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Steinway Model - Quick And Easily Found At Asksly Buy Steinway Piano at Amazon. Free Shipping on Qualified Orders What size is right for you? Compare Steinway Model S vs Model M. Steinway Model O vs L and Model A. Concert size Model D and Model B. Price, Dimensions, Tone, Sound, and Cost Analysis. The Steinway Piano Models have maintained their Specs for much of Steinway's history. Learn which Model is right for your home

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Steinway Piano Models. Fifteen Perfected Designs Fulfilling Every Musical Dream. Besides having over 10,000 individual parts, Steinway calculates that each Steinway grand piano has at least a thousand intimate, carefully planned and executed details, many of which are not even visible to the naked eye, but all of which go into making an. The Steinway Crown Jewel Collection is an exclusive series of rare, fine veneers available in all Steinway grand models. Note: Please note that veneers are natural products and that each instrument is one-of-a-kind. Therefore, the pictures can only serve as a rough illustration of wood grain, pattern and color Steinway's New York factory produces 6 sizes of grand pianos, ranging from the 5'1 Model S up to the 9' Model D Concert Grand Piano, and 3 sizes of uprights. The Hamburg factory produces the same lineup of grand pianos plus the 7'5 model C, and 2 sizes of uprights. The Hamburg Model D is without question the world's most popular. Steinway Grands. The Steinway grand is the gold standard of musical instruments, representing over 160 years of dedication to craftsmanship and uncompromised expression.It is for these reasons that over 19 out of 20 concert pianists choose the Steinway grand piano — and why the instrument remains at the heart of cultured homes the world over.. Discover the latest innovations and improvements. Steinway Sizes and Models of Grand Pianos,Free Upright Piano Information of pianos offers more than 300 pages of free information and prices on buying, selling, rebuilding, ages, history and appraisals of pianos. We provide many free services for buyers, sellers and owners. Find the age of your piano--fast, free and convenient. This site is all about all pianos, new or used, large or smal

Steinway Uprights. Steinway & Sons upright pianos are handcrafted to the highest standard of quality in the same factory as our grands, using the same materials, techniques, conditioning processes and craftsmen. The only difference is that they're built in the vertical department, where those same processes are vertically oriented For over 160 years, Steinway & Sons has been dedicated to making the finest pianos in the world. Our pioneering handcrafted methods are still employed today to ensure our uncompromising standards of quality, in turn ensuring that the Steinway remains the peerless instrument of uncompromising expression The Steinway Model A-3 is where the Model A family makes a big step in both size and sound. Measuring in at 6'4 1/2, The Model A-3 is much larger than the previous Model A Grands and features a greater power and range of tone. It is considered to be very comparable to what has been dubbed the 'perfect piano', the Steinway Model B

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Steinway (New York) Models — 1853 to Present. The model D pianos above have a 17-note bass section; those below have a 20-note bass section. The model C pianos above have a 21-note bass section; that below has a 20-note bass section. Model C was listed in the catalog and price list through 1905 and said to be discontinued in 1913, but was. Steinway Model A3 Grand Pianos have long been considered to feature one of the finest scale designs ever crafted by the Steinway & Sons company. Steinway Model A3 #188826 was built in 1917, during the height of the golden era of the piano industry. This 6' 4 1/2 'Stretch A' features a very rare and unique Quarter Sawn Oak cabinet Steinway Model S Grand Piano. Length: 5′ 1 Width: 4′ 6 Weight: 540 lbs Introduced in: 1936 Mahogany, Walnut, & Ebony: Steinway Model M Grand Pian

Model L, Steinway & Sons. Built in the New York Steinway & Sons Factory in 2002, Model L #562864 is a beautiful example of lasting piano craftsmanship. This grand piano measures just under six feet in length and is in excellent, original condition. Included is a matching Artists Bench and a fully regulated player system The Steinway Model O was introduced in the latter part of the year 1900. The Model O is very similar to the Model L and they are among the largest of Steinway's 'baby grands'. These pianos were first manufactured from 1900 to 1924. Very early Model O Grands lacked adjustable rear duplexes, an issue that was quickly remedied Steinway Model S. At 5'1 (155 cm), the Steinway Model S is the smallest of the Steinway grand pianos. Steinway Grand #280968 was built in New York and holds the distinction of being the first of the Model S Grands. Upon its introduction in 1935, it became the smallest Steinway Grand in production - a place this model of piano still occupies

