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On a single Debian 10 server we will install and configure the LEMP stack (Nginx, PHP and MariaDB) and at the end install and run WordPress. In other words, our single Debian server will run the Nginx web server, the MariaDB server and run WordPress altogether How to install WordPress using Nginx on Debian 10 (buster) Dominik Sachsenhofer -1. January 2020 -0 comments . Prerequisites. A Debian 10 machine with root access or a user with sudo privileges. A valid domain name that is set up and pointing to your machines IP address

Installation of Nginx Web Server 1. Nginx installation for Ubuntu, Debian or Linux Mint is as straight as any other packages and can be installed with just a simple command. $ sudo apt-get install nginx Nginx installation for Ubuntu, Debian or Linux Mint is as straight as any other packages and can be installed with just a simple command. $ sudo apt-get install nginx Step2. Next, start, enable, and verify the status of Nginx use the following systemctl commands Install WordPress with Nginx on Ubuntu 18.04 / Debian 9 Today's guide is a step-by-step Installation of WordPress with Nginx on Ubuntu 18.04 / Debian 9 Linux system. WordPress is the most popular, advanced, feature-rich and open-source content management system written in PHP. WordPress stores its data in MySQL relational database

WordPress is the most popular and widely used blogging and content management system in the world. PHP processing and MySQL/MariaDB database are used as a backend in WordPress. It is simplest way to create a Blog, Portfolio Website, webshop etc. In this tutorial, we will show you how to install WordPress with Nginx on Debian 10 Buster One Command To Install WordPress With Easyengine EasyEngine is one of the popular auto installer scripts for LEMP stack (Linux, Debian, Nginx, MySQL, PHP) without Graphics User Interface (GUI) and more using Command Line Interface (CLI). The GUI on EasyEngine is only available for phpmyadmin only 2. Install WordPress, configure it and configure Nginx. Here we'll now configure only the part of WordPress where we need to add the address of our remote database server. If you need te detailed steps how to install WordPress and Configure Nginx, you can find the instructions on this post To Install WordPress with Nginx, first create a directory to download the WordPress archive: sudo mkdir -p /var/www/html/sample.com From the official WordPress website, you can download the latest WordPress installs. Download it to the /tmp directory STEP - 3. Install WordPress on Debian 10 or Ubuntu 18.04. Now in this step, I am going to Install WordPress CMS on our system. For this process, we need to use wget syntax for downloading the WordPress compressed file. So, run these commands for installing WordPress. First, change the directory to /tmp folder

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  1. istration can be done through the web frontend. In this guide, we'll focus on getting a WordPress instance set up on a LEMP stack (Linux, Nginx, MySQL, and PHP) on your server
  2. istration can be done through the web frontend. In this guide, we'll focus on getting a WordPress instance set up on a LEMP stack (Linux, Nginx, MariaDB, and PHP) on a Debian 10 server. Prerequisite
  3. Setup WordPress. Go to https://aventis.dev to complete the WordPress setup in GUI. Enter Site Name, Username, Password and Email Address and click Install WordPress. Click Log In to to WordPress

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  1. Installing NGINX, NGINX Unit, PHP MariaDB, Certbot (Let's Encrypt), and Dependencies. With all the repositories in place, we update the repository metadata and install the applications. The packages installed by the script include the PHP extensions that are recommended when running WordPress
  2. 1. Turn off Light. Published on March 13, 2020 by lsteam. This video shows you how to install WordPress with Nginx on Debian 10 VPS. WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems known all over the world. It is an open-source CMS platform based on PHP and MySQL
  3. This will allow the hard-coded URLs in wordpress and the script to continue working even if the IP addressing scheme changes. Everything can be done to a physical installation or a virtual machine. Install NGINX-RTMP. First we will install nginx-rtmp from a PPA. These steps are taken from HERE
  4. istration can be done through the web frontend. In this guide, we'll focus on getting a WordPress instance set up on a LEMP stack (Linux, Nginx, MySQL, and PHP) on a Debian 9 server. Prerequisite
  5. menu: Tools - Network Setup. Set the multisite options for wp-configMultisite - Network SetupDashboard - Tools - Network Setup. Warning: you cannot change this later. Choose: Sub-domains (make sure you have wildcard DNS record) - [Install]
  6. Setting Up WordPress. Ok, you should still be in the /var/www/html folder. Remove the couple files by typing: rm info.php index.nginx-debian.html. Next, let's download and uncompress WordPress. Again, you want to be in the /var/www/html folder and can type cd /var/www/html if you're not there already

