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  3. What size crochet hook is best for dreads? Generally speaking, most people prefer to use very small hook sizes 0.6mm or 0.75mm. 1. Push the crochet hook through the centre of the dread where maintenance is required
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  5. Crochet Needle: https://www.greatlocs.com/product/crochet-hook/Comb: https://amzn.to/2JL6iQWTahj's Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCT7VT5f3ezufys2Y..
  6. Here is how the crochet needle can be used to add loc extensions and reattach broken locs. The needle comes in single, double and triple need and can be purc..
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The steps to dread using a crochet hook is as simple as wool knitting. Step 1: Separate your hair into sections and choose 1 section to comb backwards if you create new locs. Skip this step if you are repairing the existing locs. Step 4: Keep doing the steps 2 and 3 over and over again till the ends of the hair section Q: How long have you been growing your dreads?MENS LIFESTYLE - GROOMING (DREADS ⚡️WAVES), FASHION, GAMING, & FITNESS.Money Boo is back! HE'S BACK FROM MILIT.. How to instantly lock your dreads using a dreadlock crochet tool: First gather a section of hair that's sticking out or has frayed around the root of the dreadlock and twist it together. Then take a small size crochet tool, typically 0.5mm or 0.75mm works well for most people, and insert it into the loc Push the crochet hook in and out of the dread quickly to tighten it. After you finish locking the dread, go back over it at least 1 time with the crochet hook to tighten it up. Push the crochet hook into the dread about halfway and pull it back quickly a few times while keeping the hook inside of the dread

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Hold crochet hook with dominate hand, needle facing toward you, hold dreadlock with left hand. In a spot with numerous loose hairs poke needle through dreadlock to other side. Grab loose hairs with needle and pull them through the dreadlock (use hands to keep loose hairs on hook if necessary and to hook more hairs) There is also a straight tip version of dread tools that looks like a spike or poker. It is used to form instant locs by jabbing at the hair until it tangles on itself and also to coax wayward hairs back into the center of the dread. Keep out of reach of children for sure. Cons: Using the smaller tools may be tough if you're not very dextrous Crochet Hook Dreads Crochet Hooks How To Get Dreadlocks Baby Dreads Partial Dreads Wool Dreads Dreadlock Extensions Synthetic Dreads Dreadlock Hairstyles More information More like thi CROCHET HOOKS DO NOT MAKE YOUR DREADLOCKS FALL OFF! If your dreads fall off and you're using a crochet hook that means YOU are the problem, not the method. You're doing something wrong! Saying crochet hooks make dreadlocks fall off is the equivalent of saying that forks make people fat Insert the tip of a 1 mm crochet hook through the knotted hair at a downward angle toward your thumb. Pull the crochet hook back through the hair at a 90-degree angle to the hair. Repeat steps 4 and 5 in rapid succession, twisting the dread slightly to tighten it up and bind loose hairs around the entire surface

So when you're using a crochet hook with your dreads you definitely want to be sure that you have practiced on something that is not your hair, because what happens is what we're going to do, is we're going to tighten up the dread from the root, as if we did a twist and pin or a palm rolling, but we're going to do it with the crochet hook Start with a clean set of hair, you'll need to wash the dreads. Take the dread and spread out the loose hair to the top. Place the loose area of the loc on your hair (approx 1 inch from your roots). With a, 75mm crochet needle combine the hair within and out motion with your needle. Pulling hair and pushing hair into the section of the loc

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The Crochet Hook Dreadlock Tool assists in creating and maintaining dreads using the crochet method, a natural dreadlock process. These are the same crochet hooks used by many Dreadlock artists and come with a quality guarantee. Need a case for your Crochet Hooks? Check out our Bamboo Tube Storage Case - comes with 3 Crochet Hooks 5. As you continue with the above steps, start rolling your dread to cover all sides. Make sure that the hook you use to crochet is 1mm in size or smaller. The smaller the size of the hook, the better. Most professionals would use hooks between 0.3mm - 0.6mm. It can be difficult to find a hook that size in an ordinary craft store, so it's. I got to work combining the best features of my 3 best crochet hooks in to one hook with all the good stuff. Since the objective of a dreadlocks crochet hook is different than that of a crafting crochet hook I found other ways to improve on the designs. Specifically, ways to make the hook dread safe. The result was our first prototype The Crochet Hook Method. Many dread heads have had success guiding loose hairs back into their dreadlocks using a crochet needle. Featuring a cane-like hook at the tip, crochet needles can scoop up loose strands of hair, allowing you to move them into your dreads. You'll want to grab loose strands of hair with the crochet needle and pull them.

