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  3. 4K HDMI KVM USB Extender Over Single Cat5e/6 up to 100M (328ft), KVM Extender Support 1080P@60Hz, Plug & Play, Keyboard & Mouse Ethernet Network, Lossless-Near Zero Latency, 4 Ports USB2.0 33 $169 9
  4. HDbaseT HDMI Extenders These extenders are the best options for those that want to extend an uncompressed HDMI signal with 4K resolution. HDBaseT is the global standard for the transmission of ultra-high-definition video & audio, Ethernet, IR controls, and USB
  5. 4K HDMI KVM USB Extender Over Single Cat5e/6 up to 100M (328ft), KVM Extender Support 1080P@60Hz, Plug & Play, Keyboard & Mouse Ethernet Network, Lossless-Near Zero Latency, 4 Ports USB2.0 12 $159 9
  6. Extends 4K HDMI signal up to 130 ft. (40m) with CAT6a/7 and 115 ft. (35m) with CAT5e/6 Extends 1080p HDMI signal up to 230 ft. (70m) with CAT6a/7 and 197 ft. (60m) with CAT5e/
  7. J-Tech Digital 4K Ultra HD HDBaseT HDMI Extender Over Cat5e/6 Ethernet up to 230ft (1080P) 130ft (4K), Supports HDMI 2.0 HDCP 2.2/1.4, RS232, Bi-Directional IR and PoC. 4.6 out of 5 stars. 160. Personal Computers. $149.98
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  1. The product is called HDMI Extender or 4K HDBaseT Balun and it the set consists of one transmitter and one receiver - one or both powered by AC adapters
  2. Build any size of HDMI matrix over IP. HDMI over IP products lets you create any size of 4K or 1080p HDMI matrix using a 1 Gb network and Cat 5e/6 cabling, and can be implemented in residential and commercial installations. Any combination of inputs and outputs is possible, and the system can be easily expanded to accommodate additional sources and screens
  3. HDMI A Male to A Male Cable: Supports Ethernet, 3D, 4K video and Audio Return Channel (ARC) Connects Blu-ray players, fire TV, Apple TV, PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, computers and other HDMI-enabled devices to TVs, displays, a/V receivers and mor
  4. d that installing a cable supporting HDMI 2.0 features does not give your existing devices with previous HDMI specifications the ability to experience 4K x 2K resolution, 3D, audio return or Ethernet
  5. High Speed HDMI: Up to 4K or you want an HDMI cable that can also carry data over ethernet (most people do not, but that bandwidth can be used for other things). The receiving chip in your.
  6. If you find your existing cable doesn't actually work, then you can look for a HDMI over Ethernet extender which supports 4K/60 signals at 18Gb/s. They do exist, and if running a new cable means opening walls, then an extender is a far cheaper option to repairing drywall and repainting
  7. The Atlona AT-UHD-EX-100CE-RX is a 4K/UHD HDMI over 100M HDBaseT receiver for AV signals up to 330 feet (100 meters) over category cable with Ethernet, RS-232, and IR control pass-through, plus Power over Ethernet. It is compatible with signals up to 4K/UHD @ 60Hz with embedded multi-channel audio and remote 48V power for the receiver. The AT-UHD-EX-100CE-RX is HDCP 2.2 compliant and supports.