Of course, you don't have to Install WordPress with PHP 7.1 and Nginx on Debian 9 if you use one of our WordPress Maintenance Services, in which case you can simply ask our expert Linux admins to Install WordPress with PHP 7.1 and Nginx on Debian 9 for you. They are available 24×7 and will take care of your request immediately For example, you may want to lock the wp-admin directory of your WordPress installation with a password. Prerequisites. To enable HTTP Authentication with nginx on Debian, you'll need to have a VPS with root access and nginx server installed in it. Install Apache Uitl After installing the Nginx server on a Ubuntu Linux system, you need to configure the server settings and scripts to make your WordPress site live. As we will be using WordPress through the Nginx server , we will create a new directory and provide it root permission to edit and store WordPress data inside the directory

How to install WordPress with nginx on Debian Wheezy. Posted on November 24, 2013 June 15, 2020 by Eunus Hosen. WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) on the planet. Over 20% of websites, is powered by WordPress. It is free and open-source. WordPress is built with PHP as a server-side language and MySql as a database This Video Sponsored by UpcloudSign up now with promo code LINUXSCOOP to get $50 in credit on your new accounthttps://upcloud.com/signup/?promo=linuxscoop---.. Free Custom Domain, 24/7 Support, & More With A Plan Purchase. Sign Up Today

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If you want to run single WordPress site, best to use a WordPress hosting offer. If you want to run 5 WordPress sites, it is often more economical to get a VPS and configure multi-site. But you will face much more install and admin work, especially if you avoid using tools like Plesk etc. On a fresh Debian 10 server install, I started with: apt update; apt upgrade —> set timezone timedatectl. Install MySQL on Ubuntu 18.04. Install MariaDB on Ubuntu 18.04. Login to the MySQL shell by typing the following command and enter the password when prompted: mysql -u root -p. Copy. From within the MySQL shell, run the following SQL statements to create a database named wordpress, user named wordpressuser and to grant all necessary permissions.

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No Comments on How to install & secure WordPress on a small VPS with Debian, Nginx, MariaDB, 2FA and more This blog is running on a tiny Linux VPS with 1GB RAM, 1 CPU Core and a 25GB SSD with Debian 10 installed Select Language. Terima kasih sudah berkunjung dan membaca tulisan tentang Cara Install Moodle di Debian 10 Menggunakan Nginx, Postgresql, PHP7.4-FPM ini. Refresh browser, check that there is a new admin menu: Tools â Network Setup. Introduction. Make sure to run: apt update apt list --upgradable How to Install CloudPanel Control Panel on Debian 10 Server Heyan Maurya Last Updated: February. Install Nginx, Wordpress and Let's Encrypt in Minutes With EasyEngine on Debian 8 or Ubuntu 16.04. Last Updated: Fri, Apr 27, 2018. Debian Linux Guides Server Apps Ubuntu. EasyEngine (ee) is a Python tool which allows you to manage your Wordpress sites on Nginx easily and automatically. Using EasyEngine, you won't have to deal with complicated. Install php7, nginx, MariaDB and WordPress on Debian Jessie for a lean LEMP stack to serve your web site. I am migrating my Digital Ocean VPS from the smallest droplet to the 1 GB droplet. I currently run Apache, PHP, MySQL 5.5 and Varnish 3.x on this VPS droplet. I've been advised by many to switch to nginx and MariaDB to boost performance so I am documenting the working LEMP installation on.

