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  2. Print out the text messages from Samsung. Open and arrange text conversations with Excel. After that, on the Excel, find Print under Files from the upper-left corner. After setting the necessary criteria (number of copies, page range, etc.), click the Print button to have your text messages printed
  3. Coolmuster Android Assistant is a powerful and safe software that allows you to transfer messages from Samsung to PC. Through transferring to PC, text messages will be arranged in a clear and tidy format for you to easily print them out. This is a supportive platform for Samsung devices, including Samsung Galaxy S20/S10/S9/S8 and Note series
  4. Open the text messages you want to print on your Samsung phone. Take screenshots of your text messages by pressing the Power and Volume Down button simultaneously. Connect your Samsung Galaxy to a printer with a USB OTG cable and send your screenshots to the printer to print them out
  5. Locate a desirable place where you want to store the messages, choose the file type (.txt or.xls format) and save your entire SMS collection on your computer. Open the saved SMS file from your computer to see all the messages. Connect your printer to PC and load it up with hard pages to print out your papers
  6. Download: https://www.coolmuster.com/android-assistant.htmlGuide: https://www.coolmuster.com/android/print-text-messages-from-samsung.htmlThis video shows ho..

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  1. How can you do it? The easiest way to save a text message on your phone to your PC is to take a screenshot (press and hold the power button and home button at the same time) and send it via USB, next paste the photos to Microsoft Word and print the document. If you want to send a lot of messages or recover deleted SMS, this method will not work
  2. However, most of the text messages are those we are reluctant to delete in view of good memory. The best way to deal with this problem is to print the text messages from Samsung to computer. By saving in the computer, you can feel free to read them anytime in spare time. Android Data Recovery is just the kind of recovery tool you are looking.
  3. Navigate to Settings, and then search for and select Printing.Tap Printing again to see your installed printer services, which can be turned on and off by tapping the switch next to each one.. To install a new printing service, tap Download plugin to open the Google Play store. Select the correct plugin app for the printer you wish to use, and then tap Install
  4. Enter the SMS folder to preview the whole text message conversations on your Android cell phone. Choose the messages you want to print, then hit the Export button and choose an output format like TEXT, CSV, or XML for printing, all messages will be saved to your computer within seconds. Step 4. Print Exported Android Messages on P
  5. Open Decipher TextMessage, select your phone. Pick a contact with text messages you need to print for court

Select the screenshots you want to print and press down the button Ctrl + P (Windows) or Command + P (Mac) to print the messages from Android. Use App to Print Text Messages from Android (SMS Backup+) Making use of Apps to print text messages from Android is also a feasible way Back on the SMS screen, select the View Backups button. Select the file that you backed up for the text messages you want to print. Tap the printer icon that appears at the top of the window. Step through the cloud print options to send the printout to your printer Step 1 Get the screen of the messages you want to print. Step 2 Simultaneously press the Power button and the Home button. Step 3 Connect your Samsung phone to computer via USB cable. Step 4 Move the images to your computer Method 1: Print Text Messages from Samsung Galaxy S8/S7/S6 by Taking Screenshot This part is very simple and straight forward. Just take screenshots of each and every text messages and transfer them to your computer. Then simply, print them out * Step 1. Select the text messages which are in need of export from Messages app for preparation. * Step 2. Tap the icon next to the Trash image and scroll down the screen for More

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  1. Install the software and run it. Follow the step-by-step guide to print your text messages from Samsung Galaxy S8/S7/S6/S5/S4 to computer. Step 1. Connect Android to Computer Using USB Cable. Download and install the program on your computer. Launch it and connect your phone with a USB cable. The main window of the software is like this. Step 2
  2. Choose the Messages tab from the feature list. Select a conversation you wish to print. Print the whole conversation, or choose dates between which you wish to print by clicking on Set Date Range in Droid Transfer. Click on Print and confirm which printer you wish to use
  3. Bring up the messages Now, go back to the dr.fone. Tap on the item of the messages that you want to print from the Samsung Galaxy phone. You can choose the SMS, Text messages and so on. Just click on it and then, all the messages included will be displayed on the primary window
  4. Print text messages from Samsung with Android File Manager Android File Manager (Windows Only) is a good Android data backup and restore program, which allows you to directly backup your android data including but not limited to text messages, videos, music, contacts, photos, etc. to computer, and restore from the backup with one-click
  5. The best tool that can help you Print Text Messages from Samsung Galaxy/Note is dr.fone - Android Data Recovery . dr.fone is available for both Android and iOS devices but since the focus here is Samsung Galaxy or Note, sticking to dr.fone would be reasonable. Except for extracting existing data on the phone, it can also help you retrieve deleted texts, contacts, call logs, calendar, video and.
  6. RELATED: Wireless Printing Explained: AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, iPrint, ePrint, and More. Using AirPrint or Google Cloud Print. If you have a printer that supports Apple's AirPrint or Google Cloud Print on Android devices, then you can print out your text message conversations right from your device
  7. Messages on your phone will be categorized into the Contacts option. So here you only need to click Contacts > SMS, then all sending & receiving messages will be displayed in the interface. Just preview them and select the one you want to print to paper, hit Backup button to save them on your computer as CSV format. Step 3

