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You can pour concrete over existing concrete. It is an ideal solution for worn or settled concrete provided it is structurally sound and the added thickness won't pose a problem with openings and drainage. Structurally sound concrete may have cracks and chips or have settled over time You can definitely do this especially if the new concrete is going to be at least three inches thick. This is because if the new concrete is not more than three inches thick, it will not stick very well to the old painted concrete Use a drill with a paddle mixer to mix the concrete evenly. You should mix for about five minutes so that the concrete has no lumps. You can add a little extra water to make it thinner if needed...

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Over time, moisture rising under a painted concrete surface is likely to push upward and create bubbles. Additionally, high traffic areas on painted concrete floors can show wear. One commonly recommended paint stripping solution is a muriatic acid wash A painted concrete floor can interfere with the leveler, however, preventing the leveler from binding successfully with the concrete. With a bit more preparation, though, you can cover even a painted floor successfully, giving you the hard, level surface you need for any floor covering you may choose. Step The old concrete needs to be completely clean or else anything you pour over it won't bond to it. The first order of business is to remove gravel, leaves, sand, and dirt. Get as much of it off the concrete as you can. Push the debris off the concrete surface or collect it in a bag to throw away Polishing Existing Concrete Floors Find out if you can polish old concrete and get help determining if your floor is a good candidate for polishing. Ritonya Concrete & Stone Services in Omaha, NE. Almost any structurally sound concrete floor, whether new or old, can be polished. But there are some exceptions Thereof, Can you pour concrete over painted concrete? Mortar cannot be installed directly over painted concrete itself. First, a surface more textured and solid must be applied over the painted concrete. This surface is called a scratch coat

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Yeah, unfortunately, you're going to have to strip it up. The two ways I can think of would be to use a concrete grinding machine to chew up the surface. Just a light chewing/scarification will do. You should be able to rent a machine that will do it from your local tool we-rent-it type of place... or they would know who to talk to Stained concrete creates a premium appearance, while concrete paint comes in a very limited choice of colors. To create a stained concrete look on a painted cement floor, a stained finish will have.. Resurfacing means pouring a thin layer of concrete resurfacer over the top of your existing slabs to hide cracks and make it look brand new. Besides being more cost-effective than replacing the slab, you can resurface your concrete in a single day How I poured a concrete slab over an existing concrete porch slab. This is video #3 of my porch to room addition series. My objective was to create a new lev..

Once the concrete mixture has completely dried, you can pour it onto your asphalt driveway. Make sure to compact it well before you seal it. Once the concrete has completely set, you can apply a sealant or layer of sealant onto the surface of the ground A properly resurfaced floor can last from 8-15 years. Can you pour new concrete over old concrete? If the existing concrete is in good shape structurally, you can pour new concrete over it to freshen it up. Proper prep work is key to success when layering new concrete over old The self-leveling concrete can be applied to various thicknesses and will dry as a smooth topcoat over the primed tiles. Once cured, the underlying tiles will be fully encapsulated and not at risk of crumbling with age. There is no danger for asbestos exposure now, unless the floor is drilled or cut into. Go right ahead and live in the space as. Concrete paint is non-reactive (similar to a water-based concrete stain) and fills the surface pores of the concrete to achieve opaque, uniform, consistent color. However, paint can chip and peel over time, especially if you don't prepare the surface properly Why Not Paint Concrete? Applying parging to foundation walls helps to provide a first layer of defense against the exterior elements. Yes, parging will break down over time because concrete does not have an unlimited lifespan, but a properly applied parge coat will last for a very long time. When it begins to show some signs of wear, often the.

Deeply spalled concrete can be repaired with a concrete overlay. Think of this as just applying stucco to the concrete. You just mix up some sand, a little hydrated lime and Portland cement and. DEAR MARCIA: Resurfacing concrete with an overlay over existing concrete surfaces is a fantastic way to extend the life of a driveway, sidewalk, patio or porch. Believe it or not, this is a great DIY project if you just practice first on a smaller concrete slab. Super Strong. The new surface will be durable and certainly more long lasting than the original finish if you diligently follow a few.

