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I also had an elective c section, and my experience was really positive. I actually quite liked having an actual date I could prepare for. I made meals and got lots sorted and made myself some flapjacks the day before so I'd have some healthy snacks in the hospital the next day If you want the backstory as to why I had an elective caesarean then read these posts here - in a nutshell, it was an issue of previous section and potentially very large baby and in the end a section was recommended as the most safe and straightforward option. So here's the birth story

Typically, doctors recommend elective C-sections only in cases when there's a maternal or fetal indication, like if the mom has placenta previa or health conditions such as high blood pressure,.. If your practitioner agrees to perform an elective C-section, it should not be performed until you are past 39 weeks of pregnancy to reduce the risk of preterm delivery of your baby. However, some studies have indicated that 37 or 38 weeks poses little to no harm for the mother or baby

So I scheduled an elective C-section. I was even willing to pay gigantic bills if insurance wouldn't cover C-sections without medical cause (though I maintain that anxiety is a medical cause). I started my C-section fund with a chunk of change earned on a big freelance project. This plan felt right from day one. I enjoyed my pregnancy Anyone had an elective c section? : Has anyone here had an elective c section and willing to share experiences. I had an emergency c section and nub was whisked of to special care nursery. this time round I'm considering an elective c section but interested to know if I'll still have the option for skin to skin immediately, if my husband can cut the cord, how far along you were.

I Had An Elective C-Section And It Was Awesom

In recent years, many women have opted to book in for elective C-sections when making a birth planning for their baby. There are various reasons for choosing a cesarean birth, the most common being that Mom-to-be may be anxious about the lack of control associated with a traditional labor, or the fact that C-sections generally provide Moms-to-be with more control over when their baby is born A scheduled surgery for nonmedical reasons is called an elective cesarean delivery, and your doctor may allow this option. Some women prefer to deliver by surgery because it gives them more control.. Third, you might request a c-section yourself, known as an 'elective caearean' or, more accurately, a 'maternal request caesarean'. If there is a clinical need to perform a c-section, it must be undertaken in an appropriate time-scale. Failure to perform a c-section in these circumstances could constitute medical negligence Elective c-section. Elective c-sections are c-sections that aren't medically necessary, and most healthcare providers advise against them. That's because having an unnecessary c-section is riskier for you than vaginal birth. Also, having an elective c-section increases your chances of needing a c-section with future deliveries Your doctor might recommend a planned, or elective, caesarean because it is the safest way to deliver the baby if: your baby is in an abnormal position, or you are carrying more than one baby (when it's common for one of them to be in an abnormal position

A caesarean section (c-section) is an operation where a doctor makes a cut in your abdomen (above your bikini line) and womb and lifts your baby out through it. If you know you will need a c-section before you go into labour, this is called a planned (elective) c-section Had another hospital not accepted me to correct the issue (the offending OB didn't think it was a big deal) I most likely would have died. I do not want to be in the same situation that my own mother was put in, particularly when I'm dealing with twins, and want to have an elective c-section regardless of what Baby A is doing

I've had two c-sections. My first was a semi-emergency and my second was a semi-emergency/elective c-section. In case you're wondering how it came to being both, my birth story will tell you why? After I had my first baby, I had the option of choosing between VBAC or an elective c-section There's no doubt in my mind that the current interest in elective cesarean births has been ignited by the fact that in our in pop culture many celebrity deliveries have been elected cesareans,.. C section was booked for the Monday and I went into labour on the Saturday morning. Called the labour ward, went in as advised and was prepped for my emergency elective. Consultant had asked when booking my date if I went into labour beforehand if i would attempt a natural delivery and he was told in no uncertain terms that I wouldn't Before deciding whether to request a c-section, you'll want to carefully weigh the pros and cons. (Keep in mind that even if you plan to deliver vaginally, you could end up with a c-section or an assisted vaginal delivery using forceps or a vacuum device if a medical need arises. Under these circumstances, a c-section is considered safe and can.

I Had An Elective C-Section, & I Have No Regret

I also had an elective c-section, and it was a calm, beautiful experience. Recovery was easy. I was able to take care of my daughter perfectly well, and my husband and I never had any outside help. I am not saying that a c-section is for everyone. But, for some people it is the right decision Photo: Jess opted for an elective c-section for her second child, Claire. Photo: Deborah de Wilde With grim-faced strangers all around me, I was rolled into the operating theatre and hoisted onto. A woman may want a planned cesarean section to give birth for many reasons. For some, it's the best choice. But C-sections have risks of their own. As long as there's no emergency, don't let.