Steinway produced 10 different Steinway grand piano models from the years of 1890s till the present day and 6 upright models from 1907 till present day. We absolutly love to restore these pianos for clients and we are also in the market to purchase these Steinway grand and upright pianos Steinway Model L Grand Piano . The Steinway L is a great option for people looking for a full-sized piano that will accommodate all ranges of music. Introduced in 1923 with a 26 note bass section designed by Henry Zeigler, the L was produced mainly in New York and was discontinued in 2005 when the model O was reintroduced

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Steinway Model A Grand Piano Piano Name: Steinway & Sons Website: Steinway Model: A Made in: USA Parent Company: Steinway Musical Instruments, Inc. Company Location: USA Length: 6′ 2″ History: Heinrich Steinweg established his piano company in 1853 in New York. Americanized to Steinway and Sons, it was the largest piano manufacturer in the world Read Mor Description. Serial # 233457, Steinway Model L Baby Grand Piano, Date of Manufacturer, June 1925. Ebony case 5 ft 11 in. L. Completely restored in August of 1989 The Steinway Grand Piano Model M is a medium grand piano that is great for conservatories and many homes. Designed by Steinway, the piano delivers a rich tone, is responsive in action, and is a manageable size. The Steinway Grand Piano Model M has an overall width of 57.75 (147 cm) and length of 67 (170 cm). The overall floor area of the Steinway Grand Piano Model M is 22.4 ft2 (2.08 m2)

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  1. The Steinway Grand Piano Model L is considered a baby grand piano, and some piano technicians often refer to it as the smallest concert grand. While the Model L may not be able to match the depth and volume of the B, C, or D models, many professional pianists choose this model for their home. The Steinway Grand Piano Model L has an overall width of 58 (148 cm) and length of 70.5.
  2. The Model A parlor grand piano, debuting in 1878 in response to demand for a smaller instrument, boasted power and volume of tone equal to that of the larger Steinway concert grands of earlier vintage. Throughout its initial production, from 1878 to 1945, the Model A underwent gradual changes in construction and appearance
  3. Steinway Model B - Ebony Satin - NEW Action - NEW Stringing. $35,650. Steinway Model L Grand Piano - NEW Soundboard! Excellent! $28,900. Steinway B - Victorian Case in Mahogany - New Action and Soundboard. $27,995. Steinway Model 1098 Studio Piano. $7,995 - SOLD
  4. Steinway 3D models ready to view, buy, and download for free. Popular Steinway 3D models View all . No results. Available on Store. Steinway Upright Piano - Model K. 155 Views 0 Comment. 4 Like Unlike. Available on Store. Steinway & Sons Piano Music Desk. 84 Views 0.
  5. Model K-52 in ebony and grand models in ebony, mahogany, and walnut include adjustable artist benches. Other models include regular wood bench. Wood-veneered models are in a semigloss finish called satin lustre. The last set of prices are for the models made in Steinway's branch factory in Hamburg, Germany
  6. Model S: The smallest of Steinway grand pianos produced in the Queens factory, the Model S measures 5′ 1″ and ranges from $65,600 to $71,600. The Model S piano is recommended when space considerations are a primary focus. Model M: This medium-sized model is historically one of Steinway's most popular models for home use. The Model M.

Steinway Models. The plan drawings and information on this page will give you some idea of the space required when selecting the Steinway piano that is right for you, by outlining the dimensions of each Steinway grand piano model. Model S - 155 Dimensions of a Baby Grand Piano Grand Player Pianos Note: Steinway sold the piano to Aeolian Co. who installed the Duo Art Mechanism. Model XR. Was 6' 2. (Model M plus 7) Model OR. Was 6' 5. (Model O or L plus 6 & 1/2) Model AR. Was 6' 11 &1/2

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The Steinway & Sons Model M speaker is named after the medium grand, the Steinway & Sons Model M piano. This piano's rich tone, responsive action and manageable size makes it perfect for conservatories, and many homes as well. You can read more about the Model M piano here Get it appraised. It's really the only way, unless you know what you'd like to get for it, regardless of its actual market value. Some companies offer a free Steinway appraisal if you're selling a Steinway Piano.. It is an impossibility to begin to discuss even a ballpark range for most used pianos without it being dismantled and in front of the person being asked to evaluate it The Steinway Model L is definitely among the very best pianos for a living space or artist studio. America First Ladies Piano The Great American Songbook Foundation houses the America First Ladies piano, a 1911 Steinway Model O piano that has been signed by the past 8 First Ladies of the White House. This Model O Steinway piano made its. Steinway Model 100 SE. Categories Upright Pianos, Used Pianos Tag Sorted-featured-used. Description Additional Information Product Description. A surprisingly warm, clean, sound for a piano of its size The Steinway Model S is a popular choice for pianists and institutions welcoming their first grand piano into their space. A Mumbai based non-profit, the Mehli Mehta Music Foundation (MMMF), sought to raise the quality of Western classical music education in the country and this (Model S) grand piano from Steinway, known to be one of the best.