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nginx: the configuration file /etc/nginx/nginx.conf syntax is ok nginx: configuration file /etc/nginx/nginx.conf test is successful. After that restart the nginx server : sudo systemctl restart nginx Complete the WordPress Installation# Now WordPress is configuration is complete and we can finish remaining installation through web interface Here are some short and sweet steps to successfully install a WordPress running Nginx in a Docker Container. 1. Installing Docker. Before we really start, we'll need to make sure that we have Docker installed in our Linux machine. Here, we are running CentOS 7 as host so, we'll be running yum manager to install docker using the below command

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it installed on the server as well: apt install git. Moving along, you will also want to install the Gitweb application. itself: apt install gitweb. Then install FastCGI: apt install fcgiwrap. Finally, make sure to install the NGINX web server: apt install nginx SSL Installation on Nginx & apache2 server on Ubuntu & Debian with letsencrypt. automatic and manual renew for WordPress sites and other configurations etc. Note: Article may confuse, But try to catch the required info. if not found please comment Berikut ini saya sajikan urutan langkah-langkah bagaimana Cara Install WordPress di Debian 10 Menggunakan Nginx MariadB PHP7.4-FPM. Panduan ini setidaknya sebagai bahan referensi bagi kita yang selama ini mungkin hanya memakai wordpress melalui paket aplikasi yang sudah disediakan oleh hosting berbayar EasyEngine (ee) is a Linux shell-script to install and manage wordpress-nginx websites in one go. Using EasyEngine, you can install Nginx, PHP, MySQL, Postfix, phpMyAdmin and their dependencies in one shot easily without the help of a System administrator. It makes very easy to install and manage wordpress-nginx websites, and you don't have to manually install [

How to Install WordPress on Latest Nginx Mainline Version on Ubuntu 16.04 / 18.04 4 min read. If you do not already have Nginx installed, How to Install Nginx and PHP 8 on Debian 10. David January 28, 2021. How to Install Nginx and PHP 7.4 on Debian 10. David May 22, 2020. Subscribe Cara Install WordPress di Debian Versi 8 64 Bit dan Optimasi Nginx. Kali ini saya akan membahas sedikit Instalasi WordPress pada mesin VPS dengan sistem operasi Debian 8 64 bit, dan adapun server yang digunakan adalah LEMP (Linux, NginX, MariaDB dan PHP) Nginx dibaca Engine X kepa ala Indonesia. Saya sebenarnya mencoba instalasi ini untuk. Install phpMyAdmin with Nginx on Debian 10 Buster Prerequisites Install LEMP Stack on Debian 10 Buster. As a prerequisite of running phpMyAdmin with Nginx, you need to have installed and setup LEMP Stack on Debian 10 Buster. If you have not, you can follow the link below to setup LEMP stack on Debian 10. Install LEMP Stack on Debian 10 Buste Tutorial Install Opencart with Nginx and SSL on Debian 10. To install Opencart with Nginx and SSL on Debian 10, you need to follow the steps in this tutorial. In the first step, you must update the system using the following commands Introduction. Nginx is an popular HTTP-server alternative to Apache2. It can be used as a reverse proxy, mail server, or web server. According to the Netcraft survey as of July 2015, Nginx currently holds 14% of the market and has had an increasing trend since 2007. In this guide, we will install Nginx on your Debian 8 server

