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  1. That obviously doesn't mean profanity is useless, because swear words sure as shit serve a good fucking purpose when hurling around bitchy insults. This just goes to show that they aren't 100% necessary when completely destroying a man's soul with the turn of a phrase. So without further ado, here are the most savage insults a man can say
  2. Read on to learn some of the best roasts and insults that will get you through a day where you don't feel like being as sweet as a Georgia peach. 1. If I throw a stick, will you leave? 2. You're a gray sprinkle on a rainbow cupcake. 3. If your brain was dynamite, there wouldn't be enough to blow your hat off. 4
  3. 17 People Share With Us Their Best Non-Swearing Insults . by Ayoub. Insulting someone in a vulgar manner either by verbally swearing at them or by doing a rude gesture is not very classy and can make you look really bad in front of company. So in order to be the bigger person in the situation, finding alternative non-swearing insults is the.
  4. I stumbled upon an AskReddit thread earlier full of the 'best non-swearing' insults on the planet, and these are some insults you should commit to memory: Super_EMAS: Your grades say marry rich, but your face says study harder.. SlightlyStable: You haven't been yourself lately. We've all noticed the improvement.. whatsthisjack

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  1. What is the best (non swear word) offensive name to call someone? How about I offer a selection for your needs, you can choose which best fits. 1. HYPOCRITE! The big guns. Packs an especially confusing wallop when no point of principle is remote..
  2. 13 Ancient Insults That Should be Brought Back Immediately No one likes a scobberlotcher at the office. so you can label your brother-in-law a rakefire without him ever being the wiser. 2.
  3. Forum Member. . 10/07/07 - 13:17 #14. My Mum is quite taken with the phrase one chip short of a happy meal. Personally there are loads of non swearing words / phrases I like although I never get bored of mug, it's such a non offensive word but you can say it with such venom.... I also love the word muppet
  4. Insults without swearing. 27572 votes and 430506 views on Imgur: The magic of the Internet. Article by imgur. 1. Best Insults Comebacks And Insults Funny Insults Funny Comebacks Awesome Comebacks Snappy Comebacks Funny Quotes Funny Memes Hilarious
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What is your best insult without swearing? You're impossible to underestimate. Your face makes blind kids cry idk where i heard it but its gold. I'd call you dumb as a rock, but at least a rock can hold a door open... Leave Dwayne out of this please More ways to insult without swearing July 17, 2011 By Suzan St Maur 3 Comments Another selection of glorious insults from an era before the English language got boiled down to 4-letter words once again courtesy of my dear cousin Alyson who lives in Wakefield, Québec(pictured. The funniest, most savage insults on the internet. Here are the best insults to use on your worst enemies, or more importantly, your best friends: I thought of you today. It reminded me to take out the trash. You bring everyone so much joy when you leave the room

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  1. Yesterday's episode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rphQi9xljJI&index=10&list=PLiWL8lZPZ2_k1JH6urJ_H7HzH9etwmn7MSubscribe http://bit.ly/SubscribeJacksfilm..
  2. Yesterday's episode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xoM2aocM8hkSubscribe http://bit.ly/SubscribeJacksfilmsYesterday, I asked you (YIAY) a question and tod..
  3. These are the best insults you can give (while remaining a gentleman) We know, we know. Arguing of any kind — outside of a lively, spirited debate over dinner — isn't considered gentlemanly. But, although we may not like it, verbal confrontation is simply part of our professional and personal lives. If it's not, you're not doing.
  4. Is it possible to have an insult without a swear word or a word like cock or fag or words like that? other then bad grammar. I'm onto you. and if so have you ever used one? if so care to share? EDIT: I'm aware you can have insults without swears, but i seem to be the only person i know who knows it. QuirkyTambourine New member. Jul 26, 2009.
  5. But, if you think about it, there aren't many new insults (or swear words, for that matter). The ones you heard from that guy in middle school are pretty much the same ones you hear now. Let's hop in the time machine and head back a couple of hundred years. These words/phrases might seem rather quaint and out of place now, but back then, they.
  6. Some of these insults are amusingly innocent-sounding, while others are pretty devastating—so let's hope you don't wind up on the receiving end of one of those. Here are 30 of the best.