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To start your faux dreadlocks style, use Suave Professionals Honey Infusion Strengthening Shampoo and Conditioner to strengthen strands and protect against damage. Next, use a moisturizing product to help soften your hair before braiding. Using a crochet needle, hook the loop you created with the rattail comb and then latch it onto the base. Tightening Dreads The Crochet Method. If you're familiar with the crocheting method I discussed on the De-Fuzzying Your Dreads Page, than I've got some good news for you; you already know a popular technique to tighten your dreads.You heard me right. Many use the crocheting method to tighten their dreads, and they do it with bare fingers or a crochet needle A crochet hook can be very useful for both starting dreads and maintaining them. It features a hook on the end so that you can insert it into the dread without resistance, but upon removal it grabs and pulls hairs with it. This pulls hairs more tightly into the dread Step 4: Pull Fiber. 3 More Images. Starting at the base, grab a small section of fiber and wrap this around the dread form.8. Using your crochet hook, pull the remaining ends of the fiber through to the center of the dread. Continue down the dread form

Use: 1 crochet hook minimises damage to the dreads. Designed for: Effective tool suitable for braided hair braids, dreadlocks, dread extensions, and maintain dreads, basically meet your needs. Easy to carry: The hair crochet hook small and lightweight, easy to carry in your purse and pocket, making it ideal for maintaining your dreads anywhere 3. Again dreads made too thin that grow out & the wearer works as a tradie and the dreads get lots of dry dust in them. The dryness and thinness cause breakage. The only way to make instant dreads that don't requite any rolling, wax or products IS with a crochet hook Feb 8, 2021 - Explore Kelly Dennis's board Crochet dreadlocks on Pinterest. See more ideas about dreadlocks, dread hairstyles, dreadlock hairstyles By using the Crochet Hook on your Real Dreadlocks or on your Synthetic Dreads you will knot the hair inside your dreads. This make your Dreads a lot more firm. You will find different crochet hooks in our assortment: Size: 0.75 mm. A crochet hook with a single hook. A crochet hook with a double hook. A crochet hook with a triple hook Instant Dreadlocks - How to loc your hair in minutes with a crochet needle - tutorial Hey guys! In this video I discuss how I started my locs using the instant lock method along with interlocking.I also discuss how the Hydratherma Naturals pro..

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  1. 3pcs/Set Dreadlock Crochet Hook for Hair Dreadlock Needle Tool for Braid Craft Dread Locks Crochet Needles 0.75mm (1 Hook, 2 Hooks,3 Hooks) 1920Art $ 21.00 FREE shipping Add to Favorites Crochet Needle Set for Locs, Dreads, Install, Loc repairs and reattachment, Dreadlock and loc extension needles, crochet locs, crochet dread.
  2. 1 x Crochet needle You need a crochet needle either 0.6mm or 0.75mm. I usually prefer the 0.75mm. Scissors . You might need the scissors to separate the loose hair and direct them in the dread they belong. Be careful though, as accidents might happen so only use them if you are sure of where you are cutting. Find a dread with a loose roo
  3. What You Need. You will need a crochet hook and residue-free shampoo, rubber bands are optional. Preferably get a crochet hook that's head is .75 to 1 .0 mm in size, as these seem to work best. The curved (hook) end on the crochet hook allows you to insert the hook into the hair without resistance, but upon pulling it out it will grab and pull hair causing it to tangle and mat up
  4. Dreadlocks Crochet Hook 0.6mm perfect small hook size for making dreadlocks by Dread Empire TheDreadShop 5 out of 5 stars (1,790) $ 8.13. Add to Favorites 5pcs/Set Plastic Crochet Needle Braiding Latch Hook Weaving Hair Dreading Hooks Tool for Braid Craft Hand Dreadlock(7024-26) JimiLace 4.5 out of 5 stars (1,844.

