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Monochromatic: definition and examples Monochromatic (or monochrome) describes an artifact like design, a photograph, or a piece of art that contains one color (or shades, tones and tints of the same hue). Monochromatic landscape photo by Paul Gilmore The word monochrome comes from greek mono-chromes that literally means one color Beautiful Examples of Monochromatic Website Design Monochromatic design has been around in the interior design field for years, and has continued to grow in popularity. The main advantage of using monochromatic design in your home is that your accented color scheme can be easily changed Oct 16, 2016 - Explore Katherine Richards's board Monochromatic examples on Pinterest. See more ideas about art projects, art lessons, art classroom Monochromatic means a single wavelength (or a very narrow group of similar wavelengths) — that is, a single color. A laser is the most outstanding example of a monochromatic light. Polychromatic means multiple wavelengths (multiple colors). A standard household incandescent light bulb is a fine example of polychromatic light

This process of either eliminating all color or reducing the color palette to hues within a single shade is generally referred to as monochromatism. In the below examples of monochromatic photos and art, we included images in which the artist focuses your attention using careful color selection 17 Photos. Whoa, there are many fresh collection of examples of monochromatic colors. Fox Shakedown Dish is the best place when you want about galleries for your need, we found these are amazing images. We like them, maybe you were too. Perhaps the following data that we have add as well you need. We hope you can make similar like them Monochromatic colors are all the colors of a single hue. Monochromatic color schemes are derived from a single base hue, and extended using its shades, tones and tints and white. Monochromatic color schemes may be considered boring unless there is diversity within the design. In this post we'll showcase examples of monochromatic photos and art. [ Travis Louie 's Yeti is a stellar example of the US-based artist's penchant for the bizarre, often with a great sense of humour and historical grounding reminiscent of 19th century ephemera and old photographs. Travis's fine shading (using acrylic paints), eye for detail and monochrome palette enhances the otherworldly feel. 04 Examples of monochromatic in a Sentence It's a monochromatic room with a blue rug and blue furniture. although marble and bronze sculptures are monochromatic, they can be amazingly lifelike Recent Examples on the Web Pair these glasses with other blue tabletop accessories for a stylish monochromatic look

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For example, this infographic has a lot going on with its illustrations and typography, but an all-blue palette pulls everything together. For practicality's sake, most designs will use some white or black (for text, background, etc.) in addition to the monochromatic colors The use of monochromatic colors is especially successful to use if you are seeking to create a toned down expression that stands out. As monochromatic colors are just using the shades of a color you will be able to find a large number of variations of one color and mix and match them into a perfect harmony that undauntedly will work wonders in. Source and Applications of Monochromatic Light The familiar source of monochromatic light is the LASER. LASER is abbreviated as Light Amplification By Stimulated Emission Of Radiation. A laser light results from one atomic transition with a specific single wavelength, which results in a monochromatic light beam Black and white photography is the most prominent example of monochrome photography, as it represents subjects in varying shades of neutral gray, but includes no other colors. In monochrome photography, tones of a single color are used to represent all the different colors within an image White is usually considered an acceptable (and desirable) color in all monochromatic schemes, since it is essentially the very lightest version of any and all colors. It is very common, for example, to use white trim or white accessories in a room that has any kind of monochromatic scheme

A monochromatic aesthetic is a bold way to make a statement in any room. Though we're programmed to think about matching similar colors and keeping diverse palettes in our space, monochromatic color schemes look intentional and eye-catching. And the good news is that a monochrome style doesn't have to feel overly match-y Monochromatic color schemes come in shades of a single color such as red, dark red, and pink. They create a deeply harmonious feeling that is soft, lulling, and soothing. The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) The Matrix is another good example of a monochromatic movie color scheme Monochromatic in science means consisting of a single wavelength of light or other radiation (lasers, for example, usually produce monochromatic light), or having or appearing to have only one color (in comparison to polychromatic) A Monochromatic Color Scheme, in theory, is defined by the use of only one Hue on the Basic Color Wheel. Practically speaking, it's possible to use various different pigments of the same Hue. For example you could paint with Quinacridone Red plus Alizarin Red, and it would still be considered a Monochromatic Color Scheme. That's because they are both in the Red Hue family Monochromatic color schemes focus on a single color, often using variations of that hue by incorporating tints, tones, and shades. By adding hints of white, grey, or black, that single color expands into an entire palette with varying amounts of value