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Well, you do the same thing even when you pour it over old concrete. To do this properly, dig around the area you're working on where you can place wooden forms. Ensure that the wooden forms rise at least one or two inches above the surface of the old concrete to allow a fresh layer to set Quality Painting Supplies At B&Q. Shop Online Or Visit A Store Today Pouring concrete over Painted concrete. neilpuck | Posted in Construction Techniques on March 14, 2007 12:41pm I have a section of concrete floor that I need to level out. The topping varies between zero and 1 1/2 inches. The existing concrete (poured a very very long time ago, so curing is not an issue) has been painted, not sure with what You can put new concrete over old concrete. However, unresolved issues with your old concrete, such as cracks or frost heaves, will carry over to your new concrete if not taken care of. In addition, you must pour it at least 2 inches thick. Pouring new concrete, no matter the circumstances can be more of a headache than anticipated if you're. Painting concrete is easier said than done, you can't just pour a can of paint over your concrete floor and expect it to come out perfectly. Read our five-step guide from prepping to painting, to how to seal concrete so all your hard work lasts

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A well-poured concrete slab with a deep, sturdy foundation can last for 30 to 40 years. Pouring concrete over old concrete instead of directly over a new gravel foundation limits your ability to maximize the slab's lifespan. The condition of the existing slab is the primary factor that determines how long the new concrete will last Jun 25, 2017 - Explore Rochelle Ford's board Paint Concrete, followed by 196 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about concrete, painting concrete, concrete diy Pouring concrete when it's hotter than 80 degrees F is risky because your concrete can begin hardening sooner than you can get it poured and troweled. Pouring concrete when there's danger of frost is also a problem because concrete loses a tremendous amount of strength if it freezes before curing It's also YOUR property line, a line that neither of you have the unilatetal right to cross, move or alter w/o previous express permission. That said, it depends on your local zoning which may include some sort of setback. If no setback then right.. cvb141 Posts: 6, Reputation: 1. New Member. Dec 31, 2006, 01:34 PM. Concrete slab on mud. Last week I had a local concrete company form and pour a monolithioc slab for a garage. The ground was soft top soil and I was concerned about it being soft. It did later compact an was very hard, but then it rained and was a big soupy mess

If you expect to pour concrete and use it in a couple days, you can't. DON'T paint or stain concrete in the first month. wait until the 28-day period is over to apply paint or stain,. Lightweight and regular concrete toppers tend to be about 1.5″ and do contain wire mesh reinforcement. So, back to the question, how thin can I pour concrete over existing? Depends on your criteria, but if you don't know, go with 1.5″ lightweight with a wire mesh Primer works as a bonding agent between the concrete and the paint, assuring proper adhesion to both surfaces. Primer soaks into cement, protecting it from damage over time. Primer prolongs the life of the paint or stain. Primer turns a poor surface for paint into one that accepts paint and topcoats beautifully

Resin Driveway over Concrete. Installing a resin driveway over concrete provides an easy and cost effective way of enhancing the appearance of your driveway. By installing a resin surface over an existing surface such as concrete or tarmacadam you can cut out costly sub base installation costs. These are typically up to 50% of an installation. If you are going to spend the money for an epoxy clear coat, you should also apply an epoxy coating to the concrete initially and not paint. Can I put concrete sealer over paint? Several manufacturers produce clear acrylic floor sealers intended for use as a sealer for concrete and asphalt surfaces

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Installing pavers over concrete defeats some of the main benefits that you get with pavers. Once you understand how pavers work, you will find that removing concrete before installing pavers will ensure a long-lasting pavers driveway, patio, pool deck or walkway A: Because many different paint types are available for concrete surfaces, you should follow the instructions provided by the paint manufacturer. Most literature recommends a 28-day cure, but it's not clear whether that means a 28-day drying period after the concrete has been moist cured, or a 28-day wait after the concrete has been placed Nice answer by Anonymous. A few other points that come to mind are 1. Corrosion is a fearsome process (but only when it happens inside concrete). The products of the process of oxidation (corrosion) will occupy a greater volume than the reactant..

