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  3. If you experience that abnormal display problem of ASUS Notebook (such as broken / blurred / sparkling image etc.), please refer to the following troubleshooting steps. However, if you experience a black screen on your ASUS Notebook after power on, please refer to How to fix Notebook cannot power on and shows black screen
  4. If your Asus laptop is getting the black screen display now and then or it is just stuck on it, then you can consider the following suggestions. Scenario 1: Power light is OFF This is the condition when the major components of your laptop are not working properly
  5. Try connecting to an external monitor to your laptop, then press function key (hotkey) [Fn+F8] to toggles between laptop display and the external monitor to ensure the display is normal on the external monitor. If you don't have an external monitor or there is no response on the external monitor, please ignore step (3)
  6. Peripheral devices that are connected to your Asus laptop could also be the cause of the black screen issue. If this is the case for you, you may notice that the dots are spinning during the boot-up process. So you should perform a hard reset on your Asus laptop to narrow down the possibilities. Here is how to do it

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Share your videos with friends, family, and the worl Asus laptop no display or black screen will fixed by the easy way as this video. Just need the simple tool to follow this. You should know that the condition.. Rollback to previous Graphics Driver to fix Display Problem on Asus Vivobook Right-click Start menu, then click Device Manager. Tap on the Display Section, there will be a list of graphics cards installed. Right-click on the card/driver name label Hi, I bought a Asus N750JK-T4208H laptop in November 2014. One day of last August, I faced a couple of times the following problem : - the display of the screen was bad : curved lines and wrong colours. But the next day the problem disappeared. Unfortunately this week, the problem is.. If the problem persists after that, please press and hold the Power button for 15 seconds to force shut down, then restart the laptop and refer to the following solutions. Remove accessories and update BIOS & Windows Update Remove the accessories, such as external hard drives, printers, memory cards, CD/DVDs, dongles, etc

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The battery issue is almost certainly a problem with Asus, which is unusual because Asus has excellent Hardware normally. But batteries can be problematic which is why many models of computers have battery recalls and patches posted on the models support web page. I can understand your frustration and have shared it many times If you can see the display you most probably have a backlight problem. This can be caused by (depending on laptop model, you didn't say what model you have) a faulty backlight power inverter, faulty backlight power cable, faulty lid switch, faulty video cable or faulty screen Troubleshoot why your Asus Laptop turns on but the screen stays black, dark, dim, etc. This video will take you through the various causes including your RA..

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  1. Some common problems with Asus computers include failure to turn on, failure to connect to the Internet and unresponsive key pads. Other problems include blank or blue screens and turning off suddenly
  2. If the laptop is quite new, then just reinsert the battery carefully, charge the laptop completely, and then turn it on. This might fix your display issue. Force Restart the Laptop . As an alternate fix, you can force restart your laptop to see if the Asus laptop black screen problem is fixed
  3. In case when you turn ON your laptop and starts to hearing all the startup sounds, then it quite possible that the problem is occurring just because of a faulty display screen of your laptop. Sometimes it's also possible that the display cable of your laptop which was mainly attached to the motherboard got loose and creating the problem

It comes on all ASUS laptops I've ever encountered G75VW-BBK5 Windows 8 Pro 1TB HDD, 180GB Corsair Force GT Sata3 SSD, 16GB DDR3, GeForce GTX 660M, Intel i-7 3610-QM 2.3Ghz Turboboost to 3.3Ghz 12-12-2012 09:23 PM #1 I have just updated bios, chipset, etc., and downgrade the graphic driver (which is currently the latest on Asus support). If I can be sure that the problem is about cables, physically I will refund it but I don't know the reason. ASUS, F543NA, 15.6, Intel Celeron N3350, 4GB LPDDR3, 128GB SSD, Intel HD Graphic ASUS Vivobook Screen Flickering Fix. There is a solution to fix the screen flickering problem on your computer. The problem may be caused by two reasons: An incompatible application and Display driver. To know for sure that the problem is caused by drivers then we have to check whether the task manager is flickering or not Solutions 1: Check Task Manager to fix laptop screen flickering. Press CTRL+SHIFT+ESC at the same time to open the Task Manager or You can also right-click the Start button then select Task Manager. If Task Manager is flickering, a display driver could be the cause if not the program or app you are running is having a problem After completing the above steps, try to use some apps on your ASUS laptop that require the webcam. Start the Camera app on your computer (search for it in the Start menu) and see if it is working.