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  1. g to an AV device near you
  2. These HDMI over Ethernet Cat6 Extender kit can extend the range of your High-Speed HDMI signal from satellite set-top boxes, apple tv's, cable boxes, DVD pl..
  3. Cmple - 28AWG High Speed 18Gbps HDMI Cable 15FT HDMI 2.0 Ready - 3D Ethernet / Audio Return Channel - Gold Plated Connectors HDR 4K HDMI Cable - 15 Feet, Black. $7.63. Cmple - HDMI Cable 10FT High Speed HDTV Ultra-HD (UHD) 3D, 4K @60Hz, 18Gbps 28AWG HDMI Cord Audio Return 10 Feet Green. $6.24
  4. Because the two wires that will be carrying the Ethernet signal are now twisted, the signal will be able to be carried over the entire distance of your HDMI cable. 4k x 2k Support The possibility of having 4096 x 2160 resolution at 24hz, aptly called 4k x 2k, is one of the new features to be offered by v1.4 devices
  5. The J-Tech Digital® JTECH-UHDT150 is a professional UHD 4K@60Hz 4:4:4 HDR HDMI over Ethernet extender solution. Users can transmit a 4K 60Hz signal up to 394 feet away over a single Cat5e/Cat6 ethernet cable. The JTECH-UHDT150 transmitter features a local HDMI output port for splitting your source signal locally and extending an output to a.
  6. This HDMI over CAT6 extender lets you transmit your 4K 60Hz signal up to 165 ft. (50 m) over a single CAT6 cable, with the added benefit of a local HDMI output. The extender supports High Dynamic Range (HDR), providing high contrast images with enhanced video. Astonishing 4K Picture Qualit
  7. The StarTech.com HDBaseT extender kit, extends HDMI up to 230 feet (70 Meters) over a single CAT5e or CAT6 cable. The extender supports Ultra HD and Full HD resolutions (4K / 1080p) with support for 3D and the accompanying digital audio

The Atlona AT-UHD-EX-100CE-TX is a 4K/UHD HDMI Over 100M HDBaseT Transmitter with Ethernet, Control and PoE for HDMI transmission up to 328 feet over category cable. HDCP 2.2 compliant. Local AC powering - PoE (Power over Ethernet) source. Multi-channel audio compliant 4K HDR HDMI Over 100 M HDBaseT TX/RX with Ethernet, Control, PoE, and Return Audio. 4K/UHD capability @ 60 Hz with 4:4:4 chroma sampling, plus support for HDR formats; Compatible with 4K HDR10 @ 60 Hz and Dolby Vision @ 30 Hz; HDCP 2.2 compliant; HDBaseT extender kit for HDMI, Ethernet, power, and control up to 330 feet (100 meters

Currently, the best hdmi over ethernet extender is the eSynic 2 Outputs HDMI Extender. Wiki researchers have been writing reviews of the latest hdmi over cat5 adapters since 2018. I've also taken out the AV Access 165ft and updated the Sabrent 4K to a newer version with a few more 'bells and whistles', and I've included a multi-port adapter. 4K HDMI ARC Extender 230ft 1080P/ 130ft 4K Cat 5e/6 SPDIF Toslink Breakout -Uncompressed 4K 60Hz 4:4:4 18G HDR 10 HDCP2.2 Atmos, Bi-Directional PoE+IR+CEC, HDMI Over Cat6 Ethernet 3.9 out of 5 stars UPDATED RANKING https://wiki.ezvid.com/best-hdmi-over-ethernet-extendersDisclaimer: These choices may be out of date. You need to go to wiki.ezvid.com to. Features: HDBaseT 1.0 receiver. Up to 40m (130ft) at 4K@60Hz (4:4:4) Up to 70m (230ft) at up to 4K@30Hz (4:4:4) Bidirectional RS-232 & IR control extension. 1 Item was added to your quote cart 1 Item was removed from your quote cart. TP-583R. 4K HDR HDMI Receiver with RS−232 & IR over Long−Reach HDBaseT Atlona 4K/UHD HDMI Over 100M HDBaseT Receiver with Ethernet, Control and PoE 4K/UHD HDMI Over 100M HDBaseT Receiver with Control and PoE The Atlona AT-UHD-EX-100CE-RX is a 4K/UHD HDMI over 100M HDBaseT??? receiver for AV signals up to 328 feet (100 meters) over category cable with Ethernet pass through, RS-232 and IR control, plus Power over Ethernet. It is compatible with signals up to 4K/UHD.

