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An added bonus is that no garden space is sacrificed, but in most instances you will require planning permission from your local planning department, with the application fee costing £172. A 17m² extension above a typical attached single garage would cost £900 to £1,500 per m². Building regulations would apply, of course. 3 Extension over the full area above our double garage, to house a new master bedroom and en-suite, plus replace 2 single garage doors with one double door and reinforce the lintel above. £24k. This discussion has been closed

1. Think from the Outside in. After the house was expanded to include a garage addition. Nat Rea. Over the garage additions have a huge impact on curb appeal since they often face the street and tend to be large; a typical two-car garage is 24 by 24 or bigger. You don't want it to look like a bulky, tacked-on box, says Brewster On average, you should expect this kind of build to be somewhere in the region of £20,000, which includes the price of the extension over the single garage, along with any new roofing that is required. Here is a price breakdown of what may come in your quote: How much does a bedroom extension over a double garage cost

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Extension costs vary, though it's rare that you'll find the price falls below £30,000. Because an extension requires a lot of work to be completed - often by a number of different contractors or tradespeople - the cost of labour can sometimes exceed that of the costs of building materials If your existing garage is found to be of a construction type that enables an extension to be built over it, this could be a cost-effective way of adding space and value to your property. As with any build, the cost of a first-floor extension over the garage will vary, depending on what your plans are for the new development FAQ's An over the garage extension will normally cost between £18,000 to £30,000 to build, depending on whether it's of a single or double size. You may have to build a new garage, perhaps because you need firmer foundations to accommodate your extension plans - if so then there are a number of extra costs involved Depending on the purpose of your garage this may mean the cheaper cost is not worth the increase in problems. A concrete foundation will need to be laid as well to ensure a flat surface for the garage. The cost of a wooden garage extension is £2,000 - £6,000. Find a garage extension expert near yo Building over your garage can be a very cost-effective way to add space and value to your property. A by-product is that the extension should actually improve the look of the house and balance the elevation. However, there are several considerations you need to make before taking steps towards making your extension a reality

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  1. If you want to perform a cheaper addition that won't strain your budget while still giving you extra square feet consider one of the following: Attic conversion - $25,000 to $60,000. Over-garage addition - $50,000 to $86,000. Basement conversion (just to finish) - $6,500 to $18,500. Bump out - $10,000 to $30,000
  2. Additional extension costs to factor in. Architects' fees for are usually between three and seven per cent of the total construction cost. Expect to pay around £2,700 each for planning drawings and construction drawings. Find architectural technologists on CIAT, and architects via Architects Register or RIBA.. Structural engineers' fees are £500 to £1,000 (if roof joists and foundations.
  3. Brick Garage Costs A brick garage is a longer-lasting, higher-quality garage. The typical starting costs of a UK sized garage extension, built from brick, with a flat roof will start at around £4,500. This is by far the most common form of garage extension chosen
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  1. We decided to extend above our garage, so what better opportunity for a time lapse!Thanks to A&R Construction for their work and letting me create this film...
  2. How much does the extension over a garage cost? Finally, in the end of the workshop, Jonathan and Janine got the hand-drawn sketches in 1:50 scale. After the workshop, the next step was to get the ballpark price from the builders. Alternatively, a quantity surveyor could prepare a cost plan
  3. We recently did an above garage extension which included 2 bedrooms, one with en-suite. Quote was £50, ended up spending £60 including everything (decorating, carpets, wardrobes, en-suite etc). I would imagine yours would be at least another 20k to do 2 storeys

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  1. The cost of a garage extension depends on the scope of the project and the materials used. Full brick constructions are usually more expensive than those that use brick veneer. If you choose to build on top of your garage, things like soundproofing may also drive up the overall cost of the project
  2. imal because you're working with an existing structure
  3. A garage conversion will also give you more space per square metre than an attic conversion and can be done for about €15,000. If you're raising the ceiling, factor in another €10,000, Power.
  4. The cost of a glass extension per square metre come in at around £1,350 to £1,950 per square metre for a budget finish; mid-range will be around £1,800 to £2,300, and a luxury spec will be in excess of £3,000 per square metre. For a typical extension, budget for around 10 to 12 weeks of labour
  5. Extension Cost Question - Building Over a Garage . Reply 157 months. Thursday 19th May 2011. Just trying to get a 'back-of-a-fag-packet' cost for building over a single garage (attached to the.