Anybody out there can drop F Bombs and use dirty language to insult someone, but you gotta be clever to make someone feel humiliated without using swear words.. I like to think of it as an art form So, what's your best insult without swearing? Let's get funny with folks on AskReddit!. 1. That hurt 1. Think before reacting. If you insult someone without taking a moment to gather your wits, you'll probably just be plain defensive or come across as confused. When you insult them, take a small amount of time to think about it. Not too much or they'll catch on, but a long pause is just fine. If you're short on ideas use a previous insult and. Probably the oldest inspiration for insults is to poke fun at the other person's unfortunate physical appearance. #7 Don't ever wear a burlap sack on your head, people won't be able to tell where the sack started and where your face ended.. #8 You won't be able to get a dime prostitute on half-price day. #9 Nice face I suggest you google Yiddish insults. Yiddish is full of insults that don't contain swearing. For example: Schmuck - a self made fool, Slimeal (spelling?) - an idiot, yutz, putz there are many. The longer insults can be said in English, e.g.: May..

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Chinese profanity tends to involve either sex and body parts, or insults to family. Some of the stronger curse words insult multiple generations of someone's family at once. Fuck your mother 肏你妈 is the most common way of insulting someone in Chinese, closely followed by 傻屄, which means stupid cunt Rebuking the insulter. 1. Anger. Anger is a weak response, and this for three main reasons: It shows that we take the insult, and therefore the insulter, seriously. It suggests that there may be. 6. DALCOP. Cop is an old word for the head, making a dalcop (literally a dull-head) a particularly stupid person. You can also be a harecop, or a hare-brained person. 7. DEW-BEATER. An. I will never get over the embarrassment of belonging to the same species as you. You are a monster, an ogre, a malformation. I barf at the very thought of you. You have all the appeal of a paper cut. Lepers avoid you. You are vile, worthless, less than nothing. You are a weed, a fungus, the dregs of this earth 30 Insults That Will Make You Sound Classy And Intelligent. 180 Best Insults to Destroy Your Enemies. The Definition of Love. A Love Letter To Each Myers-Briggs Personality Type, From An ENFP Who Adores You. 50 Hilarious Comebacks That Will Shut Everyone Up (And Make You Look Like A Genius

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  1. Anybody out there can drop a ton of F Bombs and use dirty language to insult someone, but you gotta be clever to make someone feel humiliated without using swear words.. I like to think of it as an art form So, what's your best insult without swearing? Let's get funny with folks on AskReddit!. 1. That hurt
  2. 41 bars of no swearing- freestyle. September, 1 2015 • Written by PoetProductions. So I guess you want me to me pleasant like Marry Poppins. No severing limbs and chopping off body parts dropping. Them off of a fairy crossing the Hudson. I bet its no cursing because you aint a thugs son
  3. A blunderbuss is a mid-17th century word for a certain type of gun, but that's not the point. It's also just a really great-sounding insult. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, blunderbuss.

So, c alling someone a shitwaffle, for instance, delivers the all-important message of derision but without being a sexist or bigot. Easy guide to great non gendered insults: put in a swear and then a 2 syllable noun. The result is usually funny. Fuckcycle Wankhammer Douchenozzle Arsebasket — A Girl In Nowhere (@HouseInNowhere) January 21, 201 best insult without swearing Stick for me. Page 1 of 4 so that every time one feels the urge to insult someone you don't need to swear (comes in handy where i live), and you don't get bored of. What is your best insult without using any cuss words? 3.0k comments. share. save. hide. report. 92% Upvoted. This thread is archived. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Sort by. best. level 1 · 2y. I have red hair and got the carrot top insult a lot when I was a kid. When I was 8 a kid on the playground said, At least.