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  1. Dreadlocks Crochet Hook 0.75mm perfect small hook size for making dreadlocks by Dread Empire TheDreadShop 5 out of 5 stars (1,843) $ 7.87. Add to Favorites Locsanity Hair Locking Curved Interlocking Tool Micro Lock Sister Dreads Set Tool Loc Dreadlock Maintenance Locsanity 4.5 out of 5 stars (4,201.
  2. Divine Dreadlocks DIY Natural Dread Maintenance Course was the world's first, online course teaching you a professional method for how to do your own dreadlock maintenance 100% naturally and easily, without using any chemicals, products, wax or looping your dread through
  3. How to use a crochet needle: To maintain a dread you have to pass the needle through the middle, grab the loose hair around the dread with your loose hand, wrap it around the needle and pull it inside the dread. This is an easy way to start and then you can develop your technique
  4. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures. Crochet Locs Hair Crochet Hair Styles Crochet Hook Dreads Crochet Braids Dreadlock Styles Dreads Styles Dreadlock Extensions Beautiful Dreadlocks Dreads Girl. More information..
  5. The crochet method of dreadlocking originated in Thailand and Em taught herself how to do it after her first dreads were made in Thailand. She then personalised & innovated how to use the crochet to make low maintenance dreads that don't lose much length and perfected it over a 20 year period of dreadlocking ALL hair types around the world
  6. 2 product ratings - Crochet Hook Soft Touch Steel 0.5mm 0.75mm Two for Dreads Dreadlock Needle Tool $8.85 Trending at $11.65 Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days

This Latch Hook Crochet Needle for Micro Braids and Dread Maintenance is a handy tool to keep around for various crafts and hairstyles. It will help to create extension styles, as well as assist with the maintenance of various other hairstyles, such as dreadlocks or micro braids Latch Hook Crochet Needle for Micro Braids, Hair Extension, Feather and Dread Maintenance Installation Craft type: Hat making & hair crafts. Great for Micro Braid Hair. Use this needle to create extension styles In this 11 tutorial FREE online course you'll learn the 6 easy steps on how to create a full head of dreadlocks using Em's Divine Hand & Hook (DH&H) high quality crochet hook method! It is perfect to use if you want to make some dreads for a yourself and a friend but don't want to go it alone Product Title Dreadlock Crochet Hook for Hair, Dreadlock Needle To Average rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars, based on 3 reviews 3 ratings Current Price $7.11 $ 7 . 1 1 hook crochet needle 5mm, 3 hook, 5mm-crochet needle for dreadlock repair & installation- Bamboo handle- stainless steel hook. ReImagineLocShop. 5 out of 5 stars. (14) NZ$13.53. Add to Favourites

The trouble is when people start using crochet to fix the issues caused by the crochet hook in the first place. Crochet CAN be addicting, but it's possible to stop anytime, but may have to deal with some frizziness before your dreads start to naturalize again. TOO much crocheting, especially if done incorrectly, can actually break dreads so. 7 Pieces Crochet Hook Set: 4pcs dreadlocks crochet with different hooks(1*single needle in 0.5mm, 1*single needle in 0.75mm, 1*double needles in 0.75mm, 1*three needles in 0.75mm ), and 3pcs hair locking tool, enough quantity for you to design your own hairstyle Interlocking dreads involves using a small device called an interlocking tool. This tool has a small hook attached to the end. The tool is inserted into the roots of the dread, separating the dread in half. Then using the hook, the dread is pulled back through the gap in the roots creating a 360 loop on itself

There are tools needed to dread Caucasian hair: A fine teeth comb or teasing comb, clips to separate hair and a small crochet hook usually 0.05 in size. You can find this on Amazon. Before dreading your hair choose a method, there are a few techniques you can try like backcombing, twist and rip, crochet, and freeform You can use either your fingers to grab the loose hairs and manually pull it through the base of the closest dread, or you can use a crochet hook (I use my fingers, but I've been doing it for years). Watch this video by Skillteacher to see how it works with a crochet needle The double needle reducing the amount of time it takes to use work the locs. Double Tool = Half the Time. The triple needle reducing the amount of time it takes to use work the locs. Trple Tool = 1/3 the Time. Custom designed for dreadlocks maintenance and crochet dreads. Soft touch handle, made with bamboo The Dreading Hook is used to pull loose hair into the dread, it will really neaten up your dreads making them tighter and smooth in process. The needle is 0.6 and the handle is comfortable and made from sustainable bamboo. To use the Dreading Hook, hold the dread firmly between your fingers and use the other hand to push the Hook through the dread 11Pcs Bamboo Handle Crochet Dreadlock Hook Needle Tool Braiding Hair Making Tool. $9.98 to $13.98. Was: $19.98. Free shipping. 103 sold. SPONSORED. Crochet Hook Set Soft Grip Handles Knitting Needles Multi Colour Aluminum 9Pcs. 5 out of 5 star

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Dreads are formed by hand using a crochet hook. A portion of sectioned hair is twisted and then a crochet hook is repeatedly inserted into the loc. The constant back and forth movement of the hook helps pull loose strands into the loc. This should be done gradually across the entire length of the hair Hold the loose part of the hair extension up to the loose part of your dreadlock and begin sewing them together in small, tight stitches. Wrap your hair around the extension where the stitches are to help blend them. Tie off the thread next and then use a crochet hook to further blend your dreadlock and the extension Metal Dreadlock Crochet Hook. € 3,50. Based on 3 Reviews. Review product - See reviews. With a Metal Dreadlock Crochet Hook at your fingertips, you can always fix and maintain your dreadlocks no matter where you are. Available in several sizes and the crochet hooks are made entirely of metal and adapted for dreadlocks. Choose Size Dreadlocks toolset: The crochet needle package comes with 2 different sizes of crochet hooks, 30 dreadlocks rhinestone hair tie decoration, which can be well combined to meet your different requirements and easily create your own hairstyle. Crochet needle: Latch hook crochet needle has 2 different sizes, 5.0mm and 3.8mm

This 0.6mm Crochet Hook is the perfect tool to service your locs during the wear & tear of our loc journey. BEST USES: -Install Loc Extensions - Install loc extensions to loose natural hair or to the ends of naturally grown locs. -Instant Locs - Start your loc journey with Instant Starter locs or do a Crochet Retwist at the roots as your locs grow For optimum dreadlock health and longevity, the only thing that should ever be in dreadlocks is HAIR! As such, the extension installation method(s) that we use and recommend, use only a crochet hook. It goes without saying that if you aren't exactly a whiz with the hook, you'll probably have an extremely difficult time putting in your own. A bit about the Divine Hand & Hook method of dreadlocking. Learn how to maintain your dreadlocks with a crochet hook properly and safely. Learn how to lock in your dreadlock regrowth (without twisting, rolling, strings, or looping the dread through - aka interlocking). Learn how to lock in the loose hairs in your dreadlocks When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures. New Dreads Dreadlocks Girl Natural Dreads How To Style Dreadlocks Celtic Dreadlocks Dreadlock Hairstyles Cool Hairstyles Wedding Hairstyles Black Hairstyles

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Crochet tools for dreads are uniquely designed to be very easy to use. you can easily hold it, turn it around, its not too heavy or light. The needles are not very sharp for safe use. The size of a needle is 0.5 mm. Beautiful handles are handmade with love and it is one of a kind. My wife made on For already locked hair, the loctician would connect the extension to your hair using a crochet hook. Except, for un-dreaded hair, they will have to section, twist the roots and crochet your hair to the extension. So the price can be $1000-$1500 or more according to the location of the salon. Starting dreads with extensions is very expensive. SIMPLE TO USE AND EASY TO OPERATE: Smooth metal tip allows you to penetrate the fear object quickly and easily, and the perfect dread locks crochet Needles design can minimize damage, and at the same time will not feel tired after long-term use. EASY TO CARRY: Dread Locks Crochet Needles is light, small in size, easy to carry in pockets, very.


The backcombing and rip & twist process will help create the knots needed to begin crochet dreadlocks. Once this is done, the next step you will do is pull the loose hair from the root of the dreadlock, to tighten the dread. This is completed using the crochet hook. As the name states, you will need a crochet hook, 1 mm or smaller, to begin Crochet. We use crochet needle, hands and a comb to section, sculpt and shape your dreads. This method is best for someone who does not want to use any chemical and also has wavy, curly, textured or color treated hair. We also recommend you have at least 5 inches of length Professional Dreadlocks Hair Salon. January 2021. STARTING DREADLOCKS. METHOD: BACK-COMB & CROCHET NEEDLE 1. Pull hair into the weak spot. Using a crochet needle (no larger than .8 mm), you're going to pull some of the matted hair from below the weak spot upwards into the weak spot. Then, pull some of the matted hair from above the weak spot downwards into the weak spot. In essence, you'll be refilling or fluffing up that spot with more hair

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The crochet hook sold is size 0.6mm, 1 single piece. This tool used for maintaining frizzy hair on the body of the dreads using the crochet technique. The crochet hook is also used for making new dreadlocks using the crochet method. The photos in the listing demonstrate what dreadlocks look like using this method The crochet needle is the perfect tool! When you use the crochet needle on your dreads it tangles the hair in your dreads from within, which makes your dreads more sturdy. A must-have for every dreadhead

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**This crochet hook listing is for 1 single piece**Sizes:0.5mm or 0.75mm ( choice of size at check out)This tool used for maintaining frizzy hair on the body of the dreads using the crochet technique. The crochet hook is also used for making new dreadlocks using the crochet method. The photos in t When you use the crochet needle on your dreads it tangles the hair in your dreads from within, which makes your dreads more sturdy. A must-have for every dreadhead! Shower / Bath cap XXL for Dreadlocks. No more problems with wet Dreadlocks when you take a shower! You no longer have to stand crooked or uncomfortable in the Shower to keep your.

If you're still in two minds about crochet needle dreads and are thinking about choosing a similar product, AliExpress is a great place to compare prices and sellers. We'll help you to work out whether it's worth paying extra for a high-end version or whether you're getting just as good a deal by getting the cheaper item Stainless Steel 0.6mm Crochet Hook 3 Pack. 0.6mm steel hooks are perfect for making and maintaining dreadlocks. Being stainless steel and with the hook and handle formed from the same mould, these hooks are our strongest and most durable. This listing is for a 3 pack. This is the perfect size hook for both creating and maintaining dreadlocks Then using the crochet hook to weave the dreads extensions real hair and your natural hair together. You should use the needle of the crochet hook, insert the overlapping parts that caused by your natural hair dreads, and your hair ends that ripping into the annulus, weaving these two parts into one dreads

Method 2: Interlocking (Formerly called Crocheting) (Update as of January 2020: I no longer recommend this method as the best method to start dreadlocks. It was helpful for me when I started my locs over a decade ago, but a better way to create and maintain locs is the crochet hook method because it's faster and creates true dreads. Instant Dreadlocks - How to loc your hair in minutes with a crochet needle - tutorial 4 [BLKCODE1] Hey guys! In this video I discuss how I started my loc Locs/Dreadlocks Crochet Needles. Used to maintain and correct issues with your locs. You can correct bumps in your locs, attached extensions, reinserting loose hair, repair damaged or weak locs, and fix broken locs. Single hook recommended for beginners The double hook reduces the amount of time. The triple hook reduces time by 1/3 2 product ratings. - Crochet Hook Soft Touch Steel 0.5mm 0.75mm Two for Dreads Dreadlock Needle Tool. $11.95. Was: Previous Price. $13.90 14% off. Buy It Now. Free shipping. Free returns Locs Crochet Hook Needles Dreadlock Interlocking Needles Sisterlock Craft Dreadlocks Crochet Wig Needle Interlocking Tool. Go to cart. 10pcs Girls hair and jewelry beads $ 4.99. Add to Favorites Micro Kids braids 12x10 mm Hole Round Acrylic Beads for Jewelry Making DIY Accessory $ 4.99. Add to Favorites.

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The thinner dread technically fits in the passage made by the crochet hook like a hand in a glove. The outer dread needs to be thick enough to withstand the addition to the inside structure. To make this method easier, some people use a screwdriver before using a crochet hook 26 comments. Continue browsing in r/Dreadlocks. r/Dreadlocks. Welcome to **Dreddit**! Share your stories, progress or ask for some advice! We pride ourselves on helping and welcoming everyone. *Staying together is what good dreadlocks do!*. 34.9k

Divine Dreadlocks history & why you can trust that this method will work on your hair. Divine Hand & Hook method of dreadlocking & how it offers the best form of dread maintenance so you never have to roll your dreads again! Learn how to maintain your dreadlocks with a crochet hook properly and safely 5. Maintain Them With A Crochet Hook. There are a lot of concerns within the dreadlock community about the use of crochet hooks. It really becomes a preference and something you'll learn from personal experience. I found using a small crochet hook to blunt the tips and trap loose hairs within the dreads to be helpful in keeping them neat The Crochet Hook Dread Tool assists in creating and maintaining dreads using the crochet method, a natural dreadlock process. A crochet hook is used to pull the hair in tight so that it knots well. When used correctly, crocheting dreadlocks should not tear the hair but create tight, well knotted dreadlocks Apply a dread wax to the dreads. Use a natural dread wax, a beeswax molding paste, locking gel, or tightening gel to keep your dreads from fraying or frizzing. Apply the wax or gel to the entire length of the dread, taking care to cover the whole strand. If you choose to wax, only do it once every 2-4 weeks