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Build this Spacious Master Suite Addition 20' x 27' A wise man by the name of Steve found our website by doing a search for Home Addition Plans on the internet.Steve and his great wife Cindy were looking to build a large master suite on top of their garage.. If you look at the before photo, Steve and Cindy own a wonderful colonial and adding a room addition on-top of their garage was a great. The challenges of adding a second story addition above a garage can be substantial, but if you have the right house, in the right neighborhood, and need more space; this is one way to gain the space. What does it cost to add a room above the garage? As with all remodeling projects, when it comes to cost, the key phrase is It Depends According to HomeAdvisor, garage extension costs as much as building a new attached garage. It can cost between $40 and $70 per square feet. And to expand your garage from a single car garage into a 2-car garage can cost $12,000 to $21000. The Different Ways to Extend the Garage. As I mentioned earlier, there are different ways to extend the. The reason this type of home addition is less expensive is because you don't have to build a foundation since the new addition will be sitting on top of the garage as a second story addition to the existing home. Before Picture - located in Middletown, Connecticut. Take a close look at this photo above and then the one below

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  1. The cost per square foot is lower, and the timeline is faster. Best of all, modular additions can be made in nearly any style, size, or configuration. So you can easily get one that seamlessly matches up with the rest of your home. Garage Addition Cost . The cost of a garage addition ranges from $22,000 to $43,000 on average
  2. Extension over garage. Discussion in 'Building' started by Helsbells84, 12 Mar 2018. Helsbells84. Joined: 12 Mar 2018 Then get an idea of the cost. If its within a closeish factor of your budget, start looking more seriously at the project. Notch7, 12 Mar 2018 #3. Helsbells84. Joined: 12 Mar 201
  3. Mrs We could extend above the garage and you could have one of the new bedrooms as a study Me We won't get the cost's back when we sell. I then get the laptop to prove its a nonsense.
  4. Nov 20, 2016 - Explore Kami York's board Granny flat above added garage on Pinterest. See more ideas about garage apartments, house plans, garage apartment plans
  5. Over-garage extension (master bedroom/ensuite) making narrow room work. I am building over our single garage to add an extra bed an bathroom and hoped to use it as an excuse to create a nice new master. However I can't alter the fact that the room will only be 2.5 m wide and the planners insist on us having a 80cm recess for doorway into the.

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Robin9 Forumite. 8.4K Posts. . 11 August 2019 at 8:15AM. An integral garage is an attached garage that is built within the walls of the main property and is an element of the building's structure. These garages can allow admission to the house through an integral door. I have similar built as such Position the top edge of the ledger 1-1/2 in. below the garage floor in the center of the opening and level it, using temporary stakes for support. Attach it with 1/2-in. concrete sleeve anchors located 12 in. apart. Add two extra anchors at each end. Next locate and mark the center of the footings (Figure A) Cost to Finish an Attic Above a Garage. Finishing an attic above a garage ranges from $4,600 to $24,000, depending largely on the condition of the building.If you want heat, installing an electric baseboard heater costs $400 to $1,200.If you're creating living space, you might need to pay the price to install a furnace, which is $2,600 to $6,200.. With a heated and cooled room above the garage, installing a more efficient garage door can minimize the increase in utility bills to condition the new room. Plan the roof so its line is at the. The garage will have a further floor above. The garage wall is a single leaf of outer brickwork with piers on the inside. The extension will continue from the garage and will be a cavity wall. What is the best option on the inside of the garage? i) Build a cavity and tie. ii)Stud out with timber frame

Here you can see the extent of the additions to this home. The roof windows can be seen above the ground floor additional sitting area, with the gable above the first floor extension. The front of the garage remained un-touched. minimising the impact on the front elevation. Side Elevation 1. The ground floor extension can be seen on the right. The Cost of Adding a Garage. Adding a garage not only allows you to add a space dedicated to your workshop or cars, but also more living space above it. The cost of a turnkey garage addition is anywhere between $200 and $240 per square foot. The Dube family added a garage with extra living space above it; check out their project below Hi, we are thinking of building over our attached garage to add a 4th bedroom and ensuite. The garage is flush with the front of the house but set back a couple of metres at the rear, I would want to have the garage lengthened at the back to match the house to cary the roof line over. My house is a 15 year old timber frame built by Wimpey Homes Building extension over a garage Construction diary Before and after photos: This fabulous extension over a garage created a master bedroom suite. The project involved removing old garage roof, constructing a second floor above and converting an existing adjacent small bedroom into an en-suite shower room This is a time lapse video of a garage extension project.Approx cost $13K. This is a time lapse video of a garage extension project.Approx cost $13K

