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  1. About the teaching blog. A Department for Education blog for teachers, by teachers. Covering everything from reducing workload, to pupil premium, school leadership and pupil wellbeing. Find out more about the blog and sign up to receive email updates when new posts are added
  2. UK Education Blog Education, Teaching, Learning & Technology. Check out our news. Blog Education News, Insights and Tips. learning 6 Ways to Spend Time Productively as a University Student Life as a university fresher or student could be daunting, full of surprises, and an explorative phase balled into one exhilarating experience
  3. London, England, UK About Blog The LSE Department of Management is a world-class centre for research and education in business and management based in the heart of central London. Through our teaching and research we challenge students to think critically about how businesses operate within society and the socio-economic and geo-political forces that impact them
  4. Read our blogs for thought-provoking articles by members: It takes a whole world to raise a child: thoughts on Big change starts small - The Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood, by Cathy Nutbrown, 23 June 2021; Pedagogical principles for successful animal-assisted interactions in the early years by Helen Lewis and Russell Grigg, 11 June 2021.
  5. By Corrinne Fraser Corrinne Fraser is a mathematics education consultant who works to support MATS, boroughs and individual schools strengthen their provision for mathematics. Corrinne has worked across institutions and key stages to align maths teaching and learning to new curriculum requirements and the drive for mastery in UK schools

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  1. Our site is all about homeschooling. We have reviews of the curriculums and syllabus that we use, a daily (well as much as we can manage) blog which has been a fan favourite amongst homeschooling UK blogs, lot's of absolutely free resources for you to download whether you are involved in homeschooling or if you just want to supplement your child's school learning
  2. The Education Hub is a site for parents, pupils, education professionals and the media that captures all you need to know about the education system. You'll find accessible, straightforward information on popular topics, Q&As, interviews, case studies, and more
  3. The official online blog of the U.S. Department of Education. Offers the latest news concerning U.S. schools, including the latest political reforms along with information about new innovations, programs, and grants for educational institutions
  4. Regular and top notch edublogs written and edited by the best education experts will provide you with everything you should know about UK education, studying, learning, online learning and education and schooling
  5. The latest education blog articles. Teacher Toolkit provides teachers with access to resources that are meaningful for any classroom across the world
  6. Carnegie Education Blogs. Viewing 1 to 1 of 1 blogs. filter by: Learning through the life course: the German concept of Bildung By Ulrike Hitchen. 16 Jul 2021 Blogs. This website uses cookies to improve your browsing experience. Necessary cookies enable you to use all the different parts of leedsbeckett.ac.uk. Without them services that you.
  7. Education Blog Updates. Sign up to receive Education Blog updates Sign Up: Visit the Education Platform, enabling teachers to make copies from your school's books. Recent Posts. End of year Rollover on the Education Platform 7 July 2021; Multilingual thinking in multicultural classrooms 30 June 2021
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Read student blogs on studying abroad and student life from current students and graduates. Part of Times Higher Education. Algerian student Riadh Ghemmour shares his experiences of studying for a PhD abroad at a UK university. December 8 2020. high-quality education and the opportunity to become a global citize Thankfully, there is a slew of academic blogs on the interwebs, waiting to dish. Blogs commenting on funding and higher education policy. Blogs mulling over early-career research struggles or musing about the ever-elusive path to tenure. Blogs with tips to help you get to grips with conference etiquette, and with toolkits for surviving academic.

Microsoft Education Blog. News that inspires, informs and supports learning. June 29, 2021 Five Teams updates making a splash this summer Summer break may be in full swing, but that doesn't mean we are taking a break from bringing you new ways to create successful learning environments! In fact, we are so excited about the latest batch of. The UK international education trends discussed above are just some of the top trends we are seeing now in the UK. As the year progresses, and as we get more updates on the UK's COVID-19 response, we are sure to witness more trends that are likely to affect the direction of the UK's international education sector An excellent blog for teachers and parents involved with special education, Smart Kids with Learning Disabilities provides practical help and advice alongside a commitment to advocacy. The Life That Chose Me. Daniel Dage is a K-12 special education teacher and father of two boys with ASD, making his blog a fantastic resource for special. In my new paper released today, and forthcoming in the Review of Education, I report what I consider to be a worrying lack of transparency surrounding some aspects of the reporting of the PISA 2018 data for the UK. This blog is the first in a series posted today looking into some of the Read the rest of this entry Related content and links About the teaching blog. A Department for Education blog for teachers, by teachers. Covering everything from reducing workload, to pupil premium, school leadership and pupil wellbeing.. Find out more about the blog and sign up to receive email updates when new posts are added

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Why We Love It: Smith's blog discusses everything from Ferris Bueller to teaching conferences to a surefire way for President Obama to fix education. Why He Loves Blogging: Says Smith, It allows a small-town superintendent to be involved in national or worldwide discussions on education issues. 6. Best for Kid Book Reviews. A Year of.