A common example of monochromatic color schemes is the paint chip card samples available for free in many home improvement stores. The several different colors on each card show light, medium and dark versions of the same hue, or color. Muted and bright variations of the same color may also be on one paint chip card Light sources can also be called monochromatic, if they emit monochromatic light. The antonym of monochromatic is polychromatic. A typical example for polychromatic light is life created as thermal radiation, e.g. in an incandescent lamp; such light exhibits a broad range of optical frequencies The best example of monochromatic light is a laser beam. A laser light results from one atomic transition with a specific single wavelength, which results in a monochromatic light beam WeDo is another soft example of a monochromatic color scheme. The website has more shades of grey than it does of blue, its primary color. Either way, you can call this design monochromatic. The web page is not overwhelmed with color at all

A monochromatic or tonal color scheme is created by using any shade, tint or tone of one color from the color wheel. It provides a peaceful and restrained color scheme, and is an easy color type of color scheme to master. It is popular for use in bedrooms and living rooms. Example of Monochromatic color scheme from the color wheel using blue A monochromatic color scheme focuses on a single color. For example, you might choose blue as your base color. You may even have a specific shade of blue that strikes your fancy. Building a monochromatic color scheme around that shade of blue involves choosing various shades, tones, tints and hues to complement the base A monochromatic scheme utilizes several different hues and tints from the same paint strip. This is by far the easiest way to make sure your colors flow. Sofor example, if you were using one of the paint chips above, you may choose one of the medium hues for the walls, the lightest hue for the ceiling and a couple of the darker hues for. More examples Decorated in a monochromatic palette, Tosca is an elegant restaurant. I'm not used to wearing such a bright color but it was a nice change from my monochromatic wardrobe. The microchips respond to monochromatic light, meaning the patient will see everything in one color

monochromatic definition: 1. using only black, white, and grey, or using only one colour: 2. (of light) having a single. Learn more Other monochromatic website design examples are rather based on multiple shades of the title color, without clear opposites, and some other color may be used as a color accent, and web design agency ramotion handle this very well. Monochromatic web designs are more about harmony than a contrast that's why most of them are aimed at creating a.

38 Famous Monochromatic paintings ranked in order of popularity and relevancy. At ArtRanked.com find thousands of paintings categorized into thousands of categories Black is a challenging color to decorate with in any capacity, and it's a particularly bold shade to choose for a monochromatic scheme. But there are some spaces that lend themselves well to the color's sleek, sophisticated, and cozy energy—think: home offices, lounges, and anywhere with a fireplace. 20 of 22 Mar 24, 2021 - A virtual gallery of monochromatic paintings and artworks. There is something so beautiful and creative about relying solely on value and composition, rather than color relationships. See more ideas about monochromatic paintings, art, monochromatic Monochromatic outfits flow nicely (a perk for all you anti-print and color-mixing people out there), plus, it can literally save you all the time in world—not to mention cash. Just color block. Creative Canopy is an excellent example where the monochrome solution lies at the heart of the website's beauty. Unlike the previous primers, it does not feature just a clean canvas with casually placed UI elements: It is a fully illustrated piece. There are different shades of blue that are used to give the picture depth and diversity