Grand total. £1,580. £63,205. The Build It Estimating Service gives a total cost of £63,205 for our 40m2 double-storey extension. We'll be on site for 13 weeks and it will be more difficult to live in the house during the works, so we may need to pay for rental accommodation Finish Interior. For most, the space above a garage is usually an unfinished attic. Turning it into a living space is just a matter of finishing it off. Add some insulation to the walls, along with a vapor barrier. Screw drywall sheets to the walls and fill in seams with mud and tape. Sand the drywall and apply paint Therefore, a complete knock down & rebuild of the existing garage structure is usually required for over 50% of the these types of over garage house extension schemes. It can often cost more money to underpin & structurally enhance the existing garage structure to be able to support the new first floor over than it is to remove it all and start.

An upper garage extension with an area of 17 square meters can run from £900 to £1,500 per square meter, having an outlay of £15,300 to £25,500. But you may have to spend around £165 for a planning permission, which you can acquire from the local planning department Garage Door Spring Cost. Repairing a broken garage door spring costs $40 to $80 for winding, balancing, and lubricating the springs. Garage door spring replacement costs $120 to $350 on average. Garage door springs alone cost $30 to $100 for a torsion spring and $20 to $50 for an extension spring

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Extending a Garage Cost. The usual rule-of-thumb cost to bear in mind here is £1,000 for each square metre you are adding on. However this does not include VAT. Furthermore this is only a ballpark figure. A lot will depend on what foundations are required, how big the extension will be and what standard it will be finished to This includes insulation, electricity, plumbing and all necessary finishing. As for a bare-bones garage (a simple garage structure that doesn't include any of the amenities mentioned above), the cost will be anywhere between $200 and $240 per square foot. When it comes to a turnkey double car garage, that's likely to cost about $50,000 garage in the first instance, no wet trades to finish off inside and meets the current U-values whereas another layer of masonry and plaster won't! Just make sure the roof joists of the garage are beefy enough to use as first floor joists for the extension. You could either replace or double up with extra timbers This extension calculator is designed to assist London home owners considering extensions and renovations. It is always best that you discuss your options with a professional builder like Cameron Construction who specialise in extensions and renovations and will minimise the risk of costly mistakes. We also recommend that you contact our website sponsors for further information

The garage area measures 960 sq. ft. while the covered porch measures 80 sq. ft. Two of the garage doors are 16' wide and 8' high while the 3 rd one is 10' wide and 7' high. The garage has roof trusses and costs roughly $500 to plan. As for its actual construction, expect to pay at least $55,000. 3-Car garage with 2 door However, the average cost of an extension over your existing garage can cost around £1,800 per m². This doesn't include any bespoke designs, strengthening of existing foundations or take into account if you wish to add something as costly as a bathroom So, £30,000 +50% = £45,000 for the basic build cost. Add on 10-15% for professional fees (architect, planning application, building regs, structural engineer) (£6,750 at 15%) VAT (£9,000) Double storey house extension cost = £60,750. The above figures would apply to a typical, uncomplicated extension in most parts of the UK

The final cost can be $200-300 dollars for the work, plus the cost of the springs. In the end, you might be looking at somewhere around $250 to $450 to replace overhead garage door springs. It's best to call a professional because they will often offer a warranty on their work. A professional also knows how to set the tension correctly, which. Converting existing loft, garage or cellar space is usually more cost effective than a new above ground extension. The calculator reduces the average cost per square metre (£/m²) by 10% to reflect the economies of using the existing structure It'll cost significantly more to convert a detached building, partly because it's trickier to bring in services - expect to pay from around £15,000 (£1,000 per m2) to renovate a standalone single garage. Even this should prove cheaper than most single-storey extensions, which will typically start from around £1,200 per m2

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The cost of these fit-out items will depend on the quality of finish you look to achieve. Typically they will take up around 5% of your overall budget. The above estimates assume the existing property, soil, drainage and foundations are in a good/adequate condition. Encountering any issues in these areas will further affect your costs Should you be planning to add the bedroom extension above at a later date, make sure that any garage conversion works include the preparations necessary for a future first-floor addition - this.