Hello @edatsgc7,. I can relate wanting to make a paper copy of text messages for record keeping. Definitely I can help! I recommend AT&T Messages Backup & Sync to print your messages. This fantastic feature allows you to back up your messages and view them on a different device such as a computer 1.Exporting Text Messages to Your PC Using dr.fone - Android Data Recovery What you can do is, get an efficient third-party tool and leave rest to it. The best tool that can help you in this context is dr.fone - Android Data Recovery . dr.fone is available for both Android and iOS devices but since the focus here is Samsung Galaxy or Note. Save text messages as PDF using the Legal Text Collector Android app.Learn more at https://www.legaltextcollector.com or Get it on Google Play from https://p.. Read Android messages and text using a Windows 10 computer. 1. View Android messages directly on your PC. First up is an absolute must-have app called Droid Transfer. If you have an Android device and find yourself needing to manage it from your PC, this is the app for you

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Manual Method. 7. Click on the messages and then tapCopy message text. 8. Return to your Home screen and then open the email app.Compose a new message to yourself and paste the messages you want to print.TapSend. 9. Open the email on any computer connected to a printer and then click File, and choose Print. 10 Hello community. Am hoping you'll be able to assist. I have a Samsung Galaxy s20. How can I print my text messages? Many thanks for any - 185265 LADYJ242258, we know that sometimes you need to be able to retain a copy of text messages. Because of this, we offer the ability to print text messages. This is available only if you are currently using the Verizon Messages app. If you're currently using the Verizon Messages app, you can log on to the desktop web application here The steps to print with the Samsung Galaxy S10 . To print from the Samsung Galaxy S10, you will 1st need to go to Settings / Advanced Settings / Print . When you are there, you must click on Add a service. Android will offer you to download a service on the PlayStore Print text messages from iPhone in top three ways. 1) Print iPhone text messages directly: Select the one contact and choose Copy & Print, and then set the available print options. Now you will need to select the text messages that you want to print and click Start Print. See the following picture

How do I print my text messages? I have a Samsung Galaxy S6 and I am needing to print out text messages from the past 2 years for court, does anyone know how I can print my messages? Questions. 1.3K. 1. 0 Steps to print iPhone text messages using screenshots. Open the Messages app on your iPhone and open the text messages that you want to print. With the message(s) that you want to print visible, press the Home button and the Sleep/Wake button at the same time (iPhone 6/6 Plus/7/7 Plus/8/8 Plus). If you don't have a Home button, instead press the Side button on the right side and the Volume Up.

We have found that current best method to export text messages to PDF on Android phones is to use SMS Backup Print & Restore (available on Google Play) Here are a couple of steps that will net the best results when using SMS Backup Print & Restore on your Android phone. 1. Download SMS Backup Print & Restore from the Google Play Store Link . 2 Print Galaxy S4/S5/S6/S7 SMS on Computer. Go to the backup folder and open the saved .html file in your browser. Here, you can view your Samsung Galaxy's messages with all details, including names, phone numbers, sent and received time, etc. Just check those you want to print out and tap on Print. By backing up your text messages with. How to Print Samsung Text Messages on a Computer Tips: You must avoid the data from being overwritten. To do this, the Samsung phone should not be used for any update, which will wipe off the missing files forever. What update means here is any new content added to the device, including photos , videos, audios and so forth ↑ How can I print text messages from my Samsung for free? Print SMS Conversations on your Android Phone . Download and install Droid Transfer and connect your Android device and your PC using either a WiFi or a USB connection. Choose the Messages tab from the feature list