Shop for audio & video accessories online. Free UK delivery on eligible orders The best solution is a 4K HDMI extender to use serial communication that can sustain the high bandwidth required over a longer distance over Cat 5, 6, or 7 Ethernet cable. In order to ensure that the purchased products are of reliable quality, we have analyzed nearly 1,000 similar products on Amazon in terms of function, stability, and seller. I've not got 4K, but Neet extenders have worked very well for me (1080p). I'm using the double ethernet ones with IR. HDMI matrix over ethernet setups become more cost effective if you've got multiple rooms. I had the benefit of being able to run extra ethernet cables when I did our extension just in case

Only @ Best Buy Set up your television and DVR with this Rocketfish 4K UltraHD cable, and enjoy high-quality high-definition entertainment the way it was meant to be viewed. The 4-foot cable offers ample length for connecting components, and a triple-layer shield protects against interference. This Rocketfish 4K UltraHD cable supports transfer speeds up to 18 Gbps for lag-free enjoyment of. 4K HDR HDMI Over 100 M HDBaseT TX/RX with Ethernet, Control, PoE, and Return Audio. 4K/UHD capability @ 60 Hz with 4:4:4 chroma sampling, plus support for HDR formats; Compatible with 4K HDR10 @ 60 Hz and Dolby Vision @ 30 Hz; HDCP 2.2 compliant; HDBaseT extender kit for HDMI, Ethernet, power, and control up to 330 feet (100 meters 4K 60Hz HDMI Extender Balun with HDMI 20 and HDR Wall Mount 4K HDMI Over Ethernet Extender up to 164 Feet Support Local Monitor LoopOut. Model #: 0uEBO-B07Q23PLBB; Item #: 9SIAS45CWP0543; Return Policy: View Return Policy

HDMI over CAT - will not cater for everything UHD can currently throw at it, is upgradeable (though there is talk about the requirement for x2 CAT6). HDBT is the best current 'over CAT' option and if it meets your current requirement (it will for many folk) it is very stable. (I am biased on your HDBT options - see my sig) Which is to say, over short distances, most HDMI cables can handle current 4K content, even when you throw in the extra data for HDR. The exception is if you're a gamer From this image below, we can observe that, the cheapest way to extend HDMI cable for lengths between 50 to 300 feet, is to use HDMI over Ethernet.Rightly speaking this is a loose term, and the right word is to use CAT 5e, 6, 7 cables or HDMI over IP StarTech.com ST121HD20L HDMI over CAT6 Extender - 4K 60Hz - 330ft / 100m - IR Support - HDMI Balun - 4K Video over CAT6 (ST121HD20L) Type: HDMI over Ethernet Max Extend Distance: 330 feet Color: Black Specifications: Audio: Yes AV Input: HDMI AV Output: HDMI Cabling: Cat 6 UTP Chipset ID: Norelsys NS 5730, NS5731 Audio Specifications: 7.1 Surround Sound Max Distance: 140 m / 460 ft Wide Screen.

4K HDMI Extender Over IP Kit Up to 395 ft (120m) [1 to 1, 1 to Many Over CAT6] with IR Extension, 4K @30Hz, HDCP 2.2, HDMI to Ethernet Adapter Balun (Transmitter & Receiver Kit - HDBitT4K22) Model #: qYoON-B07XPN2L5Z; Item #: 9SIAP81EYB6946; Return Policy: View Return Policy HDMI KVM Extender over IP transmitter and receiver kit remotely controls KVM switch/console or PC from up to 328ft/100m over Cat5e/6 Ethernet cable or over IP-enabled local area network 4K UHD 30Hz 3840 x 2160 for large signage displa 4K/UHD Remote Powered HDMI Over 100 M HDBaseT Transmitter with Ethernet, Control, and PoE. The Atlona AT-UHD-EX-100CE-TX-PD is an HDBaseT transmitter for HDMI transmission up to 330 feet (100 meters) over category cable with Ethernet and RS-232 control pass-through,. It transmits video signals up to 4K/UHD @ 60 Hz with 4:2:0 chroma subsampling. I need to run a 4K HDCP 2.2 compliant signal over ethernet. The run isn't terribly long, maybe 15 feet, it's just the conduit wouldn't fit an HDMI cables plug. We currently have dual Ethernet cat6 ran, and I have one passive HDMI receiver and sender hooked up. I am having zero issue passing a 1080p signal

