows 10 sitting on the. But in the case of Windows 10, the option has been removed currently. People are now stuck with the default family font. Now, if you're looking for a change in the default Segoe UI font, then you can still complete this task. But you have to make some modifications to the Registry

Windows 10's new rounded UI is now heading to another

Ok, so panic adverted; I managed to copy all the font files from our DC to the C drive using the c$ share option. Then navigated to the folder and copy/replaced the fonts with them in c:/windows/fonts Not sure but my guess is that since this is a Marketing computer, someone was trying to install or delete a font and ended up corrupting every single font file 4.53. Primary color on Background color. themePrimary on white. 12.98. Text color on Background color. neutralPrimary on white. 6.46. Secondary text color on Background color. neutralSecondary on white 1 For the supported lifetime of the device. Internet access fees may apply. 2 Hardware dependent.. 3 PC hardware requirements may vary for games on Windows 10. DirectX Raytracing available with supported games, graphics chips, and requires Windows 10 April Update (or newer) The Windows 10 User Interface solution extends significantly ConceptDraw DIAGRAM functionality by adding the look-and-feel functions of GUI software and makes it a great assistant for Win10 designers, developers, and software engineers. This solution provides a wide set of built-in templates, user interface design examples and samples, and. Where in earlier versions of Windows 10, you could change the default font using the Control Panel or Personalization settings, now you have to do it manually through the Windows registry. You can indeed use your favorite font in OS features like message boxes icons, title bars, etc. instead of using the default font Segoe UI, with a simple trick

Windows 10 April Update&#39;s UX, UI design has some minor flaws

Windows 11: Release date, price, and everything you need

The Metro interface in Windows 8.1 makes sense on a touch-enabled device, but on a traditional computer, it's only an afterthought. In the first iteration of Windows 8, it was hard to get around. With Windows 11 build 2200.65, Microsoft got rid of the option to enable the old Windows 10 Start menu. While that change has caused a stir on the web, there's another update to the Start menu.

How to Get Back Modern UI and Charms Bar in Windows 10Support Windows 10 Change-Volume-UI - The Spotify CommunityWindows 10 build 10056 unveils updated MSN apps with newMicrosoft Teases Project Neon Windows 10 UI Refresh | News
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