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  1. e your total house extension cost. Size of are
  2. The cost to build a garage entirely depends on the material you use to build the structure. A detached or freestanding garage made of brick veneer can cost between $1200 and $1600 per square metre. A detached garage made of full brick is more expensive, costing between $1300 and $1680 per square metre
  3. Single-storey extensions. Single-story extensions can cost anywhere between $1,350 per m 2 and $2,100 per m 2. As well as the floor area, the cost depends on the design and materials. According to Domain, the cost of adding an 80m 2 ground-floor extension ranges from $164,526 to $310,896
  4. Single garage (15m2): £6,000 - £15,000Double garage (30m2): £12,000 - £30,000. However, like most home projects, each garage conversion is unique with costs dependent on your existing layout and project ideas. So here are just a few things you'll need to consider beforehand
  5. According to quotes submitted during 2017-2018 on ServiceSeeking.com.au, the average cost of a house extension job was approximately $44,000. Building rates for extensions range from $2,000 - $3,000 per square metre for straightforward renovations on a level single floor, while more complex extensions and those involving multiple stories range from upwards of $4,000 per square metre as they.

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The overall height of the extension, including the roof, must not be more than 7m high. If you're planning on building a large extension then it will, more than likely, need planning permission and you will need to submit an application. It's wise to engage with your local authority early on and research local planning policies to know what. Typical costs can start at around £25,000* Over-structure extension (typically over-garage) An over-structure extension is, as it sounds, where you are extending over the top of an existing structure such as a garage, a kitchen, a living or dining room. Unfortunately this is not as simple as many people think The cost of a typical high spec glass extension is around £2,500 per m². Basement extensions cost on average between £3,500 - £5,000 per m². Extension Cost Calculator. Fill in the boxes below and in just a few clicks get an instant Extension Cost Estimate for your project in £, and £ per m 2. Refine Your Cost Estimate Painting, storage shelves, alter driveway etc - £1000. Total estimated cost: £21,700, inclusive of VAT (additional 20%), we arrive at a grand total of just under £26,000 for a double garage. The cost of building a single garage, however, is much less, approximately half, at around £13,000 including VAT Kitchen Extension. Kitchen extensions can be built using any of the above types of extensions such as a side return extension and wrap around extension. Kitchen extensions are the most common type of function that an extension is built for, but that does not mean you shouldn't build an extension for any other reason

Labour Costs and Time Frames. The average builder will usually charge around £1,200-£1,800 per m 2 for a double-storey extension, usually anywhere from £150-£250 per day per labourer depending on their skill level. Keep in mind that a home extension will require more than just a builder; you'll also require an electrician, potentially a plumber and landscapers as well to complete the job. I m looking to add a 700 sqr/ft garage to side of current garage making 3 car garage and build on top 2 story addition same as original house. Each room above the garage 1st floor and 2nd floor will be one room. So existing room on 1st floor will be made into one large room with extension. same goes for second floor Had a quote for an extension to my existing garage to form my HC thus; it will be 7m long, 4.4m wide with floor to wall plate height of 2.15m only 3 walls to be built as it will come of the existing garage end. 6 conc blocks, 30sqm for the sides, 10 for the end. @ wickes prices £1.20 per.. Naturally, the cost of custom construction jobs will not be easy to estimate until after the main details of the desired garage are clear to the estimator. When you contact a garage construction supervisor through this site, it is best to let us know your top priorities, such as curb appeal, keeping the budget modest, urgency of fast.

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New Garage Costs. According to HomeAdvisor.com, a new garage costs between $9,000 and $45,000, with an average cost of roughly $20,000 to $30,000. Per square foot (psf), expect garage prices to begin at $30 to $50 psf for basic materials. Using higher end materials could increase costs by 15 to 25 percent ($35 to $65 psf) Hi Alex, Sounds like you have given your project a good amount of thought. Additions like your are approx. $220 per foot for the above ground addition only. Figure on approx $50,000. Add about $30,000 for the basement. Add about $5,000 for the deck. Now, the usual add ons or Mission Creep It breaks up the large open wall that the space above your garage door sometimes creates. Another use for garage pergola kits is a structure to house your vehicles. Pergolas Used as Carport or Garage. When used to protect the family wagon or other wheeled toys, a pergola is a cost-effective way to build a carport or garage-type structure