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The Steinway Lyngdorf Model B system is a fully digital system. This means that there are no filters present in the loudspeakers. Every owner receives a dedicated system file, containing the exact number of channels and speaker models A Steinway & Sons grand piano that is properly maintained can easily last 75 to 100 years or more. In fact, the choir room grand piano at Trinity is a Steinway that just turned 121 years old! Though the years have left their mark on the instrument, the underlying quality of tone is still present and is unmistakable The Model O was first produced in 1900. The miniature grand, as it was introduced, was a grand piano designed to fit smaller areas. Production of the Model O continued through 1924 when it was replaced by the Model L. However, in 2005 the Model O returned to production and continues to complement the current offering of Steinway grand pianos

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A late-model, all-original Steinway grand. This Steinway Model L 5'10'' grand piano sn# 497551 will make a lovely addition to your home. Originally crafted in New York in 1985, this piano was privately owned and has been respectfully cared for The Model O grand piano is the largest of our Steinway baby grands. They differ from the salon and concert grands only in terms of their shorter body housing. This means it offers uncompromising sound while guaranteeing the ultimate in quality and craftsmanship, opening up a world of limitless musical expression Introduction. The Steinway Model B grand piano, sometimes referred to as the perfect piano is Steinway & Son's 7′ class grand piano that has influenced piano design for more than a century, and been a musical favorite of concert pianists for nearly as long.It is considered one of the top 10 7′ grand pianos in the world, and for most of the 20th century, was the undisputed leader of.

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Steinway piano designs are timeless, with many of their current model scale designs being over 100 years old. Even 100+ year old Steinway pianos play today, although these pianos had to withstand incredibly harsh and inconsistent indoor conditions for most of the 1900's. (Now with climate-controlled homes and central air conditioning, Steinway. This piano is an absolute joy to play! The connection between player and instrument is something you only usually expect from the highest quality grand piano..

Steinway piano designs are timeless, with many of their current model scale designs being over 100 years old. Even 100+ year old Steinway pianos play today, although these pianos had to withstand incredibly harsh and inconsistent indoor conditions for most of the 1900's RARE REBUILT BEAUTIFUL STEINWAY AND SONS MODEL M BARLEY TWIST STYLE CASE PIANO. $29,950.00. $7.95 shipping. Steinway&Sons Model L Black/Rosewood Restored! Stunning!!!! $39,800.00 The height is the only difference between this piano and the larger model, the classic Steinway K-132. Request more information 'I love how the Steinway responds to a variety of attacks from the supple caress to the rambunctious pound. Steinway's flexibility keeps me stretching my boundaries further and further. Steinway Model O - Dimensions. Dimensions Height 42 1/2″ (102 cm) Length 5′ 10 3/4″ (180 cm) Width 57 3/4″ (146.5 cm) Depth Net Weight 616 lbs (280 kg) Encasement Furniture Ebonized, Mahagony, Walnut and special custom order. Panel Stock Quarter-sawn poplar corewood crossbanded and Steinway Pianos (all models) Click any picture below to see a full page listing for that piano, including a video demo, picture slideshow, and written description. Showing all 13 results. Essex EUP-111 ebony 2009 $ 3,598.00 Add to cart; Boston UP-118 ebony 2010 $ 4,298.00 Add to.