Step 2: Tap on SMS and grant access to Contacts. Step 3: Go to Backup Conversations. Step 4: Tap on a conversation to open it. Step 5: After it's opened, tap on the Print button at the top-right corner. Step 6: The Android print dialogue will open. Step 7: Pick a printer or Save as PDF. If you choose the latter, you can transfer the file over. How to Print WhatsApp Messages from Samsung Galaxy S7/S6/S5/S4/Note 5/4. You can extract whatspp chat history with FileRescure Android Data Recovery and then print the messages out. Now, follow the steps below to export the messages from your Samsung phone. Step 1. Connect your phone to the program It can directly print WhatsApp messages on Android and iPhone with a few clicks. Here are the steps to get it done. Step 1: Download and install Androidphonesoft WhatsApp Transfer. Step 2: Open the program and connect your Android phone to computer. Make sure usb debugging is enabled on the device

How to print text messages 1. How to print text messages 2. • Text messages have always been a crucial part of our mobile life. And with the popularity of all kinds of smart phones, text messages also has a more convenient user experience in nowadays. Then have you ever met the below situations in the daily life: 3. • 1 For printing, text format is much better. So export the messages into txt format. Find the file location and open the txt file. From File-> Print, choose a working printer on the network and print the file afterwards. The best part about TunesBro Android Manager is the capability to send and edit contacts/SMS on the PC. This truly is the most. 1 From the Home screen, swipe up or down to access the Apps screen. 2 Tap Gallery. 3 Touch the picture you want to print. 4 Tap More Options. 5 Tap Print. 6 Tap Paper size. 7 Change the following to the desired options and then touch View More to Select your printer. 8 Select your printer Once the device is connected, click on the Messages tab and you'll see all the text messages in your phone. Select the text messages you want to print out. Drop down Export and choose Excel file. A new window will pop-up asking you to save the Excel file in your computer. Click on Save to save the file Phone: Samsung S7. App: Verizon Message+ - all of the messages are on the phone and were sent using this app. Backup apps don't work to download all of the messages. For some reason many are left out. When I try to print online it only gives me a limited amount of time that I can print from

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Recently we faced a big problem - logical extractions didn't allow us to get contacts and SMS-messages from new Samsung mobile devices, for example, Galaxy S4. We all know that there is a proprietary Samsung tool capable of successful backing up of such information from newer mobile devices - SmartSwitch App to print text messages. SMS EasyReader&Printer is the easiest and most convenient app to print text messages from either Android, iPhone or Windows Phone.Hence none of these systems have a direct print option, this app is an ideal solution. To begin with, you must install SMS EasyExporter for Android in your phone. If you are an Android user, it is available on SMS EasyReader & Printer. Print services are apps you can install from the Google Play Store. Plugins or apps are available for Canon, HP, Samsung, Epson, Brother, and other name-brand printers. Once you add a print service, you need not manually add a printer everytime you want to print from your Android phone. Here's how to set up a new print service Step 2. Backup Text Messages from Huawei to PC. When you have the pop-up as below, you can select file types to copy. Select Text messages. Then click the Back Up button. Android Transfer will copy your messages to the computer. Tip: Android Manager also allows you to import/export text messages, send a group text on the computer My vivo v5 1601 my functions is missing like finger print password and more: print text messages: Printing text messages with date: How to get my gallery pics into prints: How to fixed my phone Samsung Galaxy A9 cannot notify my finger print: How do i get print outs of the text messages from a safe link government provided phon

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How to Export and Print Text Messages from Galaxy S3/S4/S5/S6 Step 1. Connect your phone to the software. Download and install the Android data recovery to your computer, connect your Galaxy phone to the computer via the digital cable, run the software to let the program detects your phone 6. Click on SMS and it will open a list of all your text messages from the Samsung phone. You can select any or all text messages in the middle column. 7. On the right side, you will be able to preview the messages on your phone. 8. Click on the export button to transfer the text messages from Samsung phone to computer Sending a message. If you haven't already set up messages, learn howTo send a new message from your PC: On your PC, in the Your Phone app, select Messages. To start a new conversation, select New message. Enter the name or phone number of a contact. Select the person you want to send a message to. A new message thread opens for you to begin with