599. I think this is a diff issue with stuck pixles vs the lines that plague the G75's. Glad it worked this use to work great on older LCD's the newer lcd's don't respond that much to this or with massage the pixle to get it unstuck. But it is worth a shot if anyone has any display issue cycle the color or blast it with white/flack for a while The problem may have been the Intel HD graphics driver - which you do NOT want to delete. The internal and external display is routed to the CPU, so you need that driver. Try reinstalling an updated Intel HD graphics driver, or if you're on the latest one from Intel, roll back or use the one from Asus' site for your laptop model. 0 Power off the monitor, wait 15 seconds, and then power it back on. Some issues, especially very minor ones, can be caused by very temporary issues with your computer's connection that a restart will fix. If the problem goes away but quickly returns, especially if it's color-related, try leaving the screen off for 30 minutes before powering it.

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Original Title: Graphics problem with my ASUS notebook? HI there. About 5 days ago I bought a brand new ASUS TP300LA notebook from by local computer retailer and to be honest it was an awesome laptop. Except there is this one thing. There seem to be some things going on in the display My laptop is having display problems that start with screen flickering getting progressively worse and ending up looking like the screen shot below. I had a similar problem that was repaired shortly after I purchased it in 2016 so I suspect it is a known problem with Asus laptops Weird display problem in ASUS laptop. Open | Hardware. Laptop boots up (lights and fan turn on) but screen stays black. Also occurs when it wakes from sleep. When I connect it to an external display, it works perfectly fine. Did a complete reset but nothing has changed. However, if I continuously tilt the screen at various angles, it turns on.

Green screen issues generally occur because of an outdated or incompatible video driver. Close all open windows and restart the computer once to check if that helps. Follow these steps to update the Display driver from the Device Manager and check if this helps. 1. Press (Windows key + X) and click on Device Manager. 2 When I connect my HDMI cabble to the computer, the Notebook doesn't recognize the 2nd screen(TV) I noticed the issue occurs because of the Intel driver. When I Uninstall Intel(R) HD Graphics 3000, The Notebook recognizes the 2nd screen using Nvidia GeForce Driver. Enviorment Information: Notebook: Asus N55SF. Operation System: Windows 1 This laptop screen problem is the most obvious, and the solution to this problem is the easiest to determine. Whether the panel is cracked, smashed or in pieces, the solution is the same: LCD screen replacement. LCD laptop screens are not as expensive as you would believe, and the repairs can be completed quickly

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  1. Then, click on the Browse my computer for driver software. After it, click on the Browse option and then go to the path where you had downloaded the driver file. Then simply follow the on-screen instructions. Now, the system driver will be installed successfully on your system. Check your graphics card problems Windows 10 is solved or not
  2. A simple guide is for you. Firstly, you need to go to the Internet and download this Asus laptop diagnostic tool. Then, extract files from the .zip folder. Then, click the Setup.exe file to install the tool by following the wizards on the screen. Launch this Asus diagnostic tool and you can see its main interface
  3. I Have an update about my laptop. The black screen problem still exist. When it happened one time, an external monitor was connected via the type C display port. The computer screen slowly goes dark but on the TV screen the image is still ok. But the computer was also frozen and I couldn't move the mouse
  4. Restore your computer to a date before the issues showed up. This should restore the brightness back to your computer screen. If the suggested steps did not resolve the problem, there are combination keys that you can press to perform shortcuts to adjust brightness and so on. Most laptops (including some models of ASUS) have these keys

If you have been having screen problems with your ASUS laptop computer and don't have the time or money to take it to a repair shop, you can actually open the computer yourself and fix the problem. Two connections can cause a problem with the computer screen. One is the inverter, the small rectangular chip that transfers power to the screen. Power off the monitor, wait 15 seconds, and then power it back on. Some issues, especially very minor ones, can be caused by very temporary issues with your computer's connection that a restart will fix. If the problem goes away but quickly returns, especially if it's color-related, try leaving the screen off for 30 minutes before powering it.

My Asus tuf a15 laptop has just arrived and the colors are extremely washed out and faded. It looks like the color temperature is too warm, the display has a slightly yellow tint and the colors are a little blurry. I have already turned off Vari-bright in the amd radeon software settings. Can anyone help me? Thank you in advance 9. Black Screen in Asus ROG Zephyrus G14. If you are using Windows 10 then an unexpected black screen problem can occur in your Laptop. To fix the Black Screen issue in your Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 follow some ways to fix this issue. First, You can try to wake up the display by using Windows key + Ctrl + Shift + B Asus GL703GM Screen color problem I purchased a new gl703gm a couple days ago and i have some problems with the colour profiles. When i use the default option from the Rog GaveVisual in the Gaming center, my display is changing the colours as it should ASUS Windows laptop screen shuts off when AC plugged in I have an ASUS TUF FX-504GM with Windows 1909. It has a 128 GB SSD and a 1 TB SSHD. I also dual boot it with Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. Hello Paul I have a similar problem with this. my Asus Laptop powers off as soon as i plug in the power source, it works flawless if i do not keep it plugged.