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  1. In this tutorial, I'm going to show you how to set up ownCloud personal cloud storage on a Debian 8 VPS with Nginx, MariaDB and PHP7. The installation process is very similar to installing WordPress on Debian 8. This tutorial is demonstrated on a VPS with mere 128MB memory and it can run ownCloud without any problem
  2. A guide demonstrating the installation of Nginx 1.16.0 from Source on Debian Stretch. It includes the creation of a SystemD service unit. The process of installing Nginx from source on Debian has relatively few steps. They are. Install a some required packages; Powered by Wordpress. This website uses cookies. You can opt-out if you wish
  3. Install laravel, php, nginx in debian or ubuntu; Install nginx in debian vagrant; Install Drivers for TL-WN725N V2 -for raspberry; Install Mail Server (Postfix) using 'SquirrelMail' (Webmail) on Ubuntu/Debian; Allow remote mysql connetion; Archives. May 2019 (1) November 2017 (3) October 2017 (1) April 2017 (1) March 2017 (1) January 2017.
  4. al access and Certbot ACME client. Certbot client handles certificate issuance and installation with no downtime
  5. It can obtain, install, and renew certificate automatically with no downtime. It is available on most platform, and easy to use. Steps to Setup LetsEncrypt on Nginx. The recommended way of installing Certbot is through snapd, so we'll be first installing snapd since Debian doesn't come pre-installed with snapd
  6. Cara Install WordPress dengan LEMP di Debian 9. Berikut ini langkah demi langkah Install WordPress dengan LEMP di Debian 9. Daftar Isi Lihat. 1 Install Nginx. 2 Install dan Konfigurasi MariaDB. 3 Membuat Database WordPress. 4 Install dan Konfigurasi PHP7.3-FPM. 5 Konfigurasi Server Block Nginx
  7. Install Certbot on Debian Nginx Docker to Secure Portainer with LetsEncryt Certificate March 06, 2021 Docker. This post records the steps how to install Certbot into a Debian Docker to secure Nginx and Portainer docker using LetsEncrypt certificate

Free Custom Domain In First Year, Hosting, & 24/7 Support Included In Paid Plans. Sign Up For A WordPress.com Account To Start Building Your Website Or Blog Today Fast deployment: Fast and automated WordPress, Nginx, PHP, MySQL & Redis installation. Custom Nginx build: Nginx 1.18.0 - TLS v1.3, Cloudflare HTTP/2 HPACK & Brotli support. Up-to-date: PHP 7.2, 7.3 & 7.4, MariaDB 10.3 & Redis 5.0; Secured: Hardened WordPress security with strict Nginx location directive In this tutorial, we shall show you how to install WordPress with Nginx on Ubuntu 20.04 server. The tutorial will guide you to install and configure Nginx as web server, PHP, MariaDB as a database. WordPress is a free and open-source content management system written in PHP and paired with a MySQL or MariaDB database

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Before this paragraph, everything is same for Installing WordPress on nginx except, choose Debian 6.0 as OS : Proper Steps for Installing WordPress on nginx on Rackspace Cloud Server . We will install MySQL first. Some prefers to install FastCGI first for Installing WordPress on nginx with other distro Second command installs necessary stack and creates Single WordPress Site with domain example.com # install easyengine wget -qO ee rt.cx/ee4 && sudo bash ee # install wordpress on example.com sudo ee site create example.com --wp . Just paste following commands in your shell. To view your site in browser just point your domain to server Setup Nginx for WordPress Permalinks. For example, your blog is running with the main domain. Edit the Nginx configuration file and add the following line under the location section. If you are running your blog under sub directory URL like /blog, use location a /blog block to your configuration file. Save your file and reload the Nginx service To install Nginx on Debian and Ubuntu, follow these steps: Log in to the server using SSH. As the root user, type the following commands: apt update apt install nginx. Use your web browser to visit the IP address (or domain name, if you have one configured) of your server. You should see the default Welcome to nginx! page

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INSTALLING PHP $ sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade $ sudo apt install php-cli php-curl php-mcrypt php-fpm php-mysql php-xml If your have along issue with modules for the php, use: $ php -m For to show all modules. INSTALLING NGINX update and install nginx in your system $ sudo apt install nginx INSTALLING AN Installing rTorrent/rutorrent under nginx. Posted on October 7, 2016. February 4, 2017. by Adminpost. Start with a fresh and updated install of Debian Jessie. # apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade. Then install some packages: # apt-get install nginx rtorrent php5-fpm php5-cli curl git-core. Then create a new user, so that you don't act. Fig.01: Configure Nginx for WordPress permalinks : Choosing your permalink structure How to configure Nginx for WordPress permalinks (Pretty permalinks) Edit your nginx.conf file using a text editor such as nano command or vim command, run Cara Install LAMP di Debian 9 Cara Install WordPress Menggunakan Nginx di CentOS 7 Cara Install WordPress Menggunakan Nginx di Ubuntu. Kesimpulan. Setelah mengikuti panduan di artikel ini, Anda sudah bisa memasang LEMP di server Debian. Selanjutnya, Anda bisa melakukan tindakan lebih lanjut untuk mengembangkan sistem yang berbasis online. If you haven't installed WordPress, search our website to learn ow to install it on Ubuntu Upgrade to PHP 7.4-FPM with Nginx on Ubuntu. If you're running PHP 7.3-FPM or previous with Nginx on Ubuntu to support WordPress, the steps below show you how to upgrade to PHP 7.4-FPM . This post assumes that you're running PHP 7.3 or previous.