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You can insult someone without swearing? What the fuck? Eh mine would be Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries. Then again pretty much anything Monty Python is just gold. bodyklok New member. Feb 17, 2008 2,936 0 0. Jun 9, 2009 #4 Insulting you would be insulting to insults Mockingjay New member A responsible traveler won't set foot in another country without knowing how to viciously insult the people in their native language. Odds are, you won't even make it out of the airport before a situation arises that requires obscenities. But obscenity is a

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Overall, most people will resort to swearing and insults when they cannot win a debate or argument without them. Furthermore, some people don't know how to express their point of view without aggression due to problems in their childhood history Chinese insults words are different than what an English speaker may expect. What we think as some of the most insulting words in our language barely register to a Chinese speaker. Conversely, we might think some of China's most offensive insults are actually quite funny in English. Even funnier than some of the English swear words we have This article talks about funniest insults ever. 16. I called your boyfriend gay and he hit me with his purse. 17. From the moment I first saw you, I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life. By insulting someone intelligently, I mean totally cutting out the use of swear words but putting your thoughts in the finest and smoothest way possible. However, have it in mind that exchanging blows or fist punches is a crime as opposed to having the same effect on someone without touching them Others cast aspersions on one's mother. One insult even brings mustard into the picture. Whatever the category or occasion, each insult is both clever and cutting. Insults about Intelligence. Shakespeare's characters knew how to call someone a moron or idiot without ever stooping to such simplistic terms

British Insults. Nitwit: silly, or foolish, person—she's such a nitwit . He's a knob: he's a dick/idiot Dick: an idiot Off their rocker: mad—they were off their rocker, they were Mad as a hatter: mad—stemming from back in the day when hatters used a manufacturing process for felt that, indeed, made them mad (mercury poisoning) Gormless: clueless; slow witte Read Best insults without swearing from the story Memes #2 {continuing} by Haruka_Tsukiko1432 ( Moon Mother ) with 5,572 reads. causeiloveyouguys, foryourenter..

You're so fat you got baptized at Sea World. You're so fat you laid down in the ocean and Spain claimed you as the New World. You're so fat you saw 90210 on a scale. You're so fat you use hoola-hoops to keep your socks up. You're so fat, when you wear a yellow rain coat people scream ''taxi'' Politics of swearing and childhood aside, what do most traditionally published and popular middle grade authors do when they need to depict swearing and insults without using the actual swearing and insults? THEMATICALLY RELEVENT INSULTS. Newsprints by Ru Xu is a graphic novel in which birds feature heavily. The insults and swears are therefore.

Just 25 Super Savage Insults That Don't Use Curse Words. 11. The better part of you ran down your mother's leg. 12. Mr. Rogers would be disappointed in the person you've become. 13. Your birth certificate is just an apology from the condom factory. 14 3. I'm gonna use this one. It's my fault, I underestimated your stupidity.. 4. Hahahaha. You are the human equivalent of a participation award.. 5. Genius! You're not the dumbest person alive, but you better pray they don't die. Here you will find a list of insults consisting only of a single word. Sometimes a little more. They are easy to remember, and so it is very easy to insult anyone. Many see these insults more like swear words, so you should be careful who you're trying to insult. These insults have mainly two names, funny insulting names and one word insults

Southern Insults 101: Things Your Mama Taught You. kerri case. - April 30, 2014. Though Scarlett O'Hara is the kind of woman many Southern girls aspire to be, there were times even she struggled with the proper Southern insults. It's a tricky business coming up with just the right cutting line. In a fight with Ashley Wilkes, she bursts out. It seems inevitable that people who learn German want to know the swear words and insults as soon as possible. German insults are extra fun to learn because they often come from compound words. One of the greatest things about German is the rich vocabulary these compound words create. The last time I was in Germany, a friend, a friend from. THE FOLLOWING IS THE BEST LIST OF SWEARS AND INSULTS IN STAR WARS. BASIC PROFANITY: Bantha - A large, slow-moving hairy quadruped; an insult connoting the characteristics of such a creature, as in, You brainless, lice-ridden bantha (Knights of the Old Republic) 25 Funny Spanish Insults and Swear Words by Maria Mar 24, 2018 Spanish Articles , Spanish Vocabulary In several occasions, shit happens and you might want to take revenge on someone who offends you or has a reprehensible behavior against you or anyone you love 11 Curse Words & Insults From The '50s We Need To Bring Back. Charming, fun, and yet just the right amount of salty, curse words from the 1950s have a certain extra somethin' that many modern day.