Hiya Abbie, I had a elective section with my 1st and I'm in Scotland (Glasgow) they took there time to decide and I was told I would go full term etc, after I did they wanted me to have a natural birth, but I also had SPD and in with my other problems this was the only thing that swayed them to a yes for a section, I had crutches and my hip. The Safest Time. C-sections scheduled prior to 39 weeks have an increased risk of complications. In some cases, the benefits of scheduling your c-section early outweigh any potential risks. 1 An example would be with triplets or higher-order multiples, placenta previa, or fetal distress A C-section, or cesarean section, is the surgical delivery of a baby through incisions in the abdomen and uterus. A C-section is typically only recommended in medically necessary cases, such as in some high-risk pregnancies or when the baby is in the breech position and can't be flipped before labor begins My birth story! So many of you have asked about my elective c section story over on my instagram and sent me a ton of questions! so I wanted to give you all.

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A caesarean may be recommended as a planned (elective) procedure or done in an emergency if it's thought a vaginal birth is too risky. Planned caesareans are usually done from the 39th week of pregnancy. A caesarean may be carried out because Faced with the choice of a C-section or to let hyperemesis continue to hold my family hostage, I chose an elective C-section. And I wouldn't change a thing Elective C-Section. allen482. So, I talked to my OB and my fiancé and we have made the decisions for an elective CS. I've got a history of sexual abuse, but also a fracture in my back that could run the risk of getting worse with a natural birth. I've never had a c-section and don't want one but 100% understand why you elected for one. What I liked I had an elective c-section at EGA - the doctors, anaesthesists, surgeons, midwives were superb and talked me through every stage of the op, it was a wonderful experience, even though you do not know what time your op will be scheduled at, the doctors and anaesthesists visited me in the morning to say hello, run through any questions, post op to see if any reactions to anaestheti

some ins will cover an elective c-sec and some wont. sometimes a dr can find a reason for an elective c-sec. i had c-sec w/ds and was scared to death of the recovery and all that could go wrong. i was only in bed for 1 day and up and about the rest of the time there was pain but i only had to take the prescribed meds a couple of times. this. I had an elective c-section. I knew early on that was the route I wanted to take, and no one would sway me from that path. I brought it up to my doctor during a third trimester appointment, and she was supportive and understanding of my decision. Just be assertive, let your doctor know that you have chosen your delivery method, and you. I had an elective C-section. Best decision I made, and I mostly made it for mental health reasons. I was told I'd need to be induced or have a C-section as baby was measuring large. Due to a traumatic miscarriage a few years prior, I opted for the C-section. I also did some research and found there was a decent chance I'd end up having an. 'I regret it': Elective C-section leaves Lisa Ling shaken up Even with the joy of a new baby, some birth stories can leave women with regrets. Lisa Ling wants others to learn from her experience I am hoping to have an elective c section. I had emergency one with my son after a traumatic Labour so I really don't want to go through it again, plus labour complications left me in hospital for 8 days after and I don't want to be away from my family

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This weekend, we have had 2 contacts with clients who have had c-sections done prematurely, because the doctors and staff at their veterinary clinics would be unavailable. This leads to unfortunate outcomes for the puppies and their owners. It's not good for the veterinarians and their staffs either. Dogs are only pregnant for 63 days. Puppies are not like human babies. There is only a 4 day. Continued. Moreover, the first study to examine risks to babies born via elective cesarean, published in this month's edition of Birth, reported that in 6 million births, the risk of death to. I had an elective c-section the second time and didn't have antibiotics as the waters wouldn't have broken so the baby was still protected!! I had only briefly come across it in the pregnancy magazines and was shocked when I found out how serious it could be. 0 like. Reply. Bad signature

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In the last few years, doctors have noticed an increase of pregnant women requesting an elective C-section.. The controversy around a C-section by choice doesn't seem to get a rest: most health organisations remark the advantages and the security of vaginal birth over C-sections, and state that those should be performed only when necessary for the security of both mother and baby I Had A C-Section And I Loved It : The Baby Project Barrie Hardymon, an editor for Talk of the Nation, says despite her peers' disapproval, she was dying to get her child into the world with a. Planned c-section: If you know you will need a c-section before you go into labour, this is called a planned (elective) c-section. In Singapore the names 'planned' and 'elective' c-sections are used interchangeably however in some countries a c-section that is requested for non-medical reasons is called an 'elective' c-section vs. a. My SIL has a fourth degree tear with her first and went on to have an elective c section with her second. I had an emergency c section with my first and went on to have a VBAC with my second - it ended up being a forceps birth and I got a third degree tear. I found the recovery from the tear much easier than the recovery from the c section.