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Some time ago, it started to happen. When I turn on laptop (Asus ROG NV-552), my screen start to flicker. I tried everything I could imagine. At first, I thought that it is hardware, I checked screen cable - but it was OK. Next thing was to check. Hello All, Just yesterday I got my new ASUS G74SX and I must say, this machine is a beast! But unfortunatly this morning when turning on the laptop, the screen does not work.. :( I plugged in my external screen through the HDMI input and the computer is working fine, it is just not displaying on the laptop screen. I have looked thought all the forums to see if I can find a solution, but cannot. Question Laptop screen replacement: Question Laptop refusing to post. Blinking black screen: Question Lenovo Windows Startup Screen problem: Question Samsung laptop won't boot, flashing screen. Question Upgraded two ASUS X456UF laptops with additoinal memory, one goes black screen the other one upgrades successfully: Question ASUS A555L Issue

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I have an ASUS F3S Laptop. The problem here is that when the laptop boot up and reaches the window screen. It restart automatically and the screen splits into two and I can see the replicate in both the part of the screen. Some are telling that the chipset is gone ASUS Display / Monitor Drivers Download. by ASUSTeK Computer Inc. After you upgrade your computer to Windows 10, if your ASUS Display / Monitor Drivers are not working, you can fix the problem by updating the drivers. It is possible that your Display / Monitor driver is not compatible with the newer version of Windows Asus laptop screen freezing Hello, I recently purchased an Asus Q524UQ flipbook laptop. It came preinstalled with Windows 10 and just recently, it began with some problems where the screen would freeze and I would have no way of fixing the freeze other than forcing it to shut down. At the start, it happened right after I get booted from the new. The Asus X555L is a low budget laptop that came out in May of 2015. The model depicted in these guides is X555LA-SI305041, an Intel Core i3 laptop designed to be affordable for consumers. Similar model numbers: X555LB, X555LD, X555LF, X555LI, X555LJ, X555LN, and X555L Asus and Dell are mostly known for their good quality hardware, but that does not guarantee the hardware problem which causes the laptop screen flickering. Nevertheless, you should not rush to replace the hardware of your Asus or Dell laptop just because of the flickering screen

The ASUS ZenBook Flip 13 UX363 is a laptop that uses an OLED screen. It's still rather rare in today's world of laptops, honestly. But today, let's only just talk about the OLED screen on Windows laptops featuring the ZenBook Flip 13 UX363. We'll go through its pros and cons of OLED, particularly for laptops The Asus doesn't charge (but I strongly suspect that this is the laptop's fault), doesn't display on the external screen (though it's USB-C supports DP) and while it does connect with the USB devices in the dock, it exhibit the same intermittent disconnections than the Lenovo I have 2 different TUF laptops: FA506IV-BR7N12 (RTX) and TUF506IU-ES74 (GTX). Running OpenSuSE Tumbleweed on both. That is the only distribution with a proper kernel and fixes after a release 20200630 works very stable. Flickering occurs on TUF506IU-ES74 if I try to change a display refresh rate. Need to power cycle the laptop to get that away A broken or cracked laptop screen can make your laptop unusable, which can be frustrating if you need your computer to write a paper or complete a project. Fixing a laptop screen can be done with a few tools and steps, saving you money on expensive repairs from a computer shop. Start by taking the laptop apart and replacing the screen correctly If you are experiencing any problems related to your Asus laptop. We will help you to fix all issues related to your Asus laptop. You can repair the screen of your Asus Laptop at Sharaf DG Asus Authorised Service Center at affordable price, the repair cost of the Asus screen replacement starts at 400 AED*

9. Black Screen in Asus TUF A15. If you are using Windows 10 then an unexpected black screen problem can occur in your Laptop. To fix the Black Screen issue in your Asus TUF A15 follow some ways to fix this issue. First, You can try to wake up the display by using Windows key + Ctrl + Shift + B I had rebuilt about 4 older Asus Rog laptops with all the bells and whistles that all suffrered the same problem. What makes the rog models so great is they pack everything in there so they are. Until recently my laptop, an Asus Vivobook with an i5-processor, touchscreen and a 500 gig harddisk, worked just fine, no problems whatsoever. But when I started playing GuildWars 2 it developped.