Monochromatic color schemes come in shades of a single color such as red, dark red, and pink. They create a deeply harmonious feeling that is soft, lulling and soothing. One of the best action movies, The Matrix is another good example of a monochromatic movie color scheme. Nearly every scene set within The Matrix itself utilizes a green color. The 24 Best Green Monochromatic Color Palette. Nov 1, 2018 @ Blog. 53,223. VIEWS 5 Comments. Green is a favourite color of everyone, Monochromatic color schemes are derived from a single base hue and extended using its shades, tones and tints. Here is a best handpicked monochromatic green colors shades with hex, RGB and CMYK codes Monochromatic stainless steel refers to the silver painted handles and trim of certain stainless steel appliances. Because the entire appliance is silver, it is considered to be monochromatic or of one color. Therefore, monochromatic stainless steel should be considered more of a design than an actual type of stainless steel Consider going back to basics and experimenting with a monochromatic design just as Adam Widmanski has done in this example. By limiting your interface and image color scheme to black and white and pairing it with a minimal, well-aligned layout, you can create a more clean, cohesive and united design Monochromatic Colors Examples Is very easy to use them. Your home is very common strategy for school but anything can be considered an incredibly changeable color grey than it is the color selection this is the same family. Examples of monochromatic colors, and chromatic meaning color schemes encourage the basic color scheme qualifies as to [

Monochromatic color is any set of colors that all have the same hue with different levels of white tinting and black shading. They have low contrast with each other and are typically thought to match.As such, monochromatic color is a common strategy for a color scheme Monochromatic color schemes can give a room a trendy, energized look. Focusing on a single color family-because monochromatic doesn't necessarily mean black and white, contrary to what Instagram may imply-with a range of shades and tints helps a space feel cohesive, especially if the monochromatism extends beyond paint colors to furnishings and décor Monochromatic Relationship Colors that are shade or tint variations of the same hue. Complementary Relationship Those colors across from each other on a color wheel. Split-Complementary Relationship One hue plus two others equally spaced from its complement. Double-Complementary Relationship Two complementary color sets; the distance between.

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20 Beautiful Monochromatic Sites. By Rob Bowen | Oct. 25, 2013. We know from both our educations and our personal experiences that color has a huge impact on how a design or piece is perceived and received by those who cross its path. Across the Web we see the color spectrum being put to work in numerous ways 2. Build monochromatic color schemes. The director of Batman v Superman is, unsurprisingly, drawn to dark themes. Zack Snyder movies often explore the darker side of human nature, and he isn't afraid to show the flawed sides of our heroes. One way he executes this is by using color palettes with primarily monochromatic, muted tones. His. Chicago designer Lauren Svenstrup extended the dark tone of a modern fireplace across this living room with complementary, ultra-masculine paint and drapes. A mottled area rug both amplifies the monochromatic effect and introduces enough blue to make space for a few nearly-black velvet pillows. Clean & Crisp How to Use Color in Film: 50+ Examples of Movie Color Palettes 8 MONOCHROMATIC Monochromatic color schemes come in shades of a single color such as red, dark red, and pink. They create a deeply harmonious feeling that is soft, lulling and soothing. The Matrix is a good example of a monochromatic movie color scheme

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Monochromatic aberrations can arise from surfaces with irregularities (The human eye is a good example) but they also naturally arise from spherical refracting surfaces, or 'perfect lenses'. If you apply Snell's law rigorously at every surface for a bunch of rays hitting a lens, you will discover that rays do not all meet at a single point MONOCHROMATIC ABERRATIONS. There are far more types of monochromatic aberrations compared to chromatic aberrations. Therefore, they are labeled with wavefront coefficients in addition to names. For example, spherical aberration has a wavefront coefficient of W 040. This wavefront coefficient arises from the mathematical summation that gives the.

Monochromatic color schemes are easy to create because they use only one color. Examples might be simplified to improve reading and learning. Tutorials, references, and examples are constantly reviewed to avoid errors, but we cannot warrant full correctness of all content Wearing a lighter hue on top and a darker hue on the bottom is a creative way to wear this trend. Top off a monochrome look with a pair of statement shoes. Play up a statement pattern by keeping all other accessories minimal. Blush on blush is always a good idea. The shiny pants give this look more dimension monochromatic Consisting of light of one wave-length, and in that sense of one color only, as the light produced by a Bunsen flame in which sodium is being volatilized. The light of the flame is almost entirely that due to the two sodium lines, the colors of which are barely distinguishable from one another, and the consequence is that objects viewed by this light are all yellow, and differ. For example, if you wanted your monochromatic color scheme to consist of the color red, red would be your hue. This is the most important choice to make when selecting a monochromatic color scheme, as the base color will guide the entire design of the room. Although a monochromatic scheme can be created from any color, you should always. Either way, monochromatic photography is about using only one color in your photos. That color should convey mood or atmosphere. Black and white photography is a well-known example of monochromatic photography. But monochromatic photography is not limited to black & white. Sepia is another classic example where the photo contains only reds or.