By Valerie Fraser Luesse. Who among us could begin to name everything the South has produced: blues and jazz, Koolickles, the SEC, the funeral procession pull-over, Elvis, Dolly, gas station fried chicken . . . and passive aggressive insults, otherwise known as backhanded compliments Insults are okay, but sexism and bigotry are not, language campaigners say. Created with Sketch. It would be impossible to imagine going through life without swearing, and without enjoying. The last 15 Clever insults. You're so fake, Barbie is jealous. The reason old man use Viagra is not that they are impotent. It's that old women are so very ugly. Aww, it's so cute when you try to talk about things you don't understand. I can feel my personality turning a dull shade of grey when I talk to you The following French insults are fighting words, and will definitely add fuel to the flames. Rated R, I advise you to proceed with caution! French may be a beautiful language, but French people are not afraid to be unfriendly. Discussions can easily get into an argument, and then you have those that bring swearing into it

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A harsh insult - to call someone unpleasant, scruffy or dirty. Mange is a disease caused by mites which causes severe itching and hair / fur loss. A somewhat friendly insult - to say someone is stubborn or foolish. A somewhat harsh insult - to say someone is empty headed for not understanding something Coprolalia (/ ˌ k ɒ p r ə ˈ l eɪ l i ə /) is involuntary swearing or the involuntary utterance of obscene words or socially inappropriate and derogatory remarks.Coprolalia comes from the Greek κόπρος (kópros), meaning dung, feces, and λαλιά (laliā́) speech, from λαλεῖν (laleîn) to talk.. Coprolalia is an occasional characteristic of tic disorders, in.

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Swear Words Central: Your Hub For Insults, Obscenities And Taboos In Other Languages Perhaps you cuss like a sailor, and you can't express yourself properly in another language without learning how to verbally flip someone off. Maybe you prefer to keep your vulgar education in a vault — you know, for anthropological purposes.. The douchebag phenomenon: An investigative report into modern culture's acceptance of bag-related insults. The spectrum of swearing is an unequivocally wondrous and expansive place in the English language, designed with the flair of spectacular creativity and mercilessness for all to enjoy. Swearing is a linguistically fascinating. Slappers, muppets and ninnies can all be a source of irritation, while 'naff' is a neat way to signal your distaste. Here FEMAIL rounds up 10 of the best British insults and what they mean

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19 Hilarious Ways To Insult Your Enemies Without Swearing. By. Summer Smith - June 4, 2016. Are you feeling angry but bored of your run-of-the-mill insults? Next time, shock your enemy with some originally! A reader recently sent us this hilarious list of curses that's perfect for when you're feeling a bit passive aggressive You gotta be smart and pretty clever to make a person feel like an idiot without using all kinds of curse words.. Sure, anyone can say f*ck, sh*t, and *sshole until the cows come home, but sometimes it just feels a little stale. AskReddit users shared their favorite insults that don't involve swearing.. Feel free to use some of these next time you need to put someone in their place The Foul-o-Matic ™ randomly produces foul language (insults, swear & curse words). Instant Tourettes, if you will. Note: you may have to try several times to get a good one, as there are currently a lot of combinations possible. Concept & design ©2008-2016 hnldesign. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No.

Shake up conversations, expand your vocabulary and elevate your language with these 50 swear-word alternatives sure to leave you and your listeners with the giggles rather than in shock Tired and bored of the same old swear words? Well, struggle no more because sweary™ is here! It's free to use, simple and devastatingly funny. Simply click 'generate' below, and watch in awe as your new insult gets crapped out - now with even more insulting insults added! Simply use the generated insult on your aggressor, friend, family.

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Swear Like a Viking - A (Very) Short History of Early Medieval Swearing. We all swear sometimes, it can't be helped. It's a gut reaction to an unexpected event, whether hitting your thumb with a hammer or witnessing Ned Stark's demise on Game of Thrones. Research suggests that swearing helps with pain and is actually a sign of intelligence Longer Offensive Irish Phrases and Insults . There's a load of longer Irish phrases and insults that you can use to describe a variety of people and use in a number of situations. Some of the below are playful enough, while others are reasonably offensive. I'll add a little note to the more offensive ones so you know before you use them. 19 This seems wrong to me for several reasons. First, people are being denied a full and accurate report of what the entire case hinged on: the swearing was central, not peripheral. Second, the.