We offer a wide selection of Steinway model A, B, D, L, M, O, and S pianos. Buy new and used Steinway pianos online now 3D steinway models for download, files in 3ds, max, c4d, maya, blend, obj, fbx with low poly, animated, rigged, game, and VR options Steinway Model B's and Model A's are among the most popular Steinway pianos for sale via Concert Pianos. Browse our inventory, online, or better yet reach out to Maestro Bruno 214-347-7945 for personalized concierge service for sourcing Steinway Pianos, including used or preowned Steinway B's

The Model M offers beautiful, concert sound in a convenient size. The most popular and well-rounded Steinway, the Model M is fashioned as the Studio Grand for your home. Measuring 5'7 in length, the Model M is ideal for smaller, more intimate spaces. By designing a piano at this scale, Steinway & Sons envisioned the Model M for the. Steinway's Model S is a city grand piano and is the smallest of the grand pianos that they make. It was originally released in the 1930's to bring the popular Steinway sound to any size room. Before the Model S was released, you would have to have a lot of space available. The Model S measures in at five feet one inch Model L. A twin to the Model O, the Model L is the same length and similar in sound quality and specification to the Model O. In 2005, Steinway discontinued production of the Model L, replacing it entirely with the Model O. Owned by many throughout the 1900s, the Model L was the ideal balance of sound and size, measuring just shy of 6 feet long The Steinway model 4510, which is an upright piano, costs about $35,000. This is the least expensive model for a brand new piano that Steinway offers. The Steinway Model S costs $64,500. Their most popular concert grand piano costs roughly $171,000. In short, when averaging out the 9 most popular Steinway models made in New York, we come to the. In 2019, Steinway introduced a version of Spirio, known as Spirio | r, that allows the user to record his or her own playing. The playback-only version is now called Spirio Play. In North America, Spirio Play is available in models M and B, and adds about $25,000 to the list price of the instrument

Used Steinway Pianos. When considering a pre-owned Steinway be sure to work with an authorized Steinway dealer and insist on a guarantee that your instrument is comprised solely of Steinway parts, as many non-Steinway dealers and unauthorized piano rebuilders use inferior non-Steinway parts, seriously compromising an instrument's performance and investment value We also offer you top-quality used Steinway grand pianos, used Steinway upright pianos, including restored Steinway pianos. Unless specified, Graves Full Warranty and Lifetime Full Trade-Up is included on every Steinway piano. Nationwide in-home service from our network of registered piano technicians. Call us now at 614-579-6555 or the best.

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A brand new Victorian Steinway model A grand piano in Mahogany, retails well over $135,000. That same style and model used/restored Steinway offered by a top notch rebuilder are offered between $45,000 - $65,000. I bought a house few years ago my wife and I looked at dozens of houses before we found the one we wanted Steinway S Grand Piano Piano Name: Steinway & Sons Website: Steinway Model: S Made in: USA Parent Company: Steinway Musical Instruments, Inc. Company Location: USA Length: 5′ 1″ History: Heinrich Steinweg established his piano company in 1853 in New York. Americanized to Steinway and Sons, it was the largest piano manufacturer in the world by Read Mor Steinway O Grand Piano Piano Name: Steinway & Sons Website: Steinway Model: O Made in: USA Parent Company: Steinway Musical Instruments, Inc. Company Location: USA Length: 5′ 11″ History: Heinrich Steinweg established his piano company in 1853 in New York. Americanized to Steinway and Sons, it was the largest piano manufacturer in the world by Read Mor

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Steinway Model M; Steinway Pianos in New York - Best Deals, Top NYC Stores; Search. Search. Steinway-Piano.com is unrelated to Steinway Musical Instruments, Inc. Neither this site nor its content is affiliated with Steinway Musical Instruments, Inc Model S The smallest of all studio grands, the Steinway Model S measures just over 5 feet in length and is the go-to choice for confined spaces. Often referred to as the city grand for its compact size, the Model S affords nearly any space the grandeur of a Steinway piano Steinway & Sons 6'2 1907 Model A Ebony Satin Grand Piano & Bench $16,000.00. Pre-Owned. $14,400.00. Free local pickup. or Best Offer. 19 watchers

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Steinway Piano Galleries has enjoyed a close relationship and partnership with GSU for nearly 2 decades, during which they have purchased Steinway and Steinway-designed pianos. They are currently in the process of becoming an All-Steinway School, with the purchase of several Steinway-designed pianos each year to replace the loan pianos Steinway 4510 Upright Piano Piano Name: Steinway & Sons Website: Steinway Model: 4510 Made in: USA Parent Company: Steinway Musical Instruments, Inc. Company Location: USA Height: 45″ History: Heinrich Steinweg established his piano company in 1853 in New York. Americanized to Steinway and Sons, it was the largest piano manufacturer in the world by 1859. Read Mor Steinway & Sons LXV Model A. $69,900. Type: Grand. Size: 6'1. Year: 1901. Finish: Mahogany. Serial No.: 101311. Series: Sketch Design. This exquisite Steinway LXV has been completely restored to its original glory using all Steinway parts to create an instrument of both beauty and sound