WordPress is an open source software that anyone can use to create powerful and dynamic websites based on PHP. Many large and popular websites online run WordPress. This brief tutorial will show students and new users how to install WordPress on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS with Nginx, MariaDB and PHP-FPM support This tutorial discusses how to install WordPress with the Nginx web server paired with PHP v7.4 and MariaDB database or more popularly abbreviated as LEMP (Linux Nginx MySQL/MariaDB PHP). 0.Update System. Update CentOS and install the EPEL repository It allows you to easily manage your WordPress sites using an Nginx web server. With EasyEngine, you don't have to deal with complex web server configurations. In this simple tutorial, we will see how to install EasyEngine and set up a single WordPress site that uses the Let's Encrypt HTTPS certificate

sudo yum -y install @php sudo yum -y install php php-cli php-fpm php-mysqlnd php-zip php-devel php-gd php-mbstring php-curl php-xml php-pear php-bcmath php-json. Install Nginx or Apache Web server ## Using Nginx Web Server sudo yum -y install @nginx ## Using Apache httpd server sudo yum -y install @httpd Step 2: Setup MariaDB Database Serve If this instruction seems complicated to you, try a simpler article on how to add a trusted self-signed SSL certificate to Nginx on Debian/Ubuntu, but this solution does not always work. This instruction was executed on operating systems: Debian 10, Debian 9, Ubuntu 20.10, Ubuntu 20.04, Ubuntu 19.10 Step 5: Configure Nginx to Use the PHP Processor. sudo nano /etc/nginx/conf.d/default.conf. Currently, with the comments removed, the Nginx default server block file. Zabbix 3.0 under Debian Jessie, with nginx Posted on January 28, 2016 March 2, 2016 by Adminpost I wanted to try Zabbix, after reading some posts about it being good - I'm starting to get tired of Nagios, and I really dont like that they dont have native Debian packages - not even from own repo Afterwards, we can install nginx: sudo apt update sudo apt install nginx. Step 2 â Adjusting the Firewall Prior to testing Nginx, the firewall programming should be acclimated to permit admittance to the administration. Nginx registers itself as an assistance with ufw upon establishment, making it clear to permit Nginx access

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  1. Install nginx HHVM MariaDB WordPress di Debian 8 Jessie Sebelum menginstall apapun di Debian, sebaiknya lakukan terlebih dahulu update dan upgrade sistem anda. apt-get Install PHP 7.1 Nginx MariaDB WordPress di CentOS
  2. WordPress Version: Latest OS: Debian 10 PHP: 7.4 NGINX: 1.14.2. WordPress files are at /var/www/wordpress, level 775 permissions owned by www-data:www-data recursively on the directory and its sub-directories, NGINX has been configured as follows
  3. During the installation phase, it set the MySQL root password and creates a database namely wordpress with the same user and sets its password as shown for WordPress installation. Finally, it updates our WordPress configuration file with these details to enhance the WordPress installation from the browser on the container
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We will cover all necessary steps of the setup, starting with the installation of the Nginx web server, setting up the firewall rules, necessary directory permissions, everything in between, and finally performing the WordPress installation. What we will not cover are the following subjects: DNS and mail server setups Installing Nginx on Debian 10 Buster. Nginx was developed for high performance supporting millions of connections simultaneously. While by default it can only serve static sites contrary to Apache which can serve both static and dynamic sites, dynamic sites may be also served with Nginx aided by Apache or other software.. WordPress: with Nginx web server in Docker. This project is a docker compose installation of a single site WordPress instance using Nginx as the web server and MariaDB as the database