  1. PVI VUMATRIX D istribute & Matrix HDMI Over Ethernet IP Our Professional HDMI OVER IP Matrix Extenders can distribute all your of HD & 4K HDMI Video sources over any existing 1 gigabit network to unlimited Televisions, Projectors, Screens by simply adding as many VUMATRIX Transmitters and RECEIVERS with the ability to Matrix switch using our IOS ANDROID APP on any tablet or phone, as well IR.
  2. ated CAT-6 ethernet) cable would be your best choice for 4k HDR. With solid core you can either ter
  3. This Blackbird™ 4K HDMI® Extender can extend HDMI signals to distances up to 164 feet (50 meters) over a single Cat6 Ethernet cable. It supports video resolutions up to 4K@60Hz YCbCr 4:4:4 with support for HDCP™ 2.2/1.4. It features 18Gbps bandwidth and supports all the features of the HDMI 2.0 specification
  4. g he has a 4K capable box The 4K box should be able to output a 1080p signal which will be compatible with the current 'non-4K' extender set
  5. 4K HDMI Extender Over Ethernet, 4k60 4:4:4,Uncompressed 18G/BPS Over Single Cat5/6 up to 40m(165ft), RS232+POE+IR+HDCP2.2, HDR and Atmos, CEC, EDID Add to Cart. Sale. 4K60 HDMI Matrix 4 IN 2 OUT, Dolby vision HDR , scaling output, SPDIF breakout,up to 18G/bps Add to Cart.
  6. 4K Ultra HD 600 MHz Extender for HDMI over one Fiber-Optic Cable. See More . EXT-UHDA-HBTL-RX 4K Ultra HD HDBaseT Receiver w/ Audio De-Embedder and POH. See More . EXT-UHD-CAT5-ELRPOL 4K Ultra HD ELR-POL Extender. See More . EXT-UHDV-HBTLS-TX 4K Ultra HD Multi-Format 2x1 HDBaseT Sender w/ Scaler, Auto-Switching, and POH
  7. Avance ™ 4K/UHD HDMI Extender Kit with Ethernet, Control, and Bidirectional Remote Power. SKU: AT-AVA-EX100CE-BP-KIT. Learn More

The extenders we used in this video are no longer available on amazon, we recommend using this similar pair of adapters: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01HHHI5NW.. Atlona® 4K HDR HDMI HDBaseT TX/RX with Ethernet, Control, PoE, and Return Audio The Atlona® AT-HDR-EX-100CEA-KIT is an HDBaseT transmitter/receiver kit for High Dynamic Range (HDR) formats. Part of the comprehensive family of Atlona® 4K HDR integration products, this kit is HDCP 2.2 compliant and supports 4K/UHD video @ 60 Hz with 4:4:4. Rosewill Premium HDMI Cable 6 ft., Support 4K UHD (3840 × 2160) and HD 1080p, High Speed HDMI Cord 6 Feet Black Male to Male, Gold Plated Connectors, Ethernet/Audio Return Channel, RC-6-HDM-MM-BK-3. $ 9 .99 -. (43) Link Depot HDMI-6-4K 6 ft. High Speed HDMI cable with networking supports 4K UHD 3D and Audio return The XTENDEX® Dual Monitor 4K 10.2Gbps HDMI USB KVM Extender Over IP supports video wall installations from 1x2 to 4x4 screens. For this 2x4 video wall example, there are four ST-IPUSB4K-R-VWDH remote units (receivers) - one receiver connects to two displays; and three ST-IPUSB4K-L-VWDH local units (transmitters) - one transmitter connected to each of the three video sources A low feature HDMI Extender. The AC-EX70-UHD-BKT is the basic 4K extender kit from AVPro Edge. You are able to pass 1080p HDMI signals 70 meters and 4K HDMI signal 40 meters all over readily available CAT-6a cable using HDBaseT technology. This product is the ideal solutions when you need a stable HDMI signal distributed over long distances

HDMI over IP from Just Add Power is an ethernet based video distribution system that lets you build any size of HDMI video matrix. Send 4K / UHD and 1080p from any number of HDMI devices to any number of displays over a gigabit local area network Hi, this video shows you how to use the HDMI over Ethernet Cable adaptors to extend a HDMI signal using CAT6 cables. In the video I refer to 'HDMI over Ether.. MAZIMUM BANDWIDTH UP TO 6.75 GBPS - Support HDMI1.3v & 1.2 signal /deep color 36bit/xv-YCC/1080p 24fs/DTS-HD. EXTEND YOUR VIDEO SOURCE UP TO 200FT - For 200ft transmit distance via CAT6/CAT7 LAN cable.For 165ft transmit distance via CAT5e cable. Zero Video Latency. NOTE: We recommend using direct HDMI to HDMI connections, avoid using signal converters or adapters at all costs Curiously, AmazonBasics High-Speed 4K HDMI Cables are often the same price as the Monoprice Certified Premium High Speed HDMI Cable, your best bet is to purchase an HDMI-over-Ethernet extender