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7 Cut in the edges. Thoroughly stir the paint in the can before you use it. Also read the instructions on the paint can because it may need a primer, especially if your concrete has previously had paint or sealer on it. Pour the paint into a roller tray, then use a paint brush to cut in around the edges of the concrete floor Painted floors will need constant touch-ups as chips appear, especially if you have pets and kids or furniture that is moved around a lot. Even in a room that is rarely used, paint over a concrete floor can wear away before anyone notices it. Stain offers better wear and damage resistance in the question of concrete stain vs. paint Hardening can cause imperfections. Additionally, concrete can sink into the underlying ground. Hardening or sinking can make a concrete slab unlevel, in which case water may puddle on concrete. A common method of resolving this issue is to pour concrete over concrete over the top of the current surface. If you are experiencing an unlevel.

1. I saw on another thread that someone said to use a concrete resurfacer. Which means it isn't self levelling. So the work to get it flat will be about 3000 more calories than your self levelling idea. But from what i know about floors you have to wait 20 days after pouring concrete before putting the epoxy down The modern polymer technology allows concrete resurfacing over these substrates. The use of solvents based adhesive removers is precluded due to the smell of the solvents in occupied buildings. Quite often they are not VOC compliant and this greatly affects the LEED points. The following steps are recommended for resurfacing cutback adhesives. DIY Concrete Countertops. Step 1: Prep. Clean and rough up your laminate to create a surface to which concrete can bond. Step 2: Application. Skim on the concrete (I applied four layers). Step 3: Seal (covered in the next post). Step 4: Cure (and apply silicone at sink if needed)

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By making the sealing choice before your concrete is installed, you can inform your contractor on the curing method you prefer. The Importance of Sealing Concrete. Sealing concrete provides ongoing protection. Just as you paint your home regularly, you should seal your concrete routinely to protect it from moisture and prolong its life This isn't something you can do just by looking at the slab. No matter how the slab looks, moisture deep in the slab can migrate to the surface over time and cause serious problems. If the moisture level deep in the slab is too high, you need to take steps to remediate it before you can pour your new concrete floor What is the best self-leveling concrete overlay to apply over ceramic or clay tiles? Do the tiles need to be treated before applying the overlay? Answer: This will depend on the type of tiles you are going over. Glazed tiles usually require a light sanding to rough up the surface. The glaze can often act as bond breaker and is a difficult.

You may have seen DIY concrete countertops all over Pinterest (and here and here on Remodelaholic!). You can pour them yourself into forms, but the easiest way to do DIY concrete countertops is by using a product called Ardex Feather Finish to apply on top of a stable surface, such as an existing laminate countertop A. Jeff Potvin, director of engineering for Increte Systems Inc., says if the cementitious matrix of the exposed-aggregate substrate is in good shape, you can overlay it. To check the condition of the matrix, pressure wash a small portion of the deck at about 3500 psi. If the pressure washing damages the concrete matrix, you should tear out the. Pour the mixture into something such as a plastic watering can that allows you to sprinkle the mixture over all the concrete. Once the mixture stops bubbling, sprinkle baking soda over it to neutralize the acid. Thoroughly rinse the patio off, and let it completely dry. Epoxy Application. Once the patio is completely dry, you can apply the epoxy cammiepaul. 13 years ago. Hello, I have used the Quikrete high gloss concrete sealer form the paint department at Lowes. I runs about $20-$25, but you paint it on with a brush or put it in a spray bottle and you only need one coat. It seems a little pricy but it has gone a very long way. Cam