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How to Print Text Messages (Without Using a Computer) Why print text messages? Printing text messages allows you to keep your information in the case of phone theft or crashing. It's a simple way to retain hard copies of your content for future use. Do I need any hardware? The methods we share below do not require a laptop or desktop In this method, all that you need is an email account and an Internet connection. We shall upload the text message on email and then access the email from the computer then download them on a Personal Computer. Step 1: In your Samsung Galaxy S8, open messages. Step 2: Select the message to transfer. Step 3: Click on the dotted icon on the top. Power on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Locate the App menu. Click on Settings.. Locate the Connect and Share option. Click on Printing. Select the printer model from the list. If you can't see it, click on the plus icon to find it. Then, go ahead and download your printer brand app from Google Play Store. Then return to the. Step 4: Print text messages from Android phone. After the steps above, you will find all the text messages have been exported and saved as HTML file and Excel report formats on your computer. To print them, just choose Print function and then you will get what you want conveniently

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Besides taking a backup of text messages, you can also save the data of IM apps like WhatsApp as well. Later, you can choose to restore your backup to your device. The interface will let you select the data you wish to backup by providing its preview. In this way, you can easily learn how to backup text messages on Samsung S9/S20 After analyzing your Samsung phone, you can preview the text messages with the time and date, select the messages you want and start to Backup, you can also export all messages by selecting the All SMS or Inbox. All the selected messages will be saved on your computer as .XLS format; you can easily edit them and print them You can print text messages to a supported printer via AirPrint on iPhone. In recent years, major printer brands such as Brother, Canon, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Lexmark and Samsung have started to manufacture AirPrint-compatible printers. If you are not sure if your printer is compatible with AirPrint, you can check the instruction manual or. Backup, Restore & Print Text Messages (formerly named Print Text Messages) allows you quickly and easily manage the text messages on your device. Backup Text Messages - takes a copy of all the messages on your device and converts them to an XML backup file. You can then email or store this file in the cloud for safe keeping

Print SMS messages from Samsung. If you are trying to find the best tool to print your SMS text messages from a Samsung device, look no further! The SMS EasyReader&Printer works with all Samsung models; from the latest Samsung Galaxy Note9 to older generations, as long as they run Android 4.x • 5.x • 6.x • 7.x • 8.x • 9.x • 10.x OS There are apps that can turn them into printable text files, which you can then print through a Bluetooth connection to a printer, or connect to a computer via USB cord. You can also do print screen of the messages, on the phone, and then, again via USB cord connected to a computer, print the images

2-Sided printing . How to print Galaxy J7 email wirelessly. Bring up the email that you want to send to a wireless printer on the Galaxy J7 screen. In the top right corner of the screen, select the three-point icon, then select Print. If the settings are correct, the print can be started with the button at the bottom of the Samsung Galaxy J7 • Organizes messages by conversation • Collects all messages or filters by date Export text messages as a zip file with one PDF per conversation and share them by email, Dropbox, or any other app. Use the printable text messages for ediscovery in your lawsuit or if you just like to print text messages The Messages app is really sluggish and lagging since the latest update on Samsung Galaxy J3, especially when opening contacts with a lot of text messages. We've sat there deleting full message threads, and those important information (phone numbers, addresses, etc.), and multimedia messages (picture files, documents, etc.) are now gone

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  1. How To Add and Set Up Printing LG V40 ThinQ: Printing requires a Wi-Fi connection. From a Home screen, navigate: Settings Icon > Connected devices Connected devices. Tap Printing. Tap Cloud Print. Tap Cloud Print switch to turn on Switch On or off. If presented with Cloud Print disclaimer, tap OK. Tap the Menu Icon (upper-right). Tap Add printer
  2. You can print out SMS from your Samsung by following ways, First, take screenshots of the SMS you want and transfer them to PC. Second, find a utility tool like a pc suite for android which can help you export your SMS to PC and publish to Excel
  3. Solution 1. Print out SMS from Android Phone with Text to Email App. Text to Email is a backup tool for your text messages to convert them into text/pdf/csv file and/or as email body for later usages. In this case, we can use it to print out SMS from Android phone. It provides many options to filter and order text messages before exporting. Step 1
  4. Step 3: Print SMS Messages from Android Phone on PC. Open the backup folder and find the saved .html file, check Print Messages to directly print out all your Android messages. Or you can click on Messages in the left pane and view all the details. Then select those messages you want and tap on Print in the right pane