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A new supercut of film clips has spliced together some of the most memorable instances in movies where characters swear without technically swearing. They watch their language and come up with. Or as the Americans say, *shudders*, twot. It's a decent swear word, especially if you really want to undermine someone without going the full monty and calling them the c-word. Twat is a lighter, more family friendly version of many insults that you can get away with if you don't particularly fancy being murdered. 12. Punan Most of the Quebec people questioned have no idea of the origin of this strange habit, but they point out that their swear words do not sound very vulgar, nor very powerful, while adding that in France people use the very childish terms of popo-caca, crotte, merde and other poo-related expressions to image their thoughts and words.Touché Learn How To Swear In Croatian Pička Ti Materina. Use this Croatian swear word that translates to your mother's vagina instead of one of that lame-ass 'Yo Mama so fat' jokes.Nothing beats using a phrase about your best friend's mother's lady parts to get his attention No, our storehouse of insults could surely use replenishing, and for this re-stocking operation there's no better place to go than the slang of the 19 th century - a time of truly colorful and entertaining verbiage. These old-fashioned put-downs have a flair that modern insults lack — they're clever, nuanced, descriptive, and quite.

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Brutal Insults From the 1800s That Demand a Comeback. If you call someone a butt sniffer, they know they've been burnt ( Phillips sure did !). But burns like flapdoodle and mumbling cove, on. Italy and swearing just belong together. When it comes to curse words (parolacce) and insults, no one does it quite like the Italians. One of the most fascinating things about swearing in Italian is that the vocabulary is so vast, rich and colorful. Here is a guide to the insults and bad words you will need when arguing like an Italian. Even if.

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In general, geeks prefer to use brains rather than brawn, to get themselves out of a situation. So, their insults are often witty, literary and highly intelligent. But not always. Here are a few. Best Insults Without Swearing. Posted on August 3, 2016 August 20, 2016 by TFE Times. Posted in Culture, Infographics Tagged how to, insult, insults : SOURCE. Related. Post navigatio How to insult a Pole without swearing? 9 Sep It can be done in many ways, however, one of the common (unintended) insults is to think that Poles speak Russian! Polish and Russian might sound similar to some English speakers, but make no mistake. They are very different Funny Insults. Light-hearted funny insults written to be purposely less disrespectful while still good to roast your friends with. Use these savage insults in a friendly manor to diss your friends without being too serious! If laughter is the best medicine, your face must be curing the world. You're so ugly, you scared the crap out of the toilet the other day I was discussing how douchenozzle and douchebag are insults, but no one ever mentions the tube that connects the nozzle to the bag. so I would like to institute DOUCHETUBE Report as inappropriate. 3/25/2008. Adam C. Roslindale, MA; 131 friends 131 reviews others shitshake

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9. #1 Lottery-Smoker, Dec 31, 2013. I want to start a no swearing rap freestyle thread. Heres my rap: My rap is so ridiculous. Im quick wit the sickness. people tend to like it. wanna be my sidekick. I say thats ok Elizabethan Insults Elizabethans sure knew how to bandy around the insults. A lot of insults are based on social status but your moral character could also be called into question (and given that a lot of your business or indeed your dignity would have relied on your ability to make an oath before God and have it believed) this was a pretty. Report this Ad. 1. Me cago en tu puta madre. This one takes the cake for one of the most hilarious and frightfully offensive swear words I have heard in Spain. Literally, I shit on your bitch of a mother, one should use this phrase selectively and with caution. Remember, madres are sacred in Spain 1 n jerk. Or substitute any other inoffensive insult (git works just as well) 2 v sodomise 3 -off a friendlier alternative to fuck off. 4 interj rats.. Stand-alone expletive usable in a similar way as bollocks: Oh, bugger! Details