The Whiteboard Blog - Education, Technology and Science CPD and Support. Atom Learning Online Learning Platfom Now Covers KS2 Science. Jun 18, 2021 | Science. Atom Learning is an online learning platform for Key Stage 2 children. It is designed for KS2... Read More. How To Get Graph Paper in Promethean ActivInspire Blog post. Reflecting on vlogs, blogs and podcasts in education research, teaching and professional development . Claire Tyson, Teacher Researcher, Homewood School and Sixth Form Centre Alison Fox, Senior Lecturer, Open University 30 Mar 202 Importantly, it is often not possible to discuss one aspect of an education system without considering the potential implications for other parts. We need a way of navigating these debates, so we have taken a set of outline principles and quite literally joined-the-dots (see the diagram above for the outline principles for the future of education) Child Education Child Health Child Hunger Our UK work Coronavirus Hub Emergencies Blogs Our impact stories Who we work with How You Can Help Discover more; Donate Campaign with us Volunteer Events and fundraisin

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  1. Dad Blog UK. Self-styled school-run dad John Adams officially stepped into the role of main carer for his children in 2011. At Dad Blog UK, fatherhood, parenting, family and lifestyle are covered along with his own experiences as a dad
  2. ute you spend reading one higher education blog, you could be missing a better one - David Kernohan shares his own trusted.
  3. An education-focused blog which covers education updates, case studies, HE news, teaching information and TEL information
  4. Find advice and insights about the UK education system from our parent panel and guest experts. For the latest updates across BBC blogs, visit the Blogs homepage
  5. A full run down of the top ten blogs in each category of the 2012 Education Blog Awards . read more..... Meet the judges . Another fantastic line-up of judges this year - find out who they are here Education Blog Awards - Celebrating UK School Blogging! Themia Designed & Coded by InkThemes.com.
  6. Our Schools Blog brings you the latest insights and developments from the education industry. As well as expert analysis and advice, you'll also find product demos and developments from our team. From the latest recruitment trends to staff training and retention, here you'll find a range of useful information to help make your job easier
  7. Perhaps you have always wanted to break into writing for the education market. Guest blogging on education blogs is a good way to start. This will give you the opportunity to build up your portfolio, attract a wider audience, connect with teachers, educators or other professionals in the industry and develop your social proof

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Buy now. . . Over the past 15 years, David Didau has worked with hundreds of schools in the UK and overseas. He leads bespoke training and provides consultancy on a wide range of topics including: Implementing findings from cognitive psychology in teaching. Behaviour management. Understanding education research and evidence LSE Higher Education Blog Enabling dialogue and sharing different perspectives Education and asylum: NGOs and refugee schooling June 18th, 2021. Refugee Realities. Refugee policy: international and national perspectives June 17th, 2021. Viewpoint. Viewpoint. Building a higher education collective. We are facing a global education emergency: even before the pandemic hit, 260 million children were not in school, and 53% of those who were could not read or understand a simple text by age 10, making them 'learning poor. ' COVID-19 is exacerbating learning poverty, due to both the lack of access to remote learning that many children face and its knock-on impact on school dropouts.

Lindsay Paterson is Professor of Education Policy at the University of Edinburgh. All articles posted on this blog give the views of the author(s), and not the position of LSE British Politics and Policy, nor of the London School of Economics and Political Science. Featured image credit: Pixabay/Public Domain Thirteen insights into teacher wellbeing and mental health. By Blog Editor, IOE Digital, on 30 April 2021. John Jerrim. Today, with my colleagues Becky Allen and Sam Sims, I have published a major new analysis of teacher mental health and wellbeing in England. Funded by the Nuffield Foundation, it is the culmination of two years of work and is. About 'Ofsted blog: schools, early years, further education and skills' This blog will look at the way Ofsted inspects education, from early years to schools and the further education and skills sector. It will update you on developments and feature current issues Create a free website or blog in minutes by using a simple drag and drop interface. No ads. One of Time's 50 best websites of the year