One of the most popular monochromatic color schemes is Blue. This is likely because blue is seen as trustworthy, dependable and committed. Blue, however, is not the only successful color scheme. Greens, Purples, Browns, Reds can also appropriately set a mood. In this article, we feature 50 monochromatic website designs, categorized based on the. Monochromatic colors are created by different saturations (tints, tones and shades) of the same hue. Monochromatic color combinations. Monochromatic colors | example. The quick brown fox Pack my box A large fawn Playing jazz 1 2 3 Monochromatic colors | example. Monochromatic colors | example

When we talk about monochromatic colors, we are referring to all of the hues of one color. For example, most people are familiar with black and white photography. But when you consider what makes those two colors, they are simply hues of grey. The range of grey goes from dark black to white. A black and white photo contains hundreds or. Examples of Monochromatic in a sentence. The bride wanted her wedding color scheme to be monochromatic, with no bright colors to take the attention off of her dress. . A tinted and monochromatic showing of the film played on the gray screen. . The monochromatic palette contained only dull colors but was perfect for the minimalist's. The Word monochromatic in Example Sentences. monochromatic in a sentence. How to use monochromatic in a sentence. 10 examples of sentences monochromatic. 20 examples of simple sentences monochromatic . All the parts of speech in English are used to make sentences

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  1. With any additional time, use the grid as a reference to create an monochromatic still life. Comments. Lina Nichol on March 09, 2012: Thank you for your wonderful ideas. I teach a group of 5/6/7 first nations kids. We are going to try your colour theory projects as a way to comfortable with acrylic paints. Much more fun than a boring colour wheel
  2. The first color scheme is Monochromatic. Mono, as in one. Using only one hue in different values to create a painting. We don't often see this used, but it can be a very useful exercise to learn about values. Analogous Colors. 7 out of 10 of my workshop students aren't sure what analogous colors are. It's simple really
  3. Choose your favorite monochromatic paintings from 2,703 available designs. Monochromatic art has impacted modern tastes for decades. Often referred to as color field art, these abstract paintings are meant to appeal directly to the viewer. Mark Rothko composed huge monochromatic canvases that had an appeal to many art lovers whether their tastes were modern or traditional
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  5. Choose your favorite monochromatic drawings from 777 available designs. Sometimes form and structure without color can change the mood or statement of a piece of art. With monochromatic art, artists utilize a limited color scheme and use the power of a few simple shades in order to speak to their audience. These drawings demonstrate the range of this artistic discipline

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Monochromatic light refers to light that is of one color. Since it only emits one color, monochromatic light has a single wavelength. Wavelengths are seen as a rainbow of colors when light is passed through a spectrum. Therefore, monochromatic light would emit just one of these colors. For example, computer monitors emit light containing. This video will show you how to create a monochromatic color scheme, or one color plus its variants created by mixing that color with black and white Prompt: A book with a monochromatic cover Books can be of any color, but it should be only shades of that one color in order to count. Please include only editions that feature these covers on this list. For example, if you are using Pride and Prejudice, make sure you add the cover that is monochromatic and not the default cover here

Examples are German and Dutch, Italian and Spanish, Finnish and Estonian. Cultural experts such as Edward Hall, Hofstede and Trompenaars have gone to great lengths to classify or categorize national cultures, not least in order to facilitate the study of them. The seduction of members of the monochromatic cultures by polychromatic locations. The use of a monochromatic color scheme makes card making so easy! Now the layout is super simple and can really be used with any supplies you have on hand. Start with a 5-1/2 x 8-1/2 inch piece of cardstock. Score the 8-1/2 inch side at 4-1/4 inches to create the base of the card. Cut a 2 x 5-1/2 inch piece of patterned paper and adhere it to. Men's Monochromatic Fashion Inspiration. Successfully complementing pieces of varying color can be the difference in making your outfit stand out from the crowd, but this can often be the most challenging aspect of fashion. The most simplistic clothing combinations can be what truly makes a statement. Take the monochromatic look, for example Monochromatic fundus photography is the practice of imaging the ocular fundus with the use of colored or monochromatic illumination (Figure). In 1925, Vogt described the use of green light to enhance the visual contrast of anatomical details of the fundus and coined the term red-free. The technique is still commonly used today in.

