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  1. The alcove tub is popular for its ease of installation, but the drop-in tub offers unrivaled flexibility. Make the right choice between these two common bathtubs types by comparing their features and requirements. Alcove Bathtub Benefits and Drawback
  2. A drop-in tub is easier to clean than an alcove tub. The drop-in tub does have disadvantages, though. The bathtub is easy to get into, but hard to get out of. You must fully stand, then take a big step to get to the floor
  3. A tub shower requires an alcove tub with an integrated tiling flange. A drop in is for tub only usage in s larger deck
  4. Alcove tubs are usually made of acrylic or steel. Steel tubs are usually cheaper than the acrylic ones, but can become worn with extensive use. Drop-in whirlpool tubs are also known as platform whirlpool tubs. These tubs are built into casings that are covered with wood, marble, granite or ceramic tiles
  5. Many baths can be Drop-in or Undermount while others are specifically for Freestanding or Alcove Some tubs are designed for drop-in installation, where the tub is dropped-in, or sits in, a hole cut out of the tub deck, or surrounding, supporting area, made of material such as granite, marble, tile or a product such as Corian®

Drop-in bathtubs are much more expensive than alcove tubs. Alcove vs skirted tubs Quite similar to alcove bathtubs, skirted bathtubs are drop-in bathtubs that have a skirt or rim that covers the entire bathtub itself. The rim is flair outwards, providing a grip or edge for it to rest on top of, allowing for easier install A drop-in tub differs from an alcove tub because it can stand alone without walls. A drop-in tub is a tub shell with an enclosure and typically has multiple open walls. Why Choose an Alcove Bathtub? An alcove bathtub is an excellent choice for most homeowners because of its easy installation and general aesthetic fit with most bathroom designs This Kingston brass alcove tub is a fine choice for you if you are looking for a drop-in design tub. Although it has a tendency to scratches easier but the scratches can be more easily repaired so don't worry Alcove tubs are built into your bathroom, typically with a surround of some kind, meaning that they will have at least two walls bracketing the tub. Many alcove tubs have three walls - two short walls and a long wall across the back. However, alcove tubs can be installed in corners and may abutt or adjoin a shower on one side

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  1. A drop-in bathtub doesn't need to be placed against a wall like an alcove bathtub; you can even set it up in the middle of your bathroom. The plumbing is hidden, and the drop-in bath looks sleek and elegant. American standard tubs come in more shapes, whereas alcove tubs are rectangular. A drop-in tub is also: Deeper; Easier to clea
  2. Contrary to popular belief, alcove bathtubs actually refer to the location which the bathtub is installed in. Drop-in bathtubs are installed anywhere a carved out deck or structure is implemented, often times in the center of the bathroom. Alcove bathtubs on the other hand, are installed in a recess, against the wall or an alcove
  3. The Woodbridge Alcove Drop-in Tub is perfect if you want long-lasting durability with easy maintenance. This high-glossy lucite acrylic surface is reinforced with Ashland resin and fiberglass styled in an ergonomic design that follows the shape of the body, with a brushed nickel drain and overflow that are top quality
  4. Drop-in tubs come with their own rim. These tubs can be installed in an alcove, but most often are installed in a more open area. As such, the drop-ins usually require more floor space than alcoves and cost more. Drop-in bathtubs give your bathroom a more finished, permanent look

A built-in tub typically nestles in an alcove enclosed by walls on three sides or in a corner. A standard alcove tub is finished only on the front, or apron, and fits snugly against the walls. The drop-in style of the corner tub seen here has a visible lip all around that sits on a platform, or surround, in which a hole has been cut 3-wall alcove tub-shower combinations are the most common tub type and are designed to maximize space. The unfinished ends usually get sandwiched between an exterior wall and a handy built-in storage cabinet. A wall-mounted shower is a typical accompaniment. Drop-in tubs are the tub shell only Yes, drop in tubs can be installed in an alcove, but they're more commonly installed in more open spaces, freestanding or jutting out from a wall. Depending on the size of the bathroom, a drop in tub installed in an alcove may provide less space; one may be able to fit a larger tub into another space in the room