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5 out of 5 stars. (1) 1 product ratings - 2Pcs 4K 1080P HDMI Extender to RJ45 Over Cat 5e/6 Network Ethernet Cable Adapter. $9.78. Was: $13.98. Free shipping. or Best Offer AJA HB-R-HDMI 4K HDBaseT to HDMI Receiver/Mini-Converter Our Price: $365.00 Avenview HBT-C6POE-SET HDMI/IR/RS-232/PoE over SingleCAT5e/6/7 Extender Set with Ethernet - UP TO 100M Our Price: $649.00 Link Bridge LBC-HDBT-R HDMI 5-Play Receiver HDBaseT - 100M Our Price: $299.9 4K@30HZ UP TO 328 FT - Extend 4K 30Hz HDMI signals up to 328 feet / 100 meters away over CAT6 ethernet cable. High resolution 4K image extension with near zero latency (ideal for PC use). DUAL USB 2.0 (480 Mbps) KVM EXTENSION - 2 x USB ports found on the receiver extend USB 2.0 signals up to 328 feet away over CAT6 ethernet cable HDMI over Cat allows HDMI audio/video signals to be extended over a single Cat5e, Cat6 or Cat6a cable up to 230ft at a 4K resolution. This solution is compatible with any operating system and is truly plug and play with no drivers or software required

A fifth twisted pair exists in any cable with Ethernet -- in HDMI 1.4, the specification added Ethernet and Audio Return Channel functions to some of those seven miscellaneous conductors, which now must be organized into another twisted shielded pair in order to support Ethernet over HDMI Jul 16, 2013. #6. Ethernet is a network protocol which can also carry HDMI signal, whereas the HDMI over HDBaseT is a single CAT6 cable but isnt standard Ethernet IP traffic. The same is true of dual Cat6 but that uses two cables. HDBaseT is the newer standard and supports longer distances and new HDMi features

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HDMI Extender | Over Cat 5E/ 6/ 7 Ethernet Cable Extends 4K@30Hz/ 1080p HDMI Signal up to 330ft via Cat5e / Cat6 / Cat7 Ethernet Cable without losing picture quality. Premium Product Quality Provides 8000v industry-level surge protection against static electricity and lightning strikes; Latest Innovation - Newly-designed isolation transformer enhances your signal for stable transmission over. Atlona® 4K HDR HDMI HDBaseT TX/RX with Ethernet, Control, PoE, and Return Audio The Atlona® AT-HDR-EX-100CEA-KIT is an HDBaseT transmitter/receiver kit for High Dynamic Range (HDR) formats. Part of the comprehensive family of Atlona® 4K HDR integration products, this kit is HDCP 2.2 compliant and supports 4K/UHD video @ 60 Hz with 4:4:4. HDMI OVER IP HD & 4K Video Distribution Matrix System - Ethernet Pro RECEIVER VuMATRIX-4K-RX-PRO. Availability: In Stock. Free Ground Shipping. Part Number: VuMATRIX-4K-RX-PRO. This Model Key Features: •HD/4K HDMI Over IP Receiver Unit To Receive HDMI Video Over the existing 1Gigabit IP Network together with any other voice & data servic

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HDMI over Ethernet is a thing but with Cat5e, a nod a long run it's just not a great idea. HDMI is transferring an uncompressed signal your TV can understand. It's a LOT of bandwidth. If you put a AppleTV or Shield near the TV and play through that the Cat5e will be fine to get the video from the HTPC to the playback device Key differences . Each HDMI over IP device has different features. The main difference between 2GΩ and 3G devices is that 2GΩ supports up to Full HD 1080p, whereas 3G can distribute 4K UHD content from HDMI 2.0 sources