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  1. Mama Smiles Blog. What's not to like, even about the name of this blog? As the name implies, Mary Anne shares Joyful Parenting featuring experiences, products, and activities that encourage parent-child bonding, create fun learning opportunities, inspire positive sibling relationships, and build happy, healthy, connected families. If you are a regular here, you are familiar with our goals.
  2. This blog is based on the article 'Room to grow: Teachers' knowledge and understanding of physical education and physical literacy' by Alexandra Stoddart and Louise Humbert, published by the Curriculum Journal.It has been made free-to-view for a limited period, courtesy of our publisher, Wiley
  3. Our recent #digitalclassroomsurvey - involving over 6,800 teachers and leaders - found that there was an increase in positive uilling and receptivity to technology in schools, with digital skills among teachers and students in the UK soaring over the course of the pandemic (81% and 64% respectively).. Similarly, 90% of UK learners in Pearson's Global Learner Survey (2020) feel that.
  4. UK confirms Covid visa concessions to April 2022 - as Grad route launches. The UK's Minister for Immigration Kevin Foster has confirmed that Covid concessions on visa rules will be extended to 6 April 2022 for the new intake. Foster said it was not an appropriate decision to require students to arrive for the start of 2022 term
  5. June 24, 2021. In just over two years, Transfer Virginia leaders have taken key steps to reform and improve the transfer experience in the state to bring about measurable progress on student success and equity

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Top 5 Student Cities in the UK. June, 22, 2021. Table of Content LONDON EDINBURGH MANCHESTER GLASGOW COVENTRY CONCLUSION The United Kingdom is the world's second-most desired and prominent higher education destination. Four of its higher education institutions are present in the list of the top 10 best universities in the world 37 posts categorised Education. May 19, 2021 Social mobility and the UK skills revolution A skills revolution in the UK was promised in this week's Queen's Speech, chiming with our latest Future of Government research that highlights the importance of skills and education in creating a socially mobile society and in levelling up the UK His blog is listed on Edudemic's website as one of the top education blogs that you should follow. His casual conversational style is easy to read and still packs a powerful and profound punch. 45. Joanne Jacobs. Joanne Jacobs, writer and educator, writes a blog about education in general. A diverse range of topics is covered Luke Irwin 18th August 2020 Breaches and Hacks, Education. A survey has found that 54% of UK universities reported a data breach to the ICO (Information Commissioner's Office) in the past 12 months. Of the 86 universities that responded to a Freedom of Information request from security firm Redscan,

Show your support by raising your hand for education. I am delighted that the UK will co-host the replenishment of the Global Partnership for Education in 2021. I urge the global community to come together, dig deep and ensure we fund their vital work to give every child the chance at an education. . We must use the opportunity of. An Educational platform for parents and teachers of pre-k through 7th grade kids. Support your kids learning journey with games, worksheets and more that help children practice key skills. Download, print & watch your kids learn today Blogs are everywhere these days, providing everything from recipes and advice to ways to connect and make friends with similar interests. Having a wealth of resources, creative support and imaginative talent at your fingertips is a must when teaching preschoolers, and preschool blogs are an excellent way to get your fix Dr Joss Winn has recently written an opinion piece for the Times Higher Education website, reporting on the recent conference, Making the Co-operative University.. In part, the conference builds on research that Joss and Prof. Mike Neary have been undertaking into co-operative higher education since 2010. Last week, the Co-operative College, established in Manchester in 1919, hosted a.

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Latest blog Testing times - why test anxiety is an important issue for schools By Professor David Putwain Date 06.07.21 In Cambridge Learners , School leadershi October 19, 2007. School Climate & Safety Blog After the Storm. October 4, 2005. Teaching Blog An Edugeek's Guide to K-12 Practice and Policy. February 12, 2016. Education Blog Around the Web. Discovery Education, in partnership with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and the National Indian Education Association (NIEA), have launched Good Medicine Bundles, a set of hands-on, standards-aligned resources for elementary and middle school students to address the nation's opioid crisis and encourage resiliency through a Native approach to balance and wellness Location Services - Friend or Foe for Higher Education? March 8, 2021. by Jamie Pitchforth. Enriching the on-campus experience for students and faculty with actionable insights and assured access, while respecting data privacy fundamentals. Location services and the benefits of deploying them are not a new concept to higher education communities Education Equity. From the Classroom to the House. Jahana Hayes, congresswoman and high school history teacher, on the disconnect between Washington and the classroom, and the importance of keeping teacher voices in the mix. Sarah Gonser. Popular. Social & Emotional Learning (SEL