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A drop-in tub requires a little more space than an alcove tub because it doesn't touch your walls. It has a slightly more sleek look and tends to be more expensive. American Standard Evolution Bathtu Alcove tubs, which are surrounded by walls on three sides. The front side is then covered with an integral tub apron. Right and left-handed drains are available and are selected depending on your bathroom configuration. View All. ADA compliant shower faucets are easier, safer, and more comfortable for those with disabilities or limited mobility A drop-in tub can be ordered with a skirt and a tile flange option to create an alcove bathtub. There will be a joining line where the bottom of the tub rim meets the top of the skirt. Some manufacturer's skirts are removable, others not (please check with us or the manufacturer)

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  2. Hydro Systems Customized Bathtubs. Type Alcove Drop In Bath Tub Drop-in Freestanding Bath Tub Shower Shower Pan Sink Skirt And Flange Walk-in Tub. Shape Alcove Corner Drop In Oval Rectangle Round Shower and Shower Pan Sink. Bath Length Length: under 60 Length: 60 - 65 Length: 66 - 71 Length: 72 - 74 Length: over 74
  3. When you properly install alcove bathtub, be sure you are setting the tub in mortar.We are showing how to properly install an alcove tub in a mortar bed. Mos..
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Oasis wants you to get exactly what you need. That's why we offer an extensive library of individual products and package submittals in various electronic formats. Simply select the model and package configuration you need, and chose from PDF, CAD or BIMM/Revit files Drop-In Bathtubs ( 151 ) Freestanding Bathtubs ( 8 ) Availability Options. When making a selection below to narrow your results down, each selection made will reload the page to display the desired results. Pickup at Store Eligible (21) Ship to Home Eligible (206) Ship to Store Eligible (333) Price Discounts Next, decide on a type of bathtub. Most bathrooms are designed to accommodate a traditional skirted tub within an alcove, but that's just one of the many possibilities: Skirted tubs have one finished side and are anchored on the other side and both ends by a bathroom wall

When it comes to baths, there are two basic types to consider: a built-in bath, generally installed in an alcove with walls on three sides, or a freestanding bath, which gives you more options as to where it's placed in the room (although most freestanding tubs are installed close to a wall—and to existing plumbing) drop in tub question??? Author: danfranklin (TN) I am remodeling a small bathroom, and wanted to tile the front apron of the tub, and the only way to do this was to purchase a drop-in vs. an alcove because I could not find one without an apron

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Complementing a variety of modern and transitional decor schemes, the tub features an attractive apron and a strong acrylic construction built for long-lasting durability. With a 60-gallon tub capacity and plenty of leg room, this drop in alcove tub is the perfect piece to complete any modern bathroom ensemble. Drain Type: Leg; Drain Shape: Roun Alcove tubs, also known as recessed tubs, are installed adjacent to three walls. Other bathtub installation types include corner bathtubs, drop-in tubs, platform tubs, and undermount tubs. In addition to standard bathtubs, you can buy a bathtub with special features that suit your lifestyle

Built In (and Drop In) Tub - A built in tub (including the drop-in style) is a bathtub that is unfinished on at least two sides (but finished on the top edge) and must be installed against a wall or within a pre-built tub surround or enclosure. As evidenced by their name, this type of bathtub is architecturally inherent in the bathroom design The Cambridge bathtub is also an alcove style tub, but this one can hold more water. Its maximum water capacity is up to 50 gallons of water. If you have a bigger build or just prefer bathtub with more space but still want to maintain that simplistic look, then the American Standard Cambridge Alcove Bathtub is a great choice.. It is available in various colors, but the white one gives the most.

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Add style and relaxation to your bathroom with a new bathtub. Standard, corner, or oval/round tubs will give your bathroom the extra lift it needs. Whether you install it in an alcove, drop it into a platform, or select a freestanding tub, you are sure to enjoy the revitalizing benefits and functionality it offers to you, your family, and your bathroom décor Primo® Drop-In Bath. Available in 3 hydrotherapy experiences. 5 out of 5 Customer Rating. Starting at $983. Shop Now. Primo® Freestanding Bath. 4.3 out of 5 Customer Rating. Starting at $1,972. Shop Now