I plan on moving sometime before 2015 and have been house hunting. I was curious on the views and opinions of HDMI over Ethernet for a home HTPC setup. Server rack in basement, house fully ethernet wired in each room. HTPC (basement) --> HDMI-to-Cat6 --> Up behind wall to TV location --> Cat6-to-HDMI --> In to TV. x 3 or 4 for each room with a TV 4K Support - Enables video resolutions far beyond 1080p, Ethernet over HDMI- I read in the manual for my Cambridge Audio Azure 751R AV receiver that when connected to a networked Azure 751BD blu-ray player by HDMI + Ethernet cable the receiver will apply any software updates via the HDMI cable. This seems like a very practical use

1. If I understand correctly 4K starts to hit problems at around 10 meters over HDMI. Is that total cable distance or a single leg, for example if I have a 1 meter cable from 4K player to AVR and then a 9 meter from AVR to projector is that 10 meters or 9 meters. Does the AVR break the link and start the count again? 2 Good morning, Looking for a little guidance. I am about to move into a new house and want to cable it out with CAT6. Whilst doing this I want to move all the TV STB's etc into a central location with one box (or wall plate) that the TV (There is only one TV) plug into HDMI/Ethernet to obtain either broadcast TV (Terestial & SAT), Amazon Prime and DVD/BluRay/HDDVDs that are stored on a synology. The ATEN VE8952R 4K HDMI over IP Receiver with PoE delivers visually lossless 4K AV signals with low latency over long distance via a standard Gigabit network. It is an effective and easy-to-use solution that directly addresses the challenges system integrators encounter when deploying AV over IP AV Access 4KEX70-ARC-H2 is a 4K HDBaseT extender with ARC and audio extraction functions. It supports 4K@60 4:4:4 with HDR and HDCP 2.2 compliant, offering the distribution of UHD video, audio, power and IR. It is ideal for home theater where you need to return audio from your TV to your AV system at a long distance High Speed is over twice as fast as Standard, with a minimum bandwidth of 10.2Gbps. The vast majority of new HDMI cables you shop for will be High Speed or above, which means they can carry a 4K.

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Delivering uncompressed 4K at virtually zero latency, the ZyPer4K is the first SDVoE solution on the market — enabling the distribution of content to an unlimited number of displays over a 10Gb Ethernet switch. Using industry standard CAT 6a cables, or fiber, you can send audio and video from HDMI, SDI, Analog and DisplayPort source up to 100. In four years of TV evolution, 4K resolution has gone from a questionable upgrade to a near-standard feature.Buy a set bigger than 50 inches, and it's now overwhelmingly likely to feature Ultra. Expanded resolution: Expands the 4K (2160p) resolution compatibility of HDMI 1.4/1.4a to accept either 50- or 60-hertz frame rates (a maximum 18 Gbps transfer rate with 8-bit color).; Expanded audio format support: Can accept up to 32 simultaneous channels of audio that can support immersive surround formats, such as Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, and Auro 3D audio

Description. The Monoprice HDMI® Extender can extend an HDMI® video signal up to 30 meters over two Cat6 ethernet cables run through the walls. This unit supports all NTSC and PAL video resolutions up to 1080p with 24/36 bit Deep Color. It supports LPCM, Dolby®-AC3, DTS® 7.1, and DSD audio signals 6 ft. Ultra High Definition 4K HDMI Cable with Ethernet NTW pure 6 ft. Ultra High Definition 4K HDMI NTW pure 6 ft. Ultra High Definition 4K HDMI Cable Supports highest resolution HD Audio/Video at 4X the clarity of 1080p, as well as lower resolution formats. Designed for Ultra High Definition 4K televisions This HDBaseT HDMI + USB over Cat extender is an ideal solution to deliver audio, video and USB signals from a computer or media player to an interactive whiteboard, touch screen, digital signage, or other interactive displays. Target customers with an interactive 4K touchscreen display or engage students with an interactive whiteboard HDMI Ethernet Channel functionality is only available if both linked devices are HDMI Ethernet Channel-enabled. High Speed HDMI Cable The High Speed HDMI Cable is designed and tested to handle video resolutions of 1080p and beyond, including advanced display technologies such as 4K@30Hz, 3D, and Deep Color PORTTA 4K HDMI Extender HDBaseT 2.0 Extender 100m 328ft with KVM and USB 2.0 Hub Over CAT6/7 Ethernet Cable, Support Ultra HD 4K@60Hz YUV 4:2:0 10bit, 2K HDR, HDCP 2.2, Full 3D, CEC, DTS, Dolby Atmos 3.5 out of 5 stars