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Steinway Artist & Steinway Spirio Ambassador . Available Models. Model B. As a Model B, this spirio is a magnificent 6' 11 (211 cm) grand piano, often referred to as the perfect piano. It's a wonderfully balanced and versatile instrument that does extremely well in intimate settings, teaching studios, and mid-sized venues.. http://livingpianos.com/pianos/steinway-model-d-concert-grand-piano-401547

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2000. Celebrating the 300th anniversary of the invention of the piano, Steinway & Sons and furniture designer, Dakota Jackson, create the Tricentennial Limited Edition piano. This is the first time since the early 20th century that a 6-foot-2-inches Model A grand . Continue reading → If you looking for the Steinway Model B Semi Concert Grand, Concert Pianos usually has 25 Model B Steinway pianos for sale and in stock and in the pipeline. We also stock other models of Steinway Grands A III, M, S, L, O. Contact Maestro Bruno for a free Consultation on Your Steinway Piano Needs: Call Maestro Bruno at 214-347-794

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The most common sizes of used Steinway grand pianos are the 5' 1 Model S, the 5' 7 Model M, and the 5' 10.5 Model L, sometimes referred to as their Artist Grand. Recently Steinway re-introduced the legendary Model A piano, measuring 6' 2 in length, a medium-scale piano often called the Salon Grand The Model B is the quintessential semi-concert grand piano, with a tone that is as distinctive as it is satisfying. It is certain to fill any space with the rich, complex, and nuanced tone that one can only achieve with a Steinway. It is in excellent condition in all respects - both cosmetically and musically The Steinway Lifetime Trade-Up Promise. An Exclusive Offer Only from Steinway & Sons. When you purchase any Pre-Owned Steinway, you will receive 100% of the original purchase price in trade toward a new Steinway or Steinway-Designed piano of greater value for the lifetime of the instrument. That is the Steinway Promise

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The most expensive model, designed for huge concert halls, costs in the region of $200,000. You could buy a house for that kind of money! Fortunately, there are cheaper models, so your dreams of owning a Steinway may not be shattered just yet This Steinway (Model A) is the perfect piano for someone learning that wants a professional without having to start with a lower level instrument. Hours 24/7 By Phone or Emai For a small fee, we can add the Steinway piano logo to either the front where the keys are or side (above the leg on the side board, as shown above) of your cover. A great way to highlight your beautiful instrument, even when it's covered. Steinway Grand Piano Models and Sizes: Steinway Model S: 5'1 Steinway Model M: 5' Steinway M Grand Piano Piano Name: Steinway & Sons Website: Steinway Model: M Made in: USA Parent Company: Steinway Musical Instruments, Inc. Company Location: USA Length: 5′ 7″ History: Heinrich Steinweg established his piano company in 1853 in New York. Americanized to Steinway and Sons, it was the largest piano manufacturer in the world by Read Mor An 1896, Steinway Model B grand piano for sale with a burr walnut case, filigree music desk and Queen Anne style, cabriole legs £POA Restored, 1881, Steinway Model B grand piano with a black case, music desk in a foliar cut-out design and elephant legs

6'2″ Steinway Model A April 12, 2017. Posted in . by Steinway Piano Gallery ; 6'2″ Steinway Model A. 6'2″ Steinway Model A $ 1,422 PER MONTH o.a.c. 6'2″ grand piano. Shown in Walnut. Also available in: Polished Ebony, Satin Ebony Polished White, Mahogany, Kewazinga Bubinga, East Indian Rosewood, Macassar Ebony, Figured Sapele. Finance from $1843/mo. Request information. Model B Spirio. HIGH RESOLUTION PLAYER PIANO. Length 6' 11. The SPIRIO high resolution player piano captures every nuance of live performance. Featuring a newly created library featuring STEINWAY ARTISTS from around the world, no other piano offers such an exclusive and extensive listening experience One-Pieces, Overalls & Jum Clothing Sets. Uniform The Model D concert grand is the largest grand handcrafted by STEINWAY. Certified Pre-Owned. Steinway Certified Pre-Owned instruments are 30 years old or younger and undergo a rigorous 74-point quality assessment to ensure authenticity, condition, and performance. Any repair or replacement to a CPO instrument is done with 100% genuine Steinway.