9. Black Screen in Asus ROG Zephyrus Duo 15. If you are using Windows 10 then an unexpected black screen problem can occur in your Laptop. To fix the Black Screen issue in your Asus ROG Zephyrus Duo 15 follow some ways to fix this issue. First, You can try to wake up the display by using Windows key + Ctrl + Shift + B Return Policy: View Return Policy. $ 92.45 (3 Offers) -. Free Shipping. View Details. Compare. WITH FRAME 12.5INCH B125HAN02.2 For ASUS C302 Assembly Laptop LCD Screen Display Panel with Touch Screen 1920*1080. Screen Size: 12.5. Screen Type: WITH FRAME 12.5INCH B125HAN02.2 For ASUS C302 Assembly Laptop LCD Screen Display Panel with Touch Screen With any luck, the Asus Smart Gesture Launcher will appear next to the Task Scheduler field, and it will be check-marked. Un-check the check mark to disable the Asus Smart Gesture software from being loaded the next time your computer starts up. Close Autoruns and reboot the machine. The constant mouse / spinning blue circle should now stop I have an Asus laptop with a Atheros AR9485 wireless network adapter. I've owned the laptop for a year and a half and never had a problem until the last 6-8 weeks. The wireless adapter turns itself off randomly. I can be in the middle of something and my connection is gone Asus Transformer: The Asus Transformer is a 2-in-1 PC that can be used as a tablet or as a laptop. It is a lightweight computer designed for portability and convenience. Republic of Gamers: Asus.

ASUS TUF Gaming Laptop, 15.6 144Hz Full HD IPS-Type Display, Intel Core i7-9750H Processor, GeForce GTX 1650, 8GB DDR4, 512GB PCIe SSD, Gigabit Wi-Fi 5, Windows 10 Home, FX505GT-AB73 4.6 out of 5 stars 55 Hello @Blake_ASUS. I'm having the same issue, the flickering grey lines and green screen always happen. I have a ASUS Vivobook 15 X512FL. I have already updated all the drivers and it did not solve the problem. Any help to solve this problem is appreciated!!

Laptop specs: Asus N550JK Intel Core i7 8gb RAM Nvidia GEFORCE GTX 850m Dual booted Windows 10 and Ubuntu 16 Problem: When I fist noticed the problem, the display would cut out when I moved the lid. The screen had power but no display. This was fixed in Windows by restarting the display via FN + f7 shortcut I then restart my computer and it stays on the asus bootup screen. I have t do a reset on my computer (not a total one just holding down the power button for 10 seconds wihtout a batterey). It finally works and then the problem starts happening again. Plesase help me i will give u any specs u request or need. Computer Knowledge: Goo Asus Laptop won't display higher than 1024x768 The laptop has a AMD Radeon E-450 processor and am running Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit. I don't know how to find out what kind of graphics card I have, but when I go to display settings all I see is Standard VGA Graphics Adaptor

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Is your brand new ASUS laptop running slow on Windows 10? It is so weird. This post provides effective solutions to fix ASUS laptop slow problem, and these methods works for ASUS a53u, ASUS i7, ASUS x541u lento, ASUS x102b, and so on. Follow the guides below to optimize and make ASUS laptop faster ASUS Laptop Screen Hinge Repair: My ASUS M51A series laptop LCD screen hinge broke after a few years, which is a well-known issue with this design! The hinge becomes stiff and hard to turn, resulting in increasing pressure and fatigue on the hinge base, which then snaps off. It se

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  1. An unexpected black screen can happen on Asus, Lenovo, HP or Dell laptops in a number of scenarios in Windows 10, which may stem from hardware issues and logical faults - for example, a connection problem with your display, power supply, hard disk, internal memory, graphics card, virus attack, mistaken operations, software incompatibility and more
  2. Well, this is definitely the Eye Care feature at work. I don't have an Asus laptop unfortunately, so I can't explore it for you, but look for a way to disable it either by typing eye care in your Start Menu and seeing whether something comes up...
  3. In other words, your computer starts but the screen is black. Now, you can try resetting the memory modules to fix the PC turns on but no display issue. Remove memory module from the memory slot, and then put it back into the slot to get a better connection so that the computer can recognize the memory. Method 7. Understand LED lights