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Black is a challenging color to decorate with in any capacity, and it's a particularly bold shade to choose for a monochromatic scheme. But there are some spaces that lend themselves well to the color's sleek, sophisticated, and cozy energy—think: home offices, lounges, and anywhere with a fireplace. 20 of 22 In some case, you will like these monochromatic color schemes. We have some best of photos for your need, imagine some of these fresh photos. We like them, maybe you were too. The information from each image that we get, including set size and resolution. We got information from each image that we get, including set of size and resolution. You can click the picture to see the large or full. 0. tanayakhadakbhavi. Answer: Explanation: Monochromatic- light refers that contains only one color and hence ha a particular wavelength. E.G. laser light. poly chromatic- white light is a mixture pf seven color. each color has a different wavelength. E.G. sunlight Monochromatic style takes some testing to find out what you like and what you will feel confident in. A monochromatic outfit is a very simple and clean style and I do love wearing this trend when I have the right pieces to pull together. If done correctly, a monochromatic look can be just as show-stopping as a patterned dress or statement jacket A monochromatic color scheme uses different values of the same color, ranging from light to dark. The simplest version of this is the black and white monochromatic scale, composed of a range of grays

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  1. Jan 18, 2020 - Explore Sowmya's board monocromatic painting on Pinterest. See more ideas about monocromatic painting, painting, monochromatic art
  2. A sanctuary from bustling city life, this urban living area is a perfect example of how monochromatic colors bring harmony to a room. The color palette is very simple: an ivory carpet and couch, taupe tables and walls, and purple accessories. However, the three different shades of purple shown in the throw pillows, art, drapes, and lamps.
  3. Cycling Logo Maker template is a great example of how they look on another type of logo. Cycling Logo Maker. Now we move into some brands that are in the grey area of the monochromatic colour scheme. Nike, for example, could be considered to use a monochromatic colour scheme, as the company's simple swoosh is usually black against white.
  4. #1. Monochromatic PowerPoint Color Scheme. Monochromatic color palettes are easy to use because you use a single color hue. The only thing you need to do is to pick a base color (for example, blue) and add keep adding white, grey, or black in order to change it. Adding white will create different tints of blue

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General Type Studio. Recumbent Bacchante, Auguste Clesinger, 1848 Antinous as Dionysos-Osiris, c.130-138 BC. Nysé — 12 styles. Nysé — 12 styles. Nysé — 12 styles. Nysé — 12 styles. Pilat — 48 styles Monochromatic scheme. A monochromatic color scheme uses only one color. In . landscaping, this usually means one other color besides the green color in the foliage. One color can have many light and dark variations, which can add interest. For example, variations of violet can include lavender, maroon, lilac, and blue-violet (Figure 2). FIGURE 2

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We've collected some amazing examples of monochromatic logos from our global community of designers. Get inspired and start planning the perfect monochromatic logo design today. Unserhochzeitsmoment logo. Unserhochzeitsmoment (Our wedding moment) is a photo and video team specialized in weddings There are many other examples. In the UV, visible and near IR, absorbance and reflectance spectrophotometers usually illuminate the sample with monochromatic light. In the corresponding IR instruments, the monochromator is usually used to analyze the light coming from the sample

In oil painting, many artists start with a monochromatic layer then build color on top. This way, the value structure can be established without having to worry about multiple colors. Below are two examples of almost monochrome color schemes for the painting below, with their being mostly varying tones of blue. But there is some hue variance What is monochromatic? American artist Louise Nevelson is best known for her monochromatic - or single colour - sculptures that resemble imagined cityscapes. Working with accessible materials such as scraps of wood, glass, dismantled furniture and even ornaments, Nevelson would often paint her creations in one colour to emphasize shadow and. Monochromatic means single colour, so any and all colours are a single colour, potentially. The complication is that many can also be made by mixing two or more colours Monochromatic colors are all the variations (tints, tones, and shades) of a single hue. The hue is lightened by adding white to it (tints), darkened by adding black to it (shades). Additionally, pure black and white may be incorporated into a monochromatic color scheme