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To do this, see the Configure Nginx section of our Install Nginx Raspbian tutorial, and accelerate your Raspberry web server. Creating a database for WordPress on the Raspberry Pi. Following this installation we will have to create a database for the future WordPress site hosted on the Raspberry Pi. sudo mysql --user=roo Both the NGINX Open Source mainline and stable versions can be installed in two ways: As a prebuilt binary package. This is a quick and easy way to install NGINX Open Source. The package includes almost all official NGINX modules and is available for most popular operating systems. See Installing a Prebuilt Package There is a bug for command /etc/init.d/nginx restart. The restarting nginx status will not change although restarting procedure has been completed. 3.5 Configure Nginx to do load balance If you have multiple sites, you can configure Nginx to load balance between multiple servers. There are two files you will need to change So, let us install WordPress on CentOS, RHEL and Oracle Linux 8. 1) Install LEMP on CentOS, RHEL and Oracle Linux 8. In order to install WordPress, it is first necessary to have a ready and functional web server. In this case, we have opted for Nginx so we will have to have a LEMP server

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Install Nginx webserver from Debian 10 repository by running the below command in your server's console. sudo apt-get install nginx. As shown in the above image the apt package manager will check additional dependencies for the package and ask you if you agree to continue with the installation process Install DVD support (libdvdcss) on Debian or Ubuntu. On Linux, DVD support is provided through the libdvdcss or libdvdcss2 packages. Some distributions already include these packages (Linux Mint, Kodi/XBMC), but most don't. Distributions without pre-installed DVD playing capabilities are Debian, Ubuntu, SUSE Linux, Fedora, Upgrade PHP 5.6 to PHP 7 on Nginx / Debian Jessie. Share This Post. Share on facebook. Share on linkedin. Share on twitter. ~# sudo apt-get install php7.0-mysql Configuring Nginx Server Block. Next part is to configuring Nginx server block, the config file(s) location may vary depending on admin's preferences. You might need to. BookStack is a simple, self-hosted, easy-to-use platform for organizing and storing information. BookStack is fully free and open, as well as MIT licensed. The source is available on GitHub.In this tutorial we will install BookStack on a fresh Debian 9 Vultr instance

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Contribute to bitnami/bitnami-docker-wordpress-nginx development by creating an account on GitHub. bitnami-docker-wordpress-nginx / 5 / debian-10 / Dockerfile Go to file Go RUN install_packages acl ca-certificates curl gzip less libaudit1 libbsd0 libbz2-1.0 libc6 libcap-ng0 libcom-err2 libcurl4 libexpat1 libffi6 libfftw3-double3. I need help to install and set a wordpress in order to create my blog. Thank you for contacting me. CSS HTML PHP Website Design WordPress. $121 (Avg Bid) $121 Other jobs related to install server nginx debian apache server admin debian ,. This post records the steps how to install Certbot into a Debian Docker to secure Nginx and Portainer docker using LetsEncrypt certificate. Related posts: Use Portainer to Install Nginx Docker as Reverse Proxy and Use CertBot Deploy LetsEncrypt Certificate into Nginx Install NextCloud Docker and Integrate with Nginx and LetsEncrypt SSL Certificate Install Certbot on [ Especially if you will ever want to uninstall and then re-install nginx. I assume you've already set up passwordless sudo so we don't need to supply the -K or --ask-become-pass flags. $ ansible-playbook -i inventory.cfg nginx_install.yml -b The -b tells ansible to become root on the remote server using sudo. The output looks like this Assuming you already have Nginx and PHP installed and want to add MongoDB support. Install pre-requisites apt-get update apt-get install php5-cli php5-common php5-suhosin php5-cgi php5-curl php5-fpm php5-json php5-mcrypt php5-mysql php5-sqlite php5-dev php-pear php-apc Enable Mongo pecl install mongo echo extension=mongo.so >> /etc/php5/fpm/php.ini Install MongoDB apt-get install mongodb. Install nginx. Update your repository and install nginx. sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install nginx -y. Change some nginx configuration files to ignore bad request size and cookies too large errors. sudo nano /etc/nginx/nginx.conf. In the http {sectio