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  1. I Have a ASUS GS74S Series that will not boot up. I have run and tryed everything under the sun. the problem signatures i am getting are problem sig 1-6.1.7600.16385 problem sig 2-6.1.7600.16385 problem sig 3- unknown problem sig 4- 21200154 problem sig 5- AutoFailover problem sig 6-15..
  2. If your laptop works fine with the external monitor while the LCD screen disconnected, most likely your problem is somewhere inside the display panel (loose cable, bad cable, bad LCD screen, etc) If your laptop still looses video even on the external monitor (when LCD screen disconnected), there is something wrong on the motherboard (could.
  3. Asus computer consistently freezes; pausing screen and keyboard It's been hard to manage as it comes unexpectedly and the only method to reset it is to turn off my computer. This is the model I think, I got it refurbished but this never happened in the beginning
  4. If the Power button is stuck on your tablet, it can cause your device to stay on the loading screen. The ASUS tablet loading screen problem might resolve by fixing the power button. Depart the tablet from its dock: press the large silver button located below the tablet and remove it from the base
  5. Hello, my Asus Zenbook ux360ca laptop has this problem recently. Whenever I turn it on, it just show the uefi/bios screen, I have to press esc button, and select yes to quit the uefi/bios screen then it shows the screen. I try to google..
  6. Most of the time, the blank screen problem with your laptop occurs due to the sudden inability of the laptop's charger to supply power to it. We recommend checking whether your laptop's power supply is working or not. If the charger of the laptop is giving power, then the issue is not with the power supply, and you should jump on to the next.
  7. or repairs, just unscrew the back panel, pop it off, and you will see the WLAN module on a connector

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Asus Laptop can go to sleep, but wakes to black screen - not sure what else to try . My Windows 10 ASUS Laptop closes all programs every time it goes to sleep . Windows 10 is great, but seems to have a problem waking from sleep mode on my laptop. Computers shuts down when it goes to sleep . Activating Sleep Mode causes unexpected shutdow

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Click the power button at the bottom-right corner of your screen and select Restart to restart your PC. According to Microsoft's support document, this will solve your problem. Your computer will restart normally with no more black screen. It's unclear what caused this problem—just another issue with a Windows 10 update If the external screen works fine but there is no video on the laptop LCD, most likely there is a problem inside the laptop display assembly. Go to my previous post witch covers laptop video problems in more details. I have an Asus A4000 laptop. When i start the laptop, it works fine and everything works as it should. Then after no set. Millions of Asus laptop owners around the globe face the infuriating situation of Asus laptop battery not charging. If you too own an Asus laptop then the problem of Asus laptop battery not charging can be a real headache for you. But worry not, The FIX is here with this guide describing how to tackle this problem Asus laptop turns on to black screen, no boot logo or anything - posted in Internal Hardware: Hello, I had issues with my laptop, refreshed it and it seemed to be okay. Then last weekend it was. I have a recently purchased ASUS laptop as mentioned in title, and there seems to be issue after issue. As mentioned in a previous thread, I had problems with my sound card popping a crackling. After updating my BIOS drivers, this fixed the problem. Now I have a new problem

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Hi, i am using ASUS TUF Ryzen5 (4000 series) from oct 2020. this laptop has some serious problems. issue1: screen black issue: i have scheduled reboot test. Among the best Asus laptops out there, this 2-in-1 top-notcher boasts powerful specs - including a discrete graphics card - as well as a stunning touchscreen display, a flawless design, plenty. One common problem that many users typically come across on Windows 10 is flashing or flickering on the screen, which is likely to be caused by incompatible applications or display drivers If the problem is happening on a laptop, use the keyboard key combo to increase the display brightness. Typically, you will need to press the Function (Fn) key and one of the functions keys like. Lower Prices compared to the Official Asus Service Centre. 3. Faster waiting times. 2 hours compared to 4-7 days. 4. Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts which are of the highest quality. 5. We repair your display screens with original 4K and Full HD LCD /LEDs to ensure perfect colour and viewing satisfaction

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The laptop white screen problem may be caused by a faulty graphics card, non-working display, malware/viruses, etc. Now, let's go to see how to fix the white screen on laptop. Tip: In addition, you may also be bothered by the white screen on computer monitor if you are using a desktop PC. The solutions are similar to a laptop's ASUS X555LA screen flickering on battery. Started about 9 months ago and only happens on battery when battery is about 70% voltage available. Does not happen on mains charger. Swapped battery and the same symptoms occur. Went to HDMI output without laptop screen and flickering stopped even when battery was at 10% New Laptop Screen for Asus ZENBOOK Pro UX501J UX501JW UX501V UX501VW Replacement LCD Screen Touch Screen+Bezel Assembly 15.6 inch UHD 4K (3840x2160) $196.00. $196 Hello im having a problem with my ASUS Laptop K401U. It just started about 2 hours ago, so whenever I turn on my laptop it just stuck on the ASUS Logo with spinning circle under itI still can access the BIOS, but dont know what to do about it though. I didnt install any update for windows before this