An Easy Way to Print Text Messages from Samsung Galaxy S9/S9 Plus #232525. Quick Guide to Print Text Messages from Android on Computer #232526. Best Tool to Print out Text Messages from Samsung Mobile Phone #232527. How to Print Text Message from Samsung Galaxy S8/S7/S6/S5 #232528 You can then choose to print, and the text messages that you want to print will be printed! Step 4b: Transfer your Android text messages to your computer and print. You can also export your all or few selected text messages to your computer as PDF, Word, HTML, Text or other file and then print them out easily. You just need to select the text. With this tool, you will be able to easily print text messages from Android powered phones, such as Samsung, LG, Nexus, Motorola, Lenovo, Sony, ZTE, Huawei, Xiaomi, and many more. There will be mainly two steps to print text messages from cell phone Print Text Messages on Android - Go Beyond Screenshots For whatever reason you want to print out your text messages, there are many ways to do this. We hope our methods were helpful to you, whether you chose the more time-consuming ones like screenshots or copy-pasting, or decided to go with a third-party app Transfer Text Messages from Android to Computer via Email. For most Android phones, you can directly send your text messages to your computer via Email. Just follow the steps below to know how to transfer text messages from Android to computer via Email. Here we take the Samsung phone (including the new Samsung S21/S21+) as an example

Once you're all set, click the Print button (usually printer-shaped). Can I print text messages from my phone? For printing text messages specifically, the easiest option is to use an app like the conveniently named SMS Backup & Restore. This app simply backs up your SMS messages to your phone, email, or cloud service like Dropbox or Google. From the My Verizon Home screen, navigate: Welcome > Text online. Click the desired conversation (on the left) to view messages. You must be in conversation view to print. Click the Menu icon (upper-right). Click Print Conversation I need to print text messages from a Samsung flip phone. I did some research and I see I have to find usb - Answered by a verified Android Device Expert. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website How to Print Text Messages Directly From iPhone. iOS also allows users to print directly to a printer. This can be done via the steps below: 1. Your printer should be Wi-Fi ready and share the same network that your iPhone is connected to. 2. Get to the text message page. Open the text message; Source: alphr.com. 3 Decide what you want to print from web pages, call logs, photos messages, Google Docs and more. Select how much of the document you want to print, and press the big 'Print' button. 3

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Like any phone you can send and receive text messages. If for any reason, you'd like to print any of your texts, there are a variety of methods you can use to do so. You can easily print the text messages with the android application call SMS Share Although you can forward text messages to email and print text messages, but you will lose many important data in the text messages, such as the date and time, also the print text messages will lose all style. The best way to print text messages from cell phone is to use a professional Android or iPhone messages backup app for that

Not receiving messages from iPhone users suddenly in Galaxy S20 3 weeks ago; Having issues with receiving one time push SMS verification texts in Galaxy S20 3 weeks ago; How to print text messages in Galaxy S20 05-26-2021; Not receiving message on my S20+ in Galaxy S20 05-26-202 Hello, you can try to extract the text messages from your Galaxy S3 with some Android data recovery, If you save the messages to the SD card, it is much easier, you can use this data recovery software to extract the text messages from your SD card. In addition, it can also recover lost photos, emails, call history, and so on Customer Support. 04-26-2018 09:41 AM. mistyp1971, you do have the ability to print your text messages off of Verizon Messages (Message+) online via our website. I understand the importance of printing out text messages as I understand you may need them for the future. jav6 and Ann154 also provided some good facts and options Note: The Samsung Kies tool should show info about the device immediately after connection. There will be a couple of tabs in the left side window. Select Messages. Now Add Messages and follow the instructions. When asked what you want to use as a device, select your Samsung device. Now once you're done with the instructions, click on Save to PC

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Is there a way I can print my text messages? A. Yes you can and it is very easy to do. Download Email My Texts SMS. It is easy to use and highly rated. You can email your texts, save the email and print it if you need to When your phone is detected and the analysis succeeded, there will be an order popping up on the screen of your phone. Move to it and click Allow button to let it go through. Then back to your computer, and click Start button to continue. Step 3. Preview and save text messages on Android for print. The scan will spend you a few minutes