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Atlona® 4K/UHD HDMI HDBaseT TX/RX with Ethernet, Control, and PoE. The Atlona® AT-UHD-EX-100CE-KIT is an HDBaseT transmitter/receiver kit for HDMI transmission up to 330 feet (100 meters) over category cable with Ethernet pass through, RS-232 and IR control, plus Power over Ethernet (PoE) General Purpose 1RU Rack Tray. Point to Multi-Point Video Extenders. 4K 60Hz 4:4:4 HDMI Splitter via CATx to 100'. Low-Cost HDMI Splitter/Extender via CAT5e/6: 4-Port. 4K 18Gbps HDMI Over IP Point-to-Multipoint Extender with IR and RS232. Low-Cost HDMI Over Gigabit IP Point-to-Multipoint Extender up to 394 Feet The BG-UHD-18GFE is the pro's choice for extending long distance HDR 4k@60Hz (4:2:0) HDMI signals at 18Gbps over Fiber Optics up to 10 km (6.25 miles) using. UHD 4K HDMI over Ethernet AV Sender - 70m for - Compare prices of 56927 products in Audio & Video Accessories from 154 Online Stores in Australia. Save with MyShopping.com.au Cmple - 28AWG High Speed 18Gbps HDMI Cable 15FT HDMI 2.0 Ready - 3D Ethernet / Audio Return Channel - Gold Plated Connectors HDR 4K HDMI Cable - 15 Feet, Black SKU: 695-N Cmple - HDMI Cable 1.5FT with Ferrite Cores - 28 AWG High Speed HDMI Cord with Ethernet, Supports (4K 60HZ, 1080p Full HD, UHD, Ultra HD, 3D, ARC, PS4, Xbox, HDTV) - 1.5 Fee

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12 ft. Ultra-High Definition 4K Pro HDMI Cable with Ethernet NTW Pure-Pro Ultra-High Definition 4K 12 NTW Pure-Pro Ultra-High Definition 4K 12 ft. HDMI Cable supports highest resolution HD audio and video at 4X the clarity of 1080p and is compatible with lower resolution formats of 720p, 1080i, and 1080p. Transfer speed of 18.0Gbps ensures fastest reliable picture, sound and data streaming Feature: 1. A pair is a full-featured module and no need to be set. 2. CAT-5e / 6 cable can replace HDMI cable for long distance transmission. 3. Follow the IEEE-568B standard. 4. The transmission distance of 4K HD resolution can reach 30 meters, and the transmission distance of CAT-6 cable can reach 1080p. 5. Small size. 6. Signaling evaluation up to 1.65Gbps, support 1080p display. 7. Comply. The HDMI HDBaseT Lite over Cat Extender is a perfect solution for extending audio/video signals from a Blu-ray™ player to a projector. This kit is certified by the HDBaseT Alliance and offers a complete solution for extending HDMI audio/video signals over a single Cat5e, Cat6, or Cat6a cable up to 190ft at a 4k resolution The VE812 not only supports HDMI (3D, Deep Color ) but also Ultra HD (4k x 2k) and is HDCP compatible. Furthermore remote EDID pass-through ensures optimum video quality for your HDMI display. The VE812 is perfect for the meeting room, home theater or any installation that needs long distance transmission and superior video quality