In the UK, only 40% of children and young people say they've had some financial education 2 - which is very low, given that financial literacy was introduced in the UK's national curriculum in 2014 3. So why aren't we teaching kids about money management? Well, one of the main reasons seems to be time Blog it with us! Leave a comment, tell us about new UK Catholic blogs and websites of note, join the team! Not the official voice of anyone, hopefully open to everyone. More a notebook than a textbook, more conversation than discourse. Links. Peter's Successor St. Blog's UK & ROI. Locals. Priestly Blogs Solomon, I Have Surpassed Thee (UK) Fr. Post your eLearning article. At eLearning Industry you will find the best collection of eLearning articles, eLearning concepts, eLearning software, and eLearning resources Blog Hello there, welcome to the United Education Blog! Here's where we'll be updating you on what we're up to, parenting hints and tips, and of course, lots of behind the scenes action from our Camps this Summer and beyond

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The Tutorful Education Blog. This year has been tough.Trying to keep your child motivated enough to get up at 8am, get dressed, and be alert enough to spend the day sitting at the kitchen table staring at a laptop screen and actually learn something is a woe shared by parents across the country.... As we creep into May, the looming dissertation. Studying-in-UK.org is one of the largest information portals about studying in The United Kingdom for international students. We publish information about the United Kingdom higher education and latest news that concern international students in the UK, as well as a large number of helpful informational content and exclusive research about international students in the UK Secondly, if you work in a school or early years setting, there are resource packs to download and use Schools and early years settings: free toolkits and wonderfully creative resources are now available. Just send an email headed 'Toolkit' to primary@empathylab.uk, secondary@empathylab.uk or earlyyears@empathylab.uk 22 June 2021. The Day in the Life of a Primary Education Student. Sinead. The Day in the Life of a Primary Education Student (Accelerated) I recently got the opportunity to meet those joining the course for September 2021 during an Applicant Day; many had queries and questions about the structure of a day and the workload on the Accelerated course

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Imperial College London is able to provide branded blogs for Imperial staff and students. Imperial blogs can cover everything and anything related to student and staff life at the College. From posts about your latest research, to student expeditions and research trips, to project updates, Imperial blogs can provide you with an opportunity to share [ The National Foundation for Educational Research in England and Wales. Head office and registered address: The Mere, Upton Park, Slough, Berkshire, SL1 2DQ General enquiries: Telephone: +44(0)1753 574123 | Fax:+44(0)1753 691632 | Email: enquiries@nfer.ac.uk Product enquiries: Telephone: +44(0)1753 637007 | Email: products@nfer.ac.uk Research participant enquiries: Telephone: +44(0)1753 637096. At InnerDrive we write a blog or two a week on subjects that release your inner drive. Read about Growth Mindset, Metacognition, Stress Management, Mental Wellbeing, Sports Psychology and much mor The Optimus blog The blog that inspires leaders in the UK education sector. Subscribe. The Optimus blog The blog that inspires leaders in the UK education sector smiling and full of time for me - a world away from the headteachers I am supporting in the UK education system at the moment! The Hive's mission statement is 'Education for a.

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QR Codes in Education; Social Media Blackout / 2021. Posted on July 5, 2021 July 7, 2021 by David Hopkins. Over the years I've seen friends and colleagues post about taking a break from social media and have always pondered. Click here to read about more awards received by this blog Digital Education & Accessible Learning. Supporting HE students who are deaf/hard of hearing, dyslexic, or who have English as a second or other languag Young people's voices. In June this year, we hosted a global conference call to discuss the barriers to education that children around the world are facing. This is a key topic in 2021, with the G7 and the upcoming Global Education Summit. World Vision was glad to facilitate a discussion with international experts and leaders during the G7 summit, but our next call later in the month was. Top 20 UK Parenting Influencers 2021 . It's time to reveal our top UK parenting influencers for 2021! This ranking is based on members of the Tots100 index of UK parent blogs, and is based upon each blog's ranking in our charts between January and December 2020