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The nice thing about building over a garage is that when you have to add new support posts and beams and new concrete footings you aren't destroying a finished room below. It's just a garage, so the cost of remodeling the existing space as you add new structural elements, is minimal. Like | 1; Save; rsoriero thanked Lampert Dias Architects, Inc Garages are often single-skin brickwork, and will need to be brought up to spec to comply with building regulations. This will involve insulating the walls and roof, but also the floor, as the bedroom will be located above an unheated room. A simple addition above the garage will likely cost in the region of £1,000 per sqm An apartment over a garage will allow you to welcome your family and friends in a private location without them bothering you, or vice versa. An office to meet your clients If you are self-employed, this is a good way for you to create a work space a little removed from the commotion of the house, especially when your children are young Mar 24, 2017 - Steven and Cindy needed to build their own master suite above their two car garage. We came up with an excellent floor plan to take advantage of their new square footage. Check out the photos here, then the article on SimplyAdditions.com #floorplan #mastersuite #addabedroom. See more ideas about master suite, master suite addition, garage addition

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A cost-efficient starting point would be to measure up the build plot space where you are intending to build your garage, leave a 1m distance around the building and then compare this build space to the modular oak frames offered in the marketplace. These can come pre-designed for planning with structural engineering and professional guidance out of 5. £ 19,728.00 (inc. VAT) 3 Bay Garages. 3 Bay Garage with Med Pitch Raised Eave Gable End Room in Roof. Rated. 0. out of 5. £ 15,465.00 (inc. VAT) SolidLox Timber Frame Garages with a room above can be created to any size or shape you require and provide the perfect place for Arriving at an overall cost starts, quite literally, from the ground up. When you go to a builder for an estimate, many of them will simply look at the number of square metres of floor space to be extended and multiply it by a baseline figure. This is usually just over €1,000 per square metre for a single storey extension 1 Cost of house extension (ground floor only) in greater sydne Cost of house extension (ground floor only) in greater sydne. General Discussion. Hi guys we have a 3 year old double storey house in sydney. We now want to 1. Either convert the alfresco (has main slap and main roof) into a room, or add an alfresco an

Some extensions on the smaller scale, and in which there was a setup primed for new construction, have been reported to have cost less than $10,000. At a minimum, you should expect that adding a bonus room will cost at least $15,000-$20,000, but you should expect to spend more than the minimum, especially depending on the size of your addition Anniston 24 ft. x 30 ft. x 9 ft. Wood Pole Barn Garage Kit without Floor Model# Hansen - 2400 Series Hud-1 EZ Buildings 19.5 ft. x 19.5 ft. x 10 ft. Wood Log Garage Kit without Floo Fees usually range anywhere from 4%—12% of the construction cost. Bear in mind that the professional's fees will depend on the size of the company, expertise, qualifications and level of service they provide. As a rule of thumb, a structural engineer's fee could be about R150 / m². 5 Genie ChainDrive 550 Garage Door Opener - Heavy-Duty Chain Drive System - Includes 2, 3-Button Remotes, Black & Chain Drive Garage Door Opener 8ft Rail Extension Kit 4.6 out of 5 stars 1,591 192.72 $ 192 . 72 214.98 $214.9

A truss roof conversion can be a challenge but designed and installed correctly, quite a simply conversion really. We presented a plan and quotation that would suit the client's needs and budget for this project. Access to the loft conversion would be via an external bespoke metal staircase with no interference with existing garage below Over the years our contractors have offered optional prices for installing the steel below or within the ceiling. Typically, installation within the ceiling space may add around £1500 + VAT. You should then factor any additional cost for making good the first floor room if needles are used. This can add £500 or so So every 4 years I have to paint over my attached garage. It extends about 10ft above the garage and I came up with this: Plywood with vertical and horizontal cleats, indoor carpet on the bottom and ladder stabilizers attached to a 16ft extension ladder. The plywood distributes the weight and the carpet protects and grips onto the garage roof Building a garage costs $50 per square foot on average. The cost varies by location, size, and materials. Homeowners report paying between $16,700 and $38,940. A single-car garage can cost anywhere from $10,500 to $27,000, a double-car garage costs between $14,500 and $40,300, and a triple-car or more will cost $57,000+ Any building above 10 sqm with all four sides enclosed requires consent, and consent costs vary regionally, but take into account a $10,000 consent cost at the high end. There is a vast range of add-ons you can make to a standard new garage and so we've explored what a basic, mid-range and high-end budget can offer