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HDMI 1.4 vs HDMI 2.0. The main attraction to HDMI v2.0 is 4K 60Hz support which is a big improvement over v1.4's 4K 30Hz standard. Improving frame rate at first might not seem like such a big deal, but twice the video bandwidth is required since it is sending twice the number of frames per second HDBaseT HDMI over Cat5e/6/6a Extender Kit with Ethernet, Serial and IR Control, 4K x 2K 30 Hz / 1080p 60 Hz, Up to 328 ft. (100 m), TAA BHDBT-K-PI-LR HDBaseT HDMI over Cat5e/6/6a Extender Kit with Power and IR Control, 4K x 2K 30 Hz UHD / 1080p 60 Hz, Up to 328 ft. (100 m Atlona® 4K/UHD HDMI HDBaseT Transmitter with Ethernet, Control, and PoE. The Atlona® AT-UHD-EX-100CE-TX is an HDBaseT transmitter for HDMI transmission up to 330 feet (100 meters) over category cable with Ethernet pass through, plus RS-232 and IR control HDMI is a great technology, but if you have to run the cable over long distances they're not the most reliable. Ethernet cable (or, more correctly, Cat5e/Cat6 cable), on the other hand, is better.

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Hdmi Over Ethernet found in: Astrotek HDMI Extender Over RJ45/CAT5/CAT6/LAN Ethernet Network Cable, Rextron HDMI 4K Extender Over CAT 6 - Up to 35m, StarTech HDMI Video and USB Over IP Receiver for ST12MHDLANU - 1080p, StarTech. Atlona® 4K/UHD HDMI HDBaseT TX/RX with Ethernet, Control, PoE, and Return Optical Audio. The Atlona® AT-UHD-EX-100CEA-KIT is an HDBaseT transmitter/receiver kit for HDMI transmission up to 330 feet (100 meters) over category cable with Ethernet pass through, RS-232 and IR control, Power over Ethernet (PoE), and optical audio from receiver to transmitter

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The Cable Matters HDMI Extender with IR Control is the ideal solution for connecting equipment in remote locations up to 300 feet apart with a single Cat 6 cable. These Extenders convert the HDMI signal using TCP/IP over a single Cat 6 cable or an unmanaged, dedicated network switch. Applications include digital signage, houses of worship. StarTech HDMI over CAT5 HDBaseT Extender - 295 ft (90m) - Ultra HD 4K - Extend 4K video, an IR signal and four USB devices over CAT6 cabling to a remote location. SKU#: AB86727 Model#: ST121HDBTU. Related Products: Hdmi Extender. $1224 .98 CAT-5e/6 cable can substitute HDMI cable to achieve long-distance transmission. Follow the standard of IEEE-568B. Transmission distance can be up to 30 meters for 1080P, up to 5 meters for 4k*2k using CAT-6 cable. Support hot-swapping. Plug and play. Signaling rater up to 2.5Gbps in support of 1080p display. HDCP compliant HDMI high-speed cables provide a better visual experience for your high-definition TVs and devices. CableWholesale offers a broad assortment of quality-made bulk HDMI cables, including HDMI extension cable with Ethernet. These cables provide high-speed with Ethernet performance and meet the latest standard set forth by the HDMI Standards Committee High Speed with Ethernet HDMI Cables. These HDMI cables support Ultra HD 4K video content up to 4096 x 2160p @ 60hz. This is equal to 4 times the clarity of 1080p/60 video resolution! There is also support for the wide angle theatrical 21:9 video aspect ratio. Our HDMI significantly increases bandwidth - up to 18Gbps - and adds key enhancements.

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I have an AppleTV 4K connected to a Sony screen over HDMI. The AppleTV is connected to the Internet via WiFi, the Sony is deliberately not connected - just power and HDMI. Recently I have learned that there is such a thing as ethernet over HDMI.How can I confirm that the AppleTV is not providing this to the Sony This Blackbird™ 4K 1x4 HDMI® Splitter/Extender allows you to distribute a single HDMI signal to up to four displays. It transmits the split signals to receivers at distances up to 164 feet ( Monoprice Blackbird 4K HDMI 1x4 Splitter Extender --Complete Solution Kit-- over Cat5e/6 with IR, Loop Out, EDID, POC with 4 Receivers, 50m, 164ft. ShowMeCables offers a wide variety of HDMI cables supporting up to 8k 4320p signals. Stock cables range from 1 to 200 feet. With hundreds on hand, our HDMI cables are ready to ship today. Not sure which audio/video cable you need? Call or chat today and we will recommend the right solution for you

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