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Click the Chat s label in your Gmail account. If you don't see the Chats label in your inbox, go to Settings to make it view-able. In Settings, click Labels and then choose Show next to Chats. This will enable your Chats to show in your inbox. A list of chats will appear, similar to the way conversations are listed in your inbox Re: Printing text messages to and from contacts Samsung galaxy S5 There is Android assistant app that enables you to trasnfer text messages from Samsung to computer.It called MobiKin Assistant for Andorid,which is professional Samsung data transfer tool.With its help,you can print text messages easily Printing Text Messages (SMS) Android by default doesn't give any built-in option to print text messages and hence we'll use a workaround to get the task done Step 1: Open the Messages app on your device and open the conversation you want to print. Step 2: Take a screenshot from the message/conversation you want o print. Step 3: From your home screen open the Photos app and find the screenshot. Step 4: Tap on the share button from the left bottom corner. The sharing menu will be opened. Step 5: Tap on the Print icon to print your text message

How do I transfer my text messages from a samsung focus phone to my computer for printing. Both are Windows - Answered by a verified Cell Phone Technician We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website On your iPhone, open the text messaging app and find the conversation thread that contains the message (or messages) that you wish to print. · Screenshot To take a screenshot of the message on your screen, press and hold the side button, and at the same time click volume up A unique and authentic Text Messages from Android book just like your story. Each book can have a maximum of 400 pages. It can contain more than 6,000 Text Messages from Android. They are presented in the form of chat bubbles with colours of your choice as on your thread. If you wish, you can choose a beginning and end date for your book To print out the text messages from Samsung S20/S10/S9/S8/S7/S6/S5, usually the first thing you need to do is to transfer your messages to the computer, and then print them out from the computer. MobiKin Assistant for Android is an Android file manager to transfer files between an Android device and a compute

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Part 2. Print out Text Messages from iPhone via Email. To print messages via Email, you need to manually copy, paste and send each message conversation via Email. In this way, you can only copy one message conversation each time. If you have multiple messages that need to be printed, this method will take you much time and energy Here's how to check the battery specs (e.g., Usage Time, Standby Time, etc.) for your Galaxy A02s. Turn Battery Optimization On / Off - Android™ 6.x and higher (Samsung) heading. Battery optimization helps conserve battery power on your Samsung device and is turned on by default If you're looking forward to use an application in Windows 8.1 to print the text messages from your phone. The application that you'd like to install in your computer to print text messages from your phone. We'd also recommend contacting the manufacturer of your mobile phone to check recommended applications to facilitate the printing of text. Part 1: How to Print Text Messages from iPhone Directly. The first method that helps you export text messages from iPhone to your computer and then print it can be done by using the Dr.fone - iOS Backup & Restore.It is a wonderful tool that will enable you to export text messages, MMS, iMessages alongside attachment of HTML, TXT, and XML files

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You can also learn how to recover deleted text messages from LG phone and how to print text messages from Samsung. FoneLab for Android. With FoneLab for Android, you will recover the lost/deleted iPhone data including photos, contacts, videos, files, call log and more data from your SD card or device Yes, there is a software available to install on a PC so a Samsung S8 can be connected to the PC and all text messages copied to the PC so they are in readable format, but it's not free. Actually, pro samsung mobile manager tool can help us do that easily from pc via usb cable or wifi connecting

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Select the Menu button. Click Print. On the new page, click the down arrow that sits just to the right of Save as PDF. Select the printer you want to print from. If you can't find it off the bat. Print Text Messages App. Print Text Messages is the simplest way to transfer SMS messages from your phone to a computer for printing. Print Text Messages is useful if. This passage talks about how to print text messages from Samsung mobile phones by using Coolmuster Android Assistant, a trustworthy program to help you finish the If you haven't yet configured Google Cloud Print there is an installation guide here. Step 2: Open up the Google Sheets app and use it to open the .csv file that contains the messages you want to print. Select 'Print' from the Google Sheets menu, once the file has been opened As you know, there are so many famous Android phone brands, like Samsung, LG, HTC, Motorola, Sony, and so on. And no matter which brand or model you choose, this program can be useful for you. Apart from helping print text messages from Android phone, this Amacsoft Android Manager can also allow you to directly send messages to anyone on. Verizon text messages history can be seen through the online website or through the app provided by the mobile carrier service provider. Actual text messages can be seen for only the last 5 days. A 12-month record of logs can also be seen without the conversations in it