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Example of monochromatic color scheme with lighter shades of blue. Robie Benve. Monochromatic Color Scheme. To provide visual unity to the painting, use one color and its tints, tones, and shades. This color scheme gives the impression of simplicity and cleanliness. You can use variations in lightness and saturation of the same color, and it is. Monochromatic Monochromatic color schemes are all of a single tint, shade, and hue. Because they lack definition or focal areas, they tend to be relaxing. They are really easy to manage, as there are no more decisions to be made concerning color. However, depending on which hue is chosen, it could be stimulating as well Below, I'm going to define the main types of color schemes, showing you an example of each. Monochromatic Interior Monochromatic Color Scheme. Imagine you have a room that's entirely decorated with shades of pink. That's monochromatic, where you simply have a variety of hues from a single color on the color wheel..

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Monochromatic Example Lastly, I want to leave you with some real world examples. Armed with your new knowledge, next time you're browsing a gallery of sites look for the background, base, and accent colors - not only will you see how the color design was put together, you'll start to recognize patterns and combinations that work together While some monochromatic color schemes mean dipping everything in the exact same color, it can also be achieved by using varying tones within the same color family. For example, in this living. To keep the focus on the personalized date image, I kept the card simple and monochromatic. After white heat embossing the image on Lawn Fawn Peacock Cardstock, I colored it with a Versamarker Pen and Prismacolor White Pencil. This gives simple shading and highlighting that adds a great deal of interest and depth What are examples of color schemes? The 6 types of color schemes. Monochromatic color scheme. Analogous color scheme. Complementary color scheme. Triadic color scheme. Split-complementary color scheme. Tetradic color scheme. Which Colours are used most in art? New Study Shows Blue Is Art World's Most Popular Color. What does Brown mean in art

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monochromatic: 1 adj having or appearing to have only one color Synonyms: monochrome , monochromic , monochromous colored , colorful , coloured having color or a certain color; sometimes used in combination adj (of light or other electromagnetic radiation) having only one wavelength monochromatic light Synonyms: homochromatic Antonyms:. Monochromatic Light. ¶. The monochromatic light platform creates a simple brightness-only light from an float output component. Example of a brightness-only LED strip that can be used with this component. ¶. # Example configuration entry light: - platform: monochromatic name: Kitchen Lights output: output_component1 # Example output entry. Examples of Cel shaded games: Ultimate Spider Man; Jet Set Radio Future; Mega Man Legends; Pokémon X & Y; X-Men Legends; Monochromatic art. While there is no universally accepted monochromatic art definition, artwork and designs are usually called monochromatic when they employ a very limited color palette, and usually just 1 or 2 colors The accompanying colours are marked on the colour wheel with the hollow dots, just as the complementary colour was noted in the monochromatic example. Now, this is where a real colour wheel might come in handy, as the online results didn't quite match the results of a hand-held colour wheel

Bright monochromatic interiors can create a cheerful mood throughout the house. Try to decorate the room in shades of green. This is a very positive color and one of the few that can be used in the interior in large quantities and in a variety of textures. Purple shades look exceptionally noble and luxurious The Dark Beige Monochromatic Color Scheme palette has 4 colors which are Café Au Lait (#A38550), Camel (#BE9D6A), Light French Beige (#C8AE81) and Tan (#CBB595).. This color combination was created by user Sophia.The Hex, RGB and CMYK codes are in the table below. Note: English language names are approximate equivalents of the hexadecimal color codes monochromatic. Having only one color, represented by differing hues and tints. For example shades in a black and white television. Perceptive of only one color; unable to distinguish colors; total color blindness. (figuratively) Plain, dull, lifeless. Having only one color, represented by differing hues and tints

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