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3260TFS NCA PF Bath. Model: 6652. Installation: Alcove. High gloss, easy-to-clean acrylic with fiberglass reinforcement. Rectangular model with end drain. List Price: $ 976.00 - $ 1,848.00. Buy at Lowe's View Details Why is this Alcove tub listed as a Drop in the Home Depot site? Asked by Doug September 9, 2020. 1. Answer. Hello, Thank you for reaching out to the American Standard Consumer Connection Team. The American Standard Princeton tub is an alcove tub. If there is anything we can assist you in the future, please feel free to contact us at 1-855-815. Bathtubs come in tons of different styles—including walk-in, clawfoot, jetted, alcove, and more. None of these options is necessarily better or worse than another—just better or worse for you . So consider what kind of bathtub would best suit you and your space, and keep that in mind while shopping PROFLO PFS6042AWH PROFLO PFS6042A 60 X 42 Drop-In or Alcove Soaking Bathtub - EasyCare Acrylic 4.4 out of 5 stars 15. $678.15 #42. Empava 72 Acrylic Whirlpool Bathtub 2 Person Hydromassage Rectangular Water Jets Alcove Soaking SPA Double Ended Tub Model 2021, 72 Inch, Whit KINGSTON BRASS VTDE603122L 60-Inch Contemporary Alcove Acrylic Bathtub with Left Hand Drain and Overflow Holes, White. 4.4 out of 5 stars. 343. $492.93. $492. . 93. FREE delivery Fri, May 28, 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM. Only 13 left in stock (more on the way)

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  1. White Alcove 60 x 30 Drop in Soaking Fiberglass Bathtub (Part number: BT104R-BT) See More by Fine Fixtures. Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars. 4.8 14 Reviews. $569.99. $40 OFF your qualifying first order of $250+1 with a Wayfair credit card
  2. Drop-in-bathtubs: A drop-in-bathtub is a tub that is dropped in to a frame or structure is known as a surround. These tubs feature a rim around the top to fasten to the top of the frame, which can be tiled or built out of wood or other materials. A lush drop-in tub that gives you a touch of luxury and offers a deep soak experience
  3. Drop-in. Some tubs are designed for drop-in installation, where the tub is dropped-in, or sits in, a hole cut out of the tub deck, or surrounding, supporting area made of material such as granite, marble, tile or a product such as Corian®. Alcove. The last installation type commonly found is what is referred to as alcove.
  4. Easy to install soaking tubs ideal for your next bathroom renovation project. CT2-6060 corner bathtub. 59″ x 59″ x 21 1/2″. Integrated Armrest. Deck Space for Faucet. Comfortable backrest. Starting at MSRP* USD$ 1,143.00. TO-3660 AFR alcove bathtub. 60″ x 36″ x 17 3/4″
  5. How to Install a Drop-in Bathtub. The most common type of bathtub used in homes is the drop-in bathtub. These are generally acrylic-based tubs that are set in mortar within a frame that supports.

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There are 2 types of acrylic bathtub alcove tubs: whirlpool tubs and the drop-in bathtubs. These tubs are larger than the regular bathtubs, and they are normally built in a frame enclosed by 3 walls. To enter the bath, you have to use the front. They are also known as apron tubs in reference to the front panel that is exposed Bathroom Remodeling, bathtub, Featured, alcove acrylic bathtub, alcove tub Consider an Alcove Bathtub for a Remodel Featured Image: VTAM6031R21A In most bathroom designs, there are three walls surrounding the bathtub with a shower and tub faucet installed that converts the bathtu Performa 29-in W x 60-in L White Polyresin and Fiberglass Oval Drain Alcove Soaking Bathtub. ADA Compliant. Multiple Options. Find My Store. for pricing and availability. 240. American Standard. Saver 33.75-in W x 60-in L Arctic Acrylic Rectangular Drain Alcove Soaking Bathtub. Multiple Options The Kohler Underscore is one of the newest offerings from this company. One could surmise that the name is a little nod to how proud their engineers are, and rightfully so. The Underscore Tub is a tub that underscores the modern look a good bathroom can have, all while giving people the roominess they need in order to enjoy a nice, long soak Likely the most expensive bathtub renovation option, a new bathtub can cost anywhere between $300-3,000 - plus labor. According to HomeAdvisor, the average cost (including labor and materials) is.