You can - there's plastic dust covers and things like that. But you want a floor that you could actually use, so the concrete is the best way to go. ROB: OK. Alright. TOM: You could probably also lay brick pavers on a dirt floor. But it'd be a lot of work because you'd have to cut all those round edges. ROB: Alright DIY: How to tape off a concrete patio and use a concrete stone paint faux finish technique to create a stone/slate tile looking patio. A DIY project anyone can do with time and effort! I ended up taping around the bottom of the house siding and around these posts so I wouldn't get paint all over them. You'll need a paintbrush too that. Sorry if this is a double post.that is what we call a come along and is used to drag out the concrete when being poured to get close to a uniform thickness for your slab.You can also use the corner of it to pick up the 6X6X10 mesh and get it in the center of the slab.This is before vibrating, screeding,bullfloating and burning in Yes, you can paint a concrete porch! If you're wondering if you can paint a concrete porch, then the answer is yes! This is one of those easy, affordable upgrades you can do in a weekend. A gallon of the concrete porch paint is around $30. My porch is pretty small so I have plenty left over for touch-ups or another coat in a year or two

If you're ever in doubt, put too much concrete on-you can always sand off excess later, but you can't add more without mixing another batch. I let the first coat completely air dry for 24 hours and then sanded that coat down with a medium sandpaper before adding another coat You could easily spot paint if the concrete were coated with that, but sealer, which would also keep paint from sticking, might be invisible. One way to test for sealer is to pour on some water. Though you can use any paint on concrete, some kinds prove better suited for certain types of concrete surfaces. Learn which finishes will prove most resilient on concrete floors, statues and walls, or finish failure will prove possible. Learn how to condition the concrete for adhesion, or no type of paint will prove durable in the long run

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  1. You may pour the entire solution at once or add it gradually as per your preference. Step 3 . Now, take the brush or broom and move it back and forth over the area to scrub off the paint. Step 4 . You can then complete the process by adding water to the area, but you will have to repeat steps 2 & 3 till the paint is gone for good
  2. Never pour concrete, then place the pressure-treated wood. Always pour concrete around wood, never under the wood. If a proper coarse gravel bed installation is complete as per step 1, then the wood sitting on top of the gravel will be able to drain any moisture collected in the concrete due to the coarse gravel layer beneath
  3. Yes you can put concrete over river rock. Marilyn the big trick is going to make sure that it is level to start with and frame it out. You may want to bring some sand in to help level. Then once you have it all prepared and ready to pour. Make sure you tell the concrete company what your base is and they will make sure the mix of water to.
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If the existing concrete is in good shape structurally, you can pour new concrete over it to freshen it up. How do you get new concrete to stick to old concrete? A bonding agent (bonding adhesive) needs to be painted onto the existing concrete first to ensure that the fresh concrete will successfully adhere The concrete will soak up this first thin coat and it will act as a primer coat or bonding coat after this you can apply paints as you normally would without thinning your next coats of paint. Concrete can be sealed with any quality concrete sealer and resealing every couple of years will keep your statue in good shape

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HOW TO FIX DISCOLORED CONCRETE. First, clean stamped concrete thoroughly. Antiquing stains can be applied over existing sealer. Pour antiquing stain into a pump-up sprayer. Shake antiquing stain before applying to stamped concrete. Apply the stain evenly onto the concrete, the fluid will flow into the crevices and indentations of the surface You've got your painter's tape, roller brushes, plenty of tarp, and a gallon or two of your meticulously chosen new concrete paint color—it's the one, and you can't wait to see how vibrant it looks overtop of that dull concrete wall or floor. But wait just a minute there, antsy homeowner—you're forgetting something