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One of the ways in which Plan International UK aims to improve global literacy statistics is by focusing on the importance of education, particularly in communities where opportunities to develop literacy skills are less available to girls. 15 million girls will never have the opportunity to learn to read and write in primary school - this is why we focus on supporting girls and their. There is a lot going on in this fast-moving space. Panellists agreed that clear and robust governance of children's education data would help EdTech companies to innovate and minimise their risks whilst doing so, as well as being in the best interests of children in the UK. You can view the rest of the blog series here An Education (Environment and Sustainable Citizenship) Bill has been introduced into the House of Lords to make provision in the national curriculum regarding sustainable citizenship and protection of the environment. It's a private members' bill and is 6th in line for debate. This probably means that its chances of success are slim, but you never know Dr Frances Marato discusses whether in terms of the health and well-being of our pupils and teachers, the UK education system is arguably nearing breaking point, after recent reports reveal that up to 54% of teachers state their job 'often' or 'always' impacts negatively on their mental and/or physical health

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The similarities in the UK and USA education systems. The main similarity in the UK and US education systems is the language of instruction. In both countries, lessons are taught in English and exams are taken in this language too. Education is also provided to all citizens and residents for free. In the UK, funds come from the central government Blog - FFT Education Datala

There can be no levelling up without education recovery. Yesterday saw the resignation of Sir Kevan Collins, leading the Government's Education Recovery Programme, writes Professor Simon Burgess. The pandemic has hit young people very hard, causing significant learning losses and reduced mental health; the Recovery Programme is intended. A series of short videos introducing Stride, a new language in Greenfoot and BlueJ. 1: Stride - An introduction. 2: Creating a game in 7 minutes. 3: With a little help from my editor. 4: Visuals and layout. 5: Transitioning to Java. Additional interface design commentary Sheffield Hallam University Blogs. Posted on July 19, 2010. by WordPress_Admin. This is the home page of the Sheffield Hallam University Blog server. Academic Calls. ACES News. Assessment Journey Programme. Facilities Directorate. Health Technical Team The Latest Blog Posts from The PE Geek. The Ultimate Resource for Everything Technology in Physical Education blogs. Practical Coaching Activity Introduction: Prepare a coaching session for a junior Physical Education orSport Education class at your school. You may be able to choose a sport you are familiar with but the. Read More vidanalysis The private higher education sector in the UK reflects a distinct character and a high degree of diversity. Many established niche, and frequently non-profit providers, continue to offer education for professional qualifications and are the institutions most recently elevated to University or University College status

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Education UK. Not resting, not asleep, not pining for the fjords. Education UK is dead. This is from a British Council record of a meeting in May 2002 intended to reassure the ELT sector: We explained that the site was part of the Prime Minister's Initiative and intended to spearhead a major boost in the number of international students. The blog that inspires leaders in the UK education sector. Subscribe. The Optimus blog The blog that inspires leaders in the UK education sector. Subscribe. Subscribe. Subscribe to Optimus Education's Blog. Join other educators and get the latest Optimus blogs direct to your inbox.. Digital education platforms are purpose-built for remote learning and they are so much more than just a school website. Funding is available for schools to help them get set up on one of two platforms, either G Suite for Education (Google Classroom) or Office 365 Education (Microsoft Teams). Both are free to use

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The education of children in children's homes. Yvette Stanley, our National Director for Regulation and Social Care, discusses new data on where children in children's homes are educated. Education is powerful. For every child, a good education unlocks access to a broader range of life choices and chances That is why I am so disappointed by UKRI's recent announcement that the drop in the UK's overseas aid spending to 0.5 per cent of GNI (at least until the fiscal situation allows) will result in a £120 million shortfall for 2021-22. This scale of cuts will undermine the sustainability of projects that are making a real difference to. (Suggested citation: 'A Paz-Fuchs and T Harel Ben Shahar, 'Speak Out: On the physical boundaries of free speech in education and employment law' UK Labour Law Blog, 16 July 2021, available at https://uklabourlawblog.com) The UK chairs the G7 this year. The government has committed to using the platform to boost global education. Later in the summer, prime minister Boris Johnson, alongside Uhuru Kenyatta, the president of Kenya, will chair the replenishment of the Global Partnership for Education, a key moment for the global community to come together to support education for every child, everywhere The education system in the UK is also split into key stages which breaks down as follows: Key Stage 1: 5 to 7 years old. Key Stage 2: 7 to 11 years old. Key Stage 3: 11 to 14 years old. Key Stage 4: 14 to 16 years old. Generally key stages 1 and 2 will be undertaken at primary school and at 11 years old a student will move onto secondary. Discover fitness blog posts, interviews with fitness professionals and celebrities, workout inspiration, in-depth studies, nutrition information and more. We're officially open for business following the relaxing of the coronavirus restrictions