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Swiss Madison is committed to creating superior bath products to improve the lives of their customers. We pride ourselves on our innovative products, great customer service, and a desire to become the leader in the industry. More than well-made forever products, Swiss Madison offers modern design From a sanctuary of warm, enveloping water to a gorgeous getaway, your dream bathroom should delight all your senses. Whether you are looking for a whirlpool, Swirlpool ™, or soaking bath experience or are in search of the perfect freestanding tub, drop-in tub or alcove tub installation, you will be enchanted with all of our Jacuzzi ® Bathroom products

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3 Finishes. Jacuzzi 72 x 42 Sia® Drop In Luxury Whirlpool Bathtub with 13 Jets, Luxury Controls, Chromatherapy, Heater, Center Drain and Right Pump. Model: SIA7242 WCR 4CW. Starting at $3,938.56. (3) Sia Collection. Height: 24 in. Installation Type: Drop In, Undermount. Length: 72 in Pacifica® 6' Soaker Bathtub 72 x 42 x 24-1/2. $1,975 - $2,485. ABY904N#01N Compare. Compare > Quick View. Pacifica® 6' Soaker Bathtub 72 x 42 x 24-1/2. This oval tub is luxuriously deep and soothing. Features one grab bar. Slip-resistant surface makes it easy to get in and out. Cast acrylic

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Bathtubs {state.current_page.full_list_length} items found Popular Price (Low to High) Price (High to Low) Product Name (A to Z) Product Name (Z to A) Show 5 Show 10 Show 20 Show 50 Show 10 Jacuzzi 66 x 38 Riva® Drop In Comfort Pure Air® Bathtub with Basic Controls, Reversible Drain and Blower. Model: RIV6638 ALR 2XX. Starting at $2,209.32. Available in 3 Finishes. Kohler Devonshire Collection 60 Drop In Jetted Whirlpool Bath Tub with Reversible Drain. Model: K-1357. Starting at $1,176.61

Shop KOHLER Devonshire 32-in W x 60-in L White Acrylic Oval Right Drain Alcove Soaking Bathtub in the Bathtubs department at Lowe's.com. Bathe in beauty with this classically designed bath. Revealing traditional, elegant lines, the Devonshire bath offers old-world appeal in a sleek silhouette Premium solid surface now available with select color for no added fees. We're celebrating 40 Years. Celebrate with us. 2021 is a celebration of the customers that support us, the team that has shaped our culture of nurturing relationships & exceeding expectations, and the bathtubs that brought us together Kohler Archer Collection 60 Drop In Jetted Whirlpool Bath Tub with Reversible Drain. Model: K-1122. Starting at $1,378.50. (3) — Write a Review. Available in 6 Finishes. Kohler Mariposa Collection 60 Three Wall Alcove Soaking Bath Tub with Right Hand Drain and Textured Bottom. Model: K-1242-R. Starting at $891.00

Create the perfect environment for relaxing with the Archer Alcove Tub, constructed with a three-sided tile flange for quick, easy installation. It is made from traditional porcelain rather than steel to prevent corrosion over time Freestanding tub in an alcove. You get this kind of tub when you place a freestanding tub in an alcove. Built-In / Drop-In Tubs. These are also called deck-mounted or platform tubs. Their drop-in designs mean that the rim of the tub is flush with the deck on which it's mounted; you'll often find this type of design with whirlpools or air tubs This tub can contain 55.5 gallon water and with its width area it is one of the best alcove drop-in acrylic bathtub for full body soaking. This is a really light weight comparing with cast iron bathtub or stainless steel bathtub. The alcove coating with fiberglass made this tub superior in durability and strength. It comes with free apron and 1. The tub works well as either an alcove or drop-in style bathtub. But you will have to purchase a separate apron on the opposite side of the wall to use as an alcove bathtub. Kohler K-1123-RA- Archer 5-Foot Bath. Buy from Amazon

Alcove Baths. An alcove is a recessed nook or area within a room. Designed for three-wall alcove installations, this bath type option typically features unfinished exteriors and tile flanges on three sides. Many of these fixtures include an integral apron, the finished front of the bathtub, to complete the design. Browse alcove baths The alcove includes an oval drop-in soaking tub and plenty of surrounding surface space for candles, plants, towels and more. Light-filled alcove tub area beneath a large window in a huge, elegant primary bathroom with custom woodwork throughtout including beautiful dark wood on the base of the tub You talking about a drop in tub, also called a garden tub, or an alcove tub? 3. Reply. Share. Report Save. level 2. Op · 2d. Alcove, I believe. We were looking at this one but the one-star reviews scared us