House Extensions Cost - Initial Cost Appraisal. The average cost for a house extension comes to £1,500 - £2,000 per m2 in London and £1,200 - £1,500 per m2 in the south east. To this cost you should add a 10-15% for professional fees + VAT. A two-storey extension, usually costs 45% more Above board. The garage foundations will need to be checked to prove they can take the extra load. They must be at least 450mm wide and 750mm deep. You'll need planning permission because of the. The garage was part converted to provide an additional family room whilst maintaining half of the garage for parking. The property was also extended over the garage to provide an additional master bedroom with large en-suite bathroom. The attic space over the extension was also utilised to form a study room Obviously a double garage is the more popular option if you have the space and budget, but if you own a sedan, hatchback or a medium-sized SUV, a standard single-car garage can be ideal. The typical internal dimensions of a single garage in South Africa works out to about 3.4m (wide) x 5.8m with a 2.6m door width

Latest Activity. 1 - 18 of 10,666 photos. garage extension. Item 1 of 1. Save Photo. 3 car garage. By Lasley Brahaney Architecture + Construction. Our Princeton design build team designed and rebuilt this three car garage to suit the traditional style of the home. A living space was also include above the garage Your extension may have to be larger or smaller to accommodate the pipe. Diversions. It is possible to divert a public sewer. The costs increase with larger pipes. A 100mm or 150mm pipe is generally cost effective. Pipes above 300mm are generally expensive to divert and the water authority may not permit the diversion. The above is only a guide Building an extension on top of a garage is a great space maximization strategy. It can create more room in the upstairs of your home. It can create more room in the upstairs of your home. Here, you may construct a brand new living room, bedroom, or bathroom, depending on your specific needs

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The options I've thought of are: 1. - Run the cable through a steel conduit, mounted on posts set in concrete at about 18 above ground. 2. - Run the cable trhough a concrete cable trough (sealed off at both ends to prevent rodents getting in) at ground level (assuming they can be had in sensibly small sizes). 3 One-piece garage doors, that haven't been on the market since the 1960s, required about 2 ½ in. (65 mm) to open up into the garage. The spring system, of the extension type, was placed on each side of the door so little clearance was needed to open i House Extension Cost Calculator. Are you looking for more space or thinking of buying a house and extending it yourself? Well before you go dreaming of sky lights and kitchen islands, take a look at our House Extension Cost Calculator below to determine how much you may expect to pay for the labour costs in England and Wales

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99. Get it as soon as Thu, Jul 1. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Garage Door Cable Replacement Kit - Two 3/32 inch x 14 foot Long and Two 1/8 inch x 13 foot long Galvanized Aircraft Cables. Complete with 4 Cables and 10 Fasteners to Fix Your Overhead Sectional Door. 4.7 out of 5 stars The side extension remained as a garage with the roof extending forward and wrapping around the front of the house to give an attractive porch/canopy over the garage and front door. The remaining space between the garage & lounge was well utilised as a shower/wet room. Overall, the ground floor was more than doubled in size The cost of an up and over canopy garage door is also cheap with costs ranging from £700 to £900, while a retractable version costs up to £1200. A canopy garage door offers more versatile designs and also provides much more space, however, there is a limited width space, so you may need to make your garage longer rather than wider Garage Construction Cost Breakdown. Below is a cost breakdown for a typical double garage construction. Not every item will apply to your project, but you can use this as a guide to garage prices: Clear area, dig and fill edge foundations with concrete and level- £2600; Dispose of soil/waste excavated from foundation trench - £20

Garage Door Screens ( 224 ) Garage Door Springs & Spring Parts ( 190 ) Garage Door Track & Track Parts ( 12 ) Garage Door Weather Stripping ( 88 ) Type. When making a selection below to narrow your results down, each selection made will reload the page to display the desired results Small extensions. About 15m2, between £16,000 and £21,000 in total. Medium extensions. About 24m2, between £26,000 and £34,000 in total. Large extensions. About 48m2, between £52,000 and £67,000 in total. However, If you want a basic quality extension, the cost to build calculates to about £800/m2 to £1,000/m2 The extension created additional living space for the family. It involved the demolition of an old garage to erect a two storey extension with a split level ground floor interior. The higher level of the ground floor extension at the rear, opened onto the existing kitchen and living areas; with French doors opening out onto the rear garden