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  1. you have had other babies via caesarean section Some women opt to have a caesarean for non-medical reasons - for example, so they can avoid a vaginal birth or because it is more convenient. Remember that a caesarean is major surgery which carries risks, including heavy bleeding and problems with the placenta
  2. Elective Cesarean Sections. A Cesarean section (C-section) is a surgery performed to deliver a baby via an incision made in the abdomen. This mode of delivery may be performed as an emergency.
  3. I had an elective C-section all three times because I'm terrified of natural birth, so I just decided to have a major surgery instead, Geary said frankly at the beginning of her Q&A.
  4. you've ever had a vaginal birth, especially if you've had a vaginal birth after a c-section labour starts naturally; you were at a healthy weight when you got pregnant. What are the advantages of having a vaginal birth after a c-section? A successful vaginal birth after a c-section has fewer complications than an elective c-section(ECRS.

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  1. C-section recoveries are much more difficult than vaginal recoveries as well, anyone who has had a C-section can tell you that. It makes it much more difficult to get around, you have to deal with incision pain, the healing process is longer, and you definitely need a lot more help from family and friends
  2. An elective c-section is a woman's right, her decision to take the pain she can avoid. Yes, i decided to have an elective c-section when everything was normal for me and my baby. People say labour pain makes you a mother. They had no option but to deliver the baby normally. An elective c-section is a woman's right, her decision to take the pain.
  3. There are many reasons why you might need or prefer a planned or elective C-section over a VBAC. These include circumstances if you: had more than two low transverse cesarean deliveries, have additional uterine scars, experienced previous ruptures, or; the baby is abnormally positioned (not headfirst in the birth canal)
  4. ed until after 2 hours and 40
  5. My OB/GYN recommends an elective c-section with my second delivery to prevent another tear, and incontinence issues as a result. She said some patients had to have reconstructive surgery afterwards. At first I didn't think twice about it and thought it was the best decision also

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Instead, the root of my distress was that, while in labour, I had been rushed into theatre for an emergency C-section after my induction process took several turns for the worse, putting an end to. Some women request to have a C-section even though they have never had one before and there is no medical need for it. This is called an elective primary C-section. Because of the risks of C-section, experts recommend that C-sections generally be done only for medical reasons Women may take longer to recover from a cesarean delivery, or C-section, compared with a vaginal birth. In this article, we look at what to expect in the days, weeks, and months after cesarean. A C-section is a major surgery with increased blood loss and risk of surgical complications. Plus, moms end up having multiple C-sections, and can have a lot of problems in subsequent pregnancies Also called a C-section, a cesarean section is a surgical procedure where incisions are made through the mother's abdomen and uterus to remove the baby. Cesarean sections are normally performed when the safety of the mother or baby is at risk. While C-sections are common procedures, occasionally problems do occur

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  1. There are two reasons for a C-section; those that happen in an emergency situation, when the mother or baby is in jeopardy, and elective C-sections, which can be scheduled and planned for ahead of.
  2. Should I Plan An Elective C-section To Avoid PFD? C-section surgery is safer today than it was decades ago, but it's important to know c-sections come with their own risks - both short and long term - for women, their babies, and any future babies. Today many hospitals are endeavouring to reduce their c-section rates
  3. A canine cesarean section is a surgical operation performed to give birth to a litter of puppies without the need for a natural delivery.C-sections in dogs are often used in emergency situations, but can also be prescribed preventively in specific dog breeds, or in common complicated birth scenarios.. A hysterotomy (c-section) is generally a safe surgical operation when scheduled ahead of time
  4. An elective caesarean section is usually planned after 39 weeks of pregnancy. This is because there's a chance your baby might have breathing problems soon after birth if they're born any earlier. This is less likely if they're born after 39 weeks. (NICE, 2011)
  5. What Is an Elective or Planned C-Section? A C-section is where the baby is delivered through surgical means. An incision is made on the stomach and uterus and the baby is then removed. An elective or scheduled C-section is where the mother chooses to have her baby delivered for multiple reasons that could be medical or otherwise

I had a maternal request elective C-section for tokophobia. Overall, I am glad I had a C-section rather than a prolonged birth in a strange place where I couldn't be myself because there were too many strangers, and where my husband would get sent home outside visiting hours. But I still really wish I could have had that water birth I had an elective C-section and it was so much easier to recover from, and so much less traumatic than my first birth which was natural. I bought into this ideology so many women have that natural birth is special. Oh, it's *special* alright! The risks of natural delivery are never spoken of, but there are many

Elective c-section. Thread starter clss1380; Start date Oct 12, 2010; C. clss1380 Contributor. Messages 11 Best answers 0. Oct 12, 2010 #1 Hey all! I have a patient who had a c-section due to previous spinal surgery. what diagnosis would you use to cover the c-section? She could not get an epidural and didn't want to go through labor without it It found that 147,726 deliveries were by C-section, or 23.8%, and that there was no evidence that low-risk women were being given C-sections inappropriately. Having had two elective C.

Reasons for a C-Section: Medical and Electiv

I had an emergency C-Section because of a rapidly escalating health problem (HELLP), but actually the C-Section itself went very smoothly and I had no complications afterwards due to the surgery. I mean I had some recovery time, the scar, etc, but everyone has recovery time from giving birth Woman A: Long and easily avoidable if I had listened to my doctor and just had the C-section right away. I got to the hospital at around 9 a.m. and was given an enema. I got to the hospital at. This is the first of a three part series on C-section delivery in the bitch. My intention is to discuss here the options of Elective (Planned) C-Sections. Next month I will cover Emergency C-sections, deciding to proceed to surgery, risks, consequences, and alternatives. And finally, I will discuss the C-section itself, anesthesia, an While a successful VBAC is associated with fewer complications than an elective repeat C-section, a failed trial of labor after a C-section is associated with more complications, including a uterine rupture. Uterine rupture is rare, happening in less than 1% of women who attempt a trial of labor after cesarean. However, uterine rupture is life-threatening for you and your baby Cesarean section, or C-section, is delivery of your baby through a surgical cut in the abdomen. Read up on emergency or elective types of cesarean, giving consent, anesthesia, risks, and recovery. Cesarean Sections - FamilyEducatio

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While both vaginal births and C-section births each pose risks to the mother and baby, ACOG says that the risks that come with having an elective C-section birth outweigh the risks associated with. In contrast, an elective or planned delivery is just that — planned, non-emergent, generally after 39 weeks of gestation pending the medical condition. and having had a prior C-section in. First c-section was an emergency and recovery wasn't too bad after 24 hours of labor. Second c-section was scheduled and recovery was much easier. My third c-section was scheduled but I went into labor two days early so I had a c-section before I was prepared and recovery from that was Read more An elective C-section has the con of Luke not being able stay with us for very long after. I would also be in hospital away from him and Sam [her two-year-old son] for over 24 hours with our. In fact, the only truly difficult thing about having my first elective C-section was finding a doctor willing to perform it. It was a stressful fight for my bodily rights that took me all the way.

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What about an elective C-section? Does it carry benefits that aren't outlined above? On the plus side, some women who've already had a Caesarean feel more confident about a repeat operation because they already know what to expect C-section, also known as cesarean delivery, is a procedure in which a birth doctor delivers an infant through an incision in the mother's abdomen and uterus rather than through the vagina In our study, almost half of elective caesarean sections were performed before 39 gestational weeks. Wilmink et al. reported that more than 50% of the elective cesarean sections were done before 39 gestational weeksin the Netherlands (8.3% at 37 gestational weeks and 48.3% at 38 gestational weeks Radio announcer Boomer Esiason stirred a hornets nest when he suggested a Mets baseball player Daniel Murphy's wife should have had an elective C-section. Today. But it's estimated that 2.5.

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Most C-section patients are released from the hospital after 3 days. This is important to know because if you are going in for a natural birth and end up having an emergency c-section, you might have to line up childcare. Once you get home, recovery time varies Australian researchers found that, among babies born by a planned repeat C-section, 0.9 percent died or had serious complications, compared with 2.4 percent of babies born by a planned vaginal. If diabetics had elective Cesareans when their babies were suspected of being 9 lbs., 15 oz. or greater, it would take 443 unnecessary surgeries to prevent one case of permanent brachial plexus palsy, at a cost of $880,000 per injury avoided

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Researchers say that elective C-sections are safest for the baby when done between 39 to 41 weeks of gestation and that women considering elective C-sections should wait until that point for the. A big insurer had warned that its maternity costs were too high and it might be cut from the plan's network. The reason? Too many Cesarean sections. If patients did want an elective C.

C Section Hospital Bag - What To Pack In Your Hospital BagVBAC Insights and Facts - Birthing Basics, LLCRate of C-Sections | LeapfrogUltimate C-Section Hospital Bag List: All You Need + NeedNew mother was forced to 'catch her bowel and intestinesLisa Ling says she regrets having elective C-section

I had my first child via c-section, and discovered yesterday that I've been conditionally approved for coverage through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois with the exception of future c-sections. Not only do I have to wait 1 year to the start of my coverage date to get maternity insurance, now they're telling me how I'm able to deliver my child You'll probably be in hospital for 3 or 4 days after a caesarean section, and may need to take things easy for several weeks. Recovering in hospita A patient carrying twins desires an elective cesarean delivery. Which statement indicates a need for further teaching regarding cesarean delivery? I might need a blood transfusion after the surgery. Having a c-section might make my hospital stay longer. Since I am not having a vaginal birth, my babies can't be harmed during delivery

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