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Built in tubs are smaller, and they usually don't have as many cracks and crevices to clean within. Plus, you only have to clean the inside of the tub, rather than the outside and the bottom. Cons. Flexibility. Of course, placement isn't as flexible as it is with freestanding tubs. Built-in tubs are going to be relegated to the sides of the. Some of the popular ones include alcove, jetted, and stand alone soaking products. Room size - Think about the size of your bathroom. Is it big enough to accommodate something larger than average like a seventy two inch tub, or does it need something more compact such as a fifty four inch, or 56 inch Alcove Whirlpool Tubs Vs. Drop-In Whirlpool Tubs By Lakshmy Nair How to Tile a Tub By Matthew Kolas How to Seal an Undermount Sink By Dawn Hammon. How to Tile around a Garden Tub By Hannah Madans. Thread Tools. Search this Thread. Show Printable Version. Email this Page

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The aprons that are cast into alcove bathtubs simplify the tub installation, but they often come up a bit short in the style department. One way to improve the appearance of a plain apron and create the look of a built-in tub is simply to build and tile a short wall in front of the tub 1 Tub - 2 Pieces. Maximized Bathing Well. Starting at MSRP* USD$ 2,505.00. ModulR 6032 corner left (with armrests) 59 5/8″ x 31 7/8″ x 23″. Made in North America. Elegant Design. Integrated Armrest. Starting at MSRP* USD$ 2,515.00 Add to Wish List Add to Compare. $499. VEGA 60 x 32 Alcove apron bathtub (left side drain) BH-901L. AVAILABLE SOON Due back in stock around September 1, 2021. Add to Cart. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. $798. DUO CRAIG 60 x 32 alcove apron bathtub with chrome tub-shower faucet (left side drain) KL-8873L-19444CH Different Types of Bathtubs | Freestanding Tubs, Alcove Tubs, Drop-In Tubs. October 9, 2019. Bathtubs have the ability to transform the style of your bathroom. They can also give you one of life's most relaxing experiences. Choosing the right tub is much more complicated and important than many people realize. Whether you are looking for.

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All Alcove Bathtubs. Drop-in Tubs. 60 x 32 Drop-in Tubs. 60 x 36 Drop-in Tubs. 66 x 36 Drop-in Tubs. 72 x 36 Drop-in Tubs. All Drop-in Tubs. Jetted Tubs. Freestanding Jetted Tubs Drop-in bathtub design ideas appeal to lots of homeowners because of their versatility in design options. Because drop-in bathtubs are essentially just tub shells, this allows for limitless design possibilities for the deck and surround, and the units can be completely customized to your design tastes Explore. Freestanding Baths Standout Elegance. Deep-soak comfort. Alcove Baths Easy installations. Lasting impressions. Drop-In Baths Classic Design. Enduring craftsmanship. Shower - Bath / Showers The beauty of versatility. Shower Bases A Solid Foundation of Style

An alcove bathtub is one that slots into a dedicated space with three walls around it. The likes of the Kingston Brass 60-Inch Alcove Acrylic Bathtub is perfect for smaller rooms. If you wanted the beauty of a drop-in tub, then the American Standard Evolution Deep Soaking Tub would be a great option if you have the structure to support it The 8 best drop in bathtubs 2020 reviews undermount tubs solid colors dkb designer kitchens and baths drop in undermount alcove or freestanding tub the 8 best drop in bathtubs 2020 reviews 5 foot drop in or undermount tub whirlpool air soaking. Share. Tweet. Email Many elements of a home are customized to some degree, such as the space for a drop-in tub deck with a surround included. While some owners prefer to install the tub without any type of surround, you may want to include some type of finish element, such as tile, slate, marble or granite Drop-in Tubs. 60 x 32 Drop-in Tubs; 60 x 36 Drop-in Tubs; 66 x 36 Drop-in Tubs; 72 x 36 Drop-in Tubs; All Drop-in Tubs; Jetted Tubs. Freestanding Jetted Tubs; Alcove Jetted Tubs; Drop-In Jetted Tubs; All Jetted Tubs; Shop by Finish. Cast Iron Tubs; Acrylic Tubs; Copper Tubs; Solid Surface Tubs; Stainless Steel Tubs; Stone Tubs; Black. Nov 26, 2012 - MAAX is a leading North American manufacturer of bathroom products: Bathtubs, Showers, Showers Doors, Tubs Showers and Medecine Cabinets. Pinterest. Today. Explore. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures

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DIY Tub Skirt (Decorative Side Panel) For A Standard Apron-Side Soaking Tub. On March 30, 2015 • By Kristi Linauer • 62. This weekend I got one more pretty big project marked off of my to do list on my bathroom remodel. I spent the last two days giving my very basic soaking tub a big makeover by adding a DIY tub skirt to the side of. alcove bathtubs. drop-in bathtubs. freestanding bathtubs walk-in bathtubs. clawfoot bathtubs. walls & surrounds . shop by bathtub feature. soaking bathtubs . whirlpool bathtubs . air bathtubs. combination bathtubs. shop bathtubs by shape. rectangular Featured Bathtubs. Maui. 60″ x 30″ x 16 5/8″. Brilliant porcelain finish. Deep soaker. Coordinating wall set available. Starting at $ 362.00. Kona. 54″ x 30″ x 15 1/4″ Aug 29, 2016 - You'll love the Alcove 60 x 32 Drop in Soaking Bathtub at Wayfair - Great Deals on all Home Improvement products with Free Shipping on most stuff, even the big stuff This is my first time doing major remodeling, I have a question about placing a tub and shower in an alcove. We had a single unit tub/shower insert that I ripped out. The out to out dimensions from studs are 60x36. I want to put in a drop-in tub with a wall shower. I would like to use this tub: Devonshire Drop-in Bath in Sandbar-K-1184-G9 at.

Alcove tubs . usually fit in the same area that a standard bathtub would, so you probably won't need to do too much remodeling in your bathroom. Drop-in tubs . are installed within a deck that. This alcove drop-in tub is 60 inches long and 30 inches wide with a depth of 20 inches. It has a capacity of 50 gallons and is constructed from high-gloss white lucite acrylic with fiberglass and resin reinforcements. The Woodbridge company says that one of the best features is the easy clean, easy maintenance, stain-resistant, scratch. Spectacle™ 60-1/4 x 32-1/4 oval freestanding bath with overflow and drain 95333-0. $1,848.00 List Price. Select Color White. White. +COMPARE -Remove From Compare. +Add To Compare -Remove From Compare. Lawson® 60 x 42 drop-in bath 71331100-0 $721.70. Quick View. Lawson® 60 x 42 drop-in bath 71331100-0 Drop-in tubs are quite similar to alcove tubs. The difference is that the first type can also be installed in open areas and are not necessary dependent on the three walls that enclose the space. They usually come with their own rim and require more floor space than alcove tubs. Corner designs Drop-in tub. Next on our list of bathroom styles is the drop-in tub. This installation is similar to an alcove in that the tub has a rim that holds it in place. However, a drop-in tub has a rim around all sides and can go anywhere. All it needs is a frame. This frame is also known as a surround, and it provides the structure to hold the weight.

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Over the course of many years, Oceania has perfected the design, shapes and looks of its bathtubs to create an extraordinarily broad range of models to meet today's demands. Unparalleled Comfort Comfort is one of our top design parameters and involves both the ergonomics of the bath and the functionality of systems and controls An alcove bathtub is one that fits into an alcove of three walls, and this style of bathtub is one of the most popular options for residential properties. All standard alcove bathtubs have the same dimensions, a front panel, and fitted faucets at either the end or the side of the bath NexTile, part of a growing family of alcove wall kits, features subway tile look with textured grout lines and lavish storage niche', an easily installed solution for all Bootz 60 x 30 bathtubs. NexTile. Bootz Products: Proudly Made in America! Why buy products made in America? Because manufacturing in America keeps our economy going and allows. As of 2018, cast-iron bathtubs start at about $400 for a basic, alcove-style unit. Classic clawfoot or freestanding pedestal tubs start at $1,200 to $1,600. Large cast-iron jetted tubs can cost $3,500 and more. Fiberglass tubs start at under $200 at the low end and go up to over $6,000 for fancy whirlpool walk-in units at the high end PROFLO® Folsom 60 x 30 in. Soaker Alcove Bathtub with Left Drain in White. PROFLO® Plus Series 60 x 42 in. Soaker Alcove Bathtub with Right Drain and Integral Skirt in White. PROFLO® Plus Series 60 x 42 in. Soaker Alcove Bathtub with Left Drain and Integral Skirt in White. PROFLO® Plus A Series 72 x 42 in. Soaker Alcove Bathtub Right Drain. Drop-In Bathtubs (3151) Freestanding Bathtubs (1171) Alcove Bathtubs (867) Tub & Shower Units (378) Walk-In Bathtubs (185) Tub & Shower Walls (163) Corner Bathtubs (143) PROFLO® Folsom 60 x 30 in. Soaker Alcove Bathtub with Left Drain in Biscuit. Part # PFB14CLBS. Item # 7019931. X. POINTS. To see availability for this product, personLog.