Crochet Needle For Dreadlocks Or Loc Extensions - 0.75MM Double Hook. Crochet Needle For Dreadlocks Or Loc Extensions - 0.75mm Double Hook Brand: Hair By Sisi Model: Crochet Needle For Dreadlocks Or Loc Extensions - 0.75MM Double Hook from R90.00. at takealot.com. View Offer Add to compar Step 1. Take your back combed dread and crochet hook. Small crochet hooks are better, I use a 1mm or smaller. Step 2. Put your crochet hook in the dread and snag a small section of hair. Step 3. Keep that first loop of hair on your hook and put it back into the dread, snagging another small section of hair. Step 4 This site uses cookies to improve your experience and to help show content that is more relevant to your interests. By using this site, you agree to the use of cookies by Flickr and our partners as described in our cookie policy


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The crochet technique uses a small crochet hook (0.6 mm) to create dreadlocks, hence the name. You can find these very small crochet hooks in your local craft stores or here on Amazon. Wash your hair with a residue free shampoo. Don't use conditioner to make it easier to dread. Let it dry To make loc extensions, you will need 100% Afro kinky bulk human hair (3 - 4 packs for a full head of locs) and a dreadlock crochet hook. The size hook you will need depends on your desired loc size. Often, a 0.5mm or 0.75mm will work perfectly. You can use a single, double, or triple hook tool, depending on your personal preference. Make the. Place the loose hair in the hook and close the latch. Holding the loose hair taut, pull the latch hook back up through the dread pulling the loose hair with it. Repeat as desired. Latch hooks, in our opinion, are a great way to control and manage loose hair between crocheting sessions if you are using crochet regularly

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4. How to use: You can weave plaits first and then hook the other hair into the crochet until the hair become tightly formed. The interlocking tools can also help to Hook your hair into the hair braids. 5. Wide application: suitable for braided hair braids, fixing dreadlocks, braid craft, dread extensions, wig weaving and so on In this mini course we also use a crochet hook and show you how to use the crochet hook in the right way. Do you want to extend your Real Dreads with Human Hair or Synthetic Hair or Synthetic Dreads? For this the use of the crochet hook is also perfectly suited. Because of the wonderful wooden grip, the crochet hook is very comfortable to hold. The dreadlocking method you will learn is called Divine Hand & Hook crochet and it's the best method for creating neat, tight, instant locks and doing all dread maintenance to a high standard on all hair types without the use of any products, chemicals, wax, threads or interlocking The single crochet hook is great for regular maintenance. The double crochet hook is great for taming the fuzz throughout the length of the dread. The triple crochet hook takes a little more skill to perfect, and is ideal for loose or new dreads. Convenient to use. Durable in use. Package included: 3 x Dreadlock Crochet Needles SetShipping.

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6. Your Dreadlocks Consultant will discuss the type of dreadlocks services will be best for your particular hair texture. (Meaning Wool hair texture, Medium wavy hair texture, Fine-straight hair texture). 7. Your Dreadlocks Consultant will provide or e-mail a Dreadlocks service Invoice to you, in regards to an accurate service price. 8 In short, I learned that the hook you use and the technique you use will have a huge impact on the outcome you get. These two factors are literally the difference between great maintenance success and regrettable dread tragedies. Of course I was tempted to recommend crochet hook maintenance earlier, it was like a new dread power just waiting to. Style comb. Hair ties. Nissen comb (available e.g. in pharmacies) Crochet hook (I recommend the sizes 2 mm to 2.5 mm) If required: thin felting needle. Note: Making dreadlocks takes a very long time, depending on the length of the hair. So you should bring a lot of time or spread the project over several days How to use a crochet hook on dreadlocks. 51. 3. Starting Dreadlocks - 'Sectioning' 24. 2. See All. Posts. Brighton Dreads UK. June 7, 2018 · Launching in september Dreads is the dreadlock documentary that explores the cultural narrative of dreadlocks worldwide. Contrasting all different cultures and how dreadlocks are s..