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Please find below typical steps involved in applying a micro-topping / concrete overlay and acid staining over a painted or sealed concrete surface. Run a sander with 60 grit sanding screen over the entire surface. To ensure that the paint or sealer is bonded to the substrate, run the sander for at least 1 hour for every 1000ft 2 Applying sealer will help maintain the appearance of your stained concrete. You can apply sealer once the stain has been neutralized, rinsed well and the surface is completely dry. We suggest using water based sealer rather than solvent based. Pour the concrete sealer into a paint pan and apply using a ¼'' to ⅜'' nap roller After preparing and painting a concrete floor, it is crucial to give a painted concrete floor a number of days to dry. While you can paint drywall in a day or two, you'll need a week or more to finish painting concrete, says Pat Curry, a former senior editor at Builder magazine As a result, unsightly stains can form or terrace slabs exposed to the blazing sun can fade more over time than those in shadow. By painting the outside of the terrace with concrete paint, you can easily repair such damage and restore an attractive appearance and increased protection factor. At the same time, painting with concrete paint for. Tile cannot be attached directly to painted concrete, as the thin-set will not adhere well to the paint. Painted concrete can be made porous with sandblasting or other hard abrasive actions. While you can install tile directly on concrete, problems erupt when the concrete cracks or shifts. All of the movement in concrete is transferred to the tile

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  1. Yes, you can use masonry paint on wood, and it is a choice many homeowners make from time to time. If you are looking to paint your wood with concrete paint, you should ensure that you carry out essential preparation work beforehand. Wood is porous, so you should not apply this paint directly; instead, use a primer to prepare the surface for.
  2. I'm taking you through all of the correct steps that I took to get our side concrete porch prepped and painted and beautiful THE FIRST TIME
  3. They have talked with a contractor and the small 12 x 18 area has been quoted at $2,700 for approximately 2 to 4 inches of concrete. Ok so the first thing you should know when considering a job like this is that any slab that you pour over an existing one will have problems with separation
  4. I've build concrete, liner and rubber painted over the last 30 years and owned koi over 3ft in length. Fibre glass is fantastic and these days easy to use and not expensive. And you can pick the colour. Selco sells a great 12 meter squared kit that has everything you need for around around £200. Obviously it's for a roof but it works

Aug 1, 2015 - You can level an existing concrete floor with a leveling layer of new concrete, but you must prepare the old concrete floor first. Neglecting to prepare the old surface will prevent the new concrete from adhering correctly, resulting in a weak bond between the two layers Newly poured concrete is highly alkaline, which can negatively affect paint adhesion. Some masonry primers can be applied over freshly poured concrete, while others require the concrete to cure for a length of time. If your concrete walkway is newly poured, check the manufacturer's instructions on the masonry primer before applying Concrete Overlay Installation Checklist. Remove all crumbling concrete and dust. Overlay stones no larger than 1/3 thickness of the overlay. Use secret cement paint to bond overlay to the old concrete. Dampen old concrete slightly before applying the cement paint. Cover the overlay with plastic to cure it for 48 hours Concrete floor paint is the easiest way to update concrete for a beautiful, durable finish on a budget. Learn how to paint concrete floors for an instant update that works well for basements, laundry rooms, playrooms, screened in porches, and so many more spaces

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Concrete dust is poisonous. Therefore you need to wear a facial mask to prevent the inhalation of the dust. You also need to protect your eyes. Flying chunks can take out an eye and concrete dust can really burn if it gets in your eyes. Summary. As you can see, there are various methods for filling cracks in concrete Once you pour the methylated spirits on the concrete surface, you should work on the surface as fast as possible because spirits dry up rapidly when poured on concrete. If this approach doesn't give the desired results, you can use paint strippers specially formulated for water-based paints

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Let the concrete filler dry before continuing. Apply a primer to help the leveling material adhere to the concrete subfloor. Pour a small amount of primer into a paint tray. Using a paint roller, roll the primer onto the floor and wait for the primer to dry per the instructions on the bottle. The dried primer is tacky to the touch The concrete has a high alkaline ph value of 12.5 or higher. When it is exposed to an acid etching process, the acid breaks the balance between alkaline pH and the rest of the materials that make concrete hard and weakens the structure of the concrete. Over time the concrete starts to fall apart. You will start to see things like peeling. Steps 8-9. Pour your chalk paint into a tray and get to it! Lay your stencils side by side and gently brush over the top of them creating an imprint on your floor. The chalk paint should feel like jelly. The thicker your paint is the better. Chalk paint